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September 27, 2017


Early Head Start is accepting applications for children under the age of 3 and for prenatal women. Fun activities, information, support, and learning experiences are provided through home visiting and playgroups. It is free for income eligible families. For further information and to jump start your child’s learning, please call 435-6611.



The Pittsfield Parks and Recreation Commission along with a variety of other local groups are planning Harvest Fest for October 21, 2017 from 11:00 to 3:00. The PTO will be sponsoring Trunk or Treat for that night. We are also are trying to arrange a function for Friday night. Save the date to join us for a weekend of fun.



Congratulations to Kevin Buchanan of Pittsfield who was among a record number of graduates presented with diplomas at UMass Lowell’s 2017 Commencement exercises on Saturday, May 13 at the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell.


Buchanan received a Bachelor of Science Technology degree in electronic engineering technology.



PHS Class Of 1977 Holds 40-Year Reunion

Pittsfield Class of 77.jpg

Back: Donna Golden Garofano, Rita Doucette Kiley, Judy Flanders Brown, Diane Fraser Hathaway, Randy Brown, Linda Kenney Janosz, Susan Kidder Croft, Scott Prescott, Lewis Corson, Don Farnham, Richard Thoroughgood, Brett Tiede, Greg Keene, Brenda Corey Rizzo, Eddie Watson, Lynn Pethic Tiede, Kenneth Plante


Front: Nancy Carr, Sally Siel Blanchard, Bernice Davis, Kathleen Carson Beltrami, Kathy Cochran Beaudoin, Robin Bouchard Derby, Verna Brewer Poole, Gail Bunnell Tasker, Susan Chapman Seamans, Margo Storey Lucas, Nancy Mitchell Lagasse, Dawn Bedell Foss


On August 5 members of the Pittsfield High School Class of 1977 held their 40-year reunion week-end, beginning with an open house Friday night at Kathy Carson Beltrami’s house, followed by a tour of the high school Saturday morning, and culminating in the reunion at the Concord Country Club Saturday night.. 


 The tour of our school revealed many changes since 1977, as the school has been renovated and added on to.  It was fun (and confusing) to see the library where classrooms used to be and try to remember where we had attended Mr. Horne’s Algebra class, Mr. Gildden’s History class, Mr. Fatula’s Biology class, and  Mrs. Krause’s home economics class, as well as many others.  Even the office has moved! It was also pretty cool to see a name plate indicating that classmate Lynn Pethic Tiede’s daughter, Erin Bosek, now teaches at our alma mater. Everyone enjoyed the tour down memory lane with Tobi Gray Chassie as our excellent tour guide.


Saturday evening, members of the class enjoyed reminiscing about our four years together by viewing photo boards featuring our Freshman through Senior years, as well as seeing ourselves as 17/18 year-olds on photo picks in the centerpieces. We were fortunate to have Mr. & Mrs. Glidden and Mr. Fatula attend as honored guests.  A cocktail hour before dinner provided time to walk around & get re-acquainted before dinner.


After dinner, we kicked off the festivities with Alumni Superlatives.  Each classmate received an award, such as: married the longest, most grandchildren, world traveler, moved the most; as well as joke awards such as: celebrity look-alike, least hair, class clown, etc.  The list was fun and it was a great way to learn what some class members had been up to over the years, and get everyone laughing and  in the mood to dance.  Another high point was when Mr. Glidden and his ‘girls’ from the field hockey team serenaded the group with ‘Moon River’, which was a tradition on the bus to away games. We danced the night away to songs from our early years. Most of us could hardly believe that 40 years had passed and many friendships were rekindled.  A great time was had by all.



Pittsfield School Board


Submitted by Ralph Odell


The school year has begun and it is time to update the citizens of Pittsfield on the activities of the school.


Our recent meeting began with a reception for eight of our new teachers. They are an experienced, professionally qualified, and an enthusiastic group. Danielle Harvey, Dean of Instruction, reported on changes at the elementary school, resulting with three kindergarten classes and two large sixth grade classes. She also presented a video tour of classrooms which was available to parents. The room was designed to enhance the student learning experience and was a collection of cast off furniture and grant funded equipment. 


Derek Hamilton, Dean of Operations, mentioned that the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association has notified the school that they will receive an award for excellence. This past season there was not one disqualification of a player or coach. Great job!


Students are able to take courses at New Hampshire Technical Institute for credit while attending high school and also gain high school credit at a reduced cost. Melissa Brown, Director of College and Career Readiness, described increasing interest. The class of 2017 earned 99 college credits at a cost of $4,500, a savings of $25,740. She also indicated that 26 students were taking classes at Concord Regional Technical Center, again an increase.


The school year appears to be off to a busy and productive start.



American Legion Peterson-Cram Post 75 News


The next scheduled meeting of the American Legion Peterson-Cram Post 75 will be held on October 2, 2017 at 7:30 pm at the Post Home, 3 Loudon Rd.   Members of the District 5 Commander will be visiting us.  All Post Officers are requested to be in place no later than 7:25.


We are always looking for  new members, with new ideas who are willing to participate. Come check us out, see if we are what you are looking for.  Our small post is the only Veteran Service Organization in Pittsfield, we are proactive in our patriotic observances.  If you are a member of the Legion and you have just moved to Pittsfield, you are more than invited to attend; if you are a member of Post 200, come on in, become involved.


We are still searching for singers to sing our National Anthem at our meetings and special occasions.  As of this date, we have had one person come forward  and audition.  She is the leading candidate. If you want to sing for us, contact the Post Adjutant.


If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact me the Post Adjutant, Merrill Vaughan at 603-340-1375 or his email MerrillVaughanLegion@gmail.com.



Blessing Of The Animals

Pittsfield Blessing Images.jpg

On Sunday, October 1st at 11AM, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church and the Reverend Miriam Acevedo invited you to celebrate the feast of St. Francis and his love of all creatures by bringing your animals for a special blessing. Everyone is welcome to bring their pets on a leash, in a carrier, or secured in some humane way and participate in this special event. If your animal is too large, too far away or just nervous/ aggressive around other animals or groups of people, you may bring a picture which will be blessed.


We will be celebrating the special bond between pets and the people who love and care for them. There will be special prayers for pets who are sick and /or disabled. Each pet will be blessed individually, so be ready to share their name and yours, so that Rev. Miriam may make the blessing personal and special. She can offer the blessings in either English or Spanish. Bring your camera, cell phones, and a friend to record the event. This is an outdoor event. Rain date is Sunday October 22nd .     



Letter To The Editor


To the good citizens of Pittsfield,

After the vote to not approve the teachers’ contract, I feel like the contents of a baby’s diaper.


No contract to save 25˘ on the tax rate. Stupid.


The teachers have provided the value for this increase.


The voters voted short term. Count me out on this strategy.


Anyway, I have a petition that needs more signatures.


To be decided at Town Meeting 2018: Are you in favor to advise and beg the selectmen to remove the position of building inspector? 


Instead, form a committee to come up with something that does not discourage investment in Pittsfield and tries to help people. God save the people.


Sometimes I sound like a broken record.


Find me, if you can help.


Dan the Stoneman



More Piggy Tales

Submitted By Carole Soule

Pittsfield Pigs+Cows2 copy.jpg

The pigs were bouncing through the cow pasture barking at the turkeys and snorting at the calves. It was a delightful, happy scene except for one thing. These little piggies were escapees from their pig pasture across the road and occasionally snuck to our neighbor’s yard to steal apple drops.


While fencing pigs is not complicated, it is fussy. These delinquent pigs each weigh about eighty pounds, just small enough to dive under the plastic handle. The handle is insulated so if they move quickly the handle will roll off their backs as they dive, at lightning speed, under it. Braver pigs dive under the bare wire to make their escape, risking a fleeting zap as they escape. Pigs are smart and once they see a sibling escape they all copy the move. They never go far and always return to the pig shed but it just wouldn’t do to have twenty-one piglets terrorizing the neighbor and stealing apples.


We put a second electric wire inside their pen so that they would get zapped once before they made it to the outside fence. That worked and the piggies are “rehabilitated.” Pigs one-hundred-fifty pounds or more are too big to slip under the fence and too worried about getting zapped. Unless a gate is left open, the big pigs almost never escape.


Besides dealing with escapees and caring for Snowball and Napoleon, two runts who needed extra help, Charlotte, our 800-pound pet sow, is sick. She was lethargic for a few days but her temperature had been a steady 101.5. Then it spiked to a scary 108.0, a temperature that can kill so I started giving her medicine. Have you ever tried to inject a reluctant 800-pound sow who doesn’t like needles? While she’s sick it’s easy but once she gets better the battle gets harder.


Fortunately, for Charlotte but not for me, she is getting better and the little piggies are resigned to hanging out in their own pasture but I always wonder, “What’s next?” For now, don’t worry if you see me riding around the paddock on Charlotte’s back with a syringe in my hand. It’s just me playing “Pig Nurse.” Want to help?


Carole Soule is co-owner of Miles Smith Farm, in Loudon, NH, where she raises and sells beef, pork, lamb, eggs and other local products. She can be reached at cas@milessmithfarm.com.



Pittsfield Wellness Coalition Becomes Stand Up Pittsfield


Stand Up Pittsfield, formerly known as the Pittsfield Wellness Coalition is a group of community members advocating for the prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery from substance misuse and mental health issues by promoting a  healthy mind, body and spirit. 


Formed in the fall of 2015 through a grant from the NH Charitable Foundation, the coalition’s mission is to promote wellness, prevent substance misuse, and create a positive impact on the community through providing opportunities for youth, families, and community members. 


Stand Up Pittsfield is hoping to benefit through the partnering of similar groups like Stand Up Laconia, an established group committed to confronting the causes and consequences of substance misuse. It is hoped this approach will further support the efforts in Pittsfield and other,like-minded communities.


To date, the coalition has hosted two Narcan events, inviting participants to become trained toadminister naloxone, a drug that has been known to reverse the effect of a potential overdose.


The coalition also sponsored the viewing of “The Hungry Heart,” a documentary of a small town in Vermont dealing with prescription drug and opiate addiction. This movie was presented in full to the freshman class and again offered, in part, to the greater community. Both events included a panel of substance misuse experts.


Stand Up Pittsfield has participated in Old Home Day, National Night Out, and the Pittsfield Elementary School’s Open House to gather information to identify areas of concern within the community that might be alleviated by the coalition addressing through a health-centered lens.


Stand Up Pittsfield is a community organization that meets the first Tuesday and third Monday of each month. Potential new members are encouraged to attend to learn more about the efforts of this group. Meetings are held in the media center (library) of Pittsfield Middle High School at 6:00 PM.



Pittsfield PYBA.jpg

Pittsfield Youth Baseball Association would like to 

send out a big THANK YOU to Mike Brewster, Dan “the Stone Man,” and Joe Darrah for fixing the monument that had fallen.



Victory Workers 4-H Club Starts Its 76th Year


Members must be 8 years old by January 1st, 2018 and Cloverbuds must be 5 years old by Januray 1st, 2018.


If you wish to become a member please attend the first meeting at 6:45 pm Monday, October 2nd.


Meetings are held monthly the first Monday of the month at the Pittsfield Community Center. Meeting time is 6:45 to 8pm.


Each meeting consists of a business meeting and a program, filled with many new and exciting events. We have a monthly newsletter to help assist families.


If you would like more information please feel free to call key leaders Melissa Babcock - 603-496-3928, Mark Riel - 435-6346, Corine Miller - 435-8497, Fern Bond - 365-5301, or Pamela Clattenburg - 435-0772.



The Year was 1942 and we were at War...  Pictured above is Marge Marston Feeney a member of the first 4-H club established in Pittsfield. The task was to come up with a name for the club....Since all the adults were saying Victory Victory end the war she blurted out at the meeting Victory Workers! Now, 75 years later, the Victory Workers 4-H Club celebrates and Marge tells us the story.


Corine Kimball Miller - Key Leader and daughter of our 1st Organizational leader Mrs. Ruth Kimball (Gram to most of us).



Key Leader Mark Riel Thanking all that attended our 75th Celebration and the committee members.


Serving the Greater Pittsfield Area here are members and leaders from Barnstead, Chichester, Epsom, Loudon, Pittsfield and Londonderry.


Committee members Back Row - Leon Miller, Mark Riel, Austin Ladd, Ann Marie Chapman.  Middle row - Carolyn Davis, Corine Miller, Derek Ladd, Trinity Bond, Robyn Ladd, and Pamela Clattenburg. Front row - Jordyn Pinto, Josh Chapman, and Fern Bond.


Theresa Riel, Corine Miller, Carolyn Davis, Marge Feeney, and Lucille Randall.


Pittsfield VW officers.jpg

The 75th slate of Officers for the VW4-H Club: President Derek Ladd, Epsom, Vice President Jordyn Pinto, Pittsfield, Secretary Trinity Bond, Loudon, Treasurer Austin Ladd, Epsom, Reporter Kristen Therrien, Loudon.


Current Organizational Leader Pamela Clattenburg accepting from the 4-H Foundation of New Hampshire presented by Jim Doyle  award congratulating the Victory Workers on its Diamond Anniversary for service to their club, community, country and world.


Pittsfield VW Ladd.jpg

President Derek Ladd  with member Demarco Donini  showing off his 1st wood working project. Wood working members wish to Thank Barton’s Lumber for their donations to make this project a success.


Pam Clattenburg receives a Commendation from Dean of UNH Extension Kenneth La Valley. Whereas, the Victory Workers 4-H Club of Pittsfield is celebrating its 75th anniversary and Whereas, Ruth Kimball and Carol Ward stated the Victory Workers 4-H Club in 1942 with just 11 members, focusing their efforts on gardening and canning, dedicated to the 4-H pledge and developing true leaders in New Hampshire and Whereas, since its inception, the Victory Workers 4-H Club has served more than 1000 youth from Pittsfield, Gilmanton, Loudon, Barnstead, Chichester and Epsom and Whereas, Ruth Kimball led the organization for 65 years, assisted by Emily Barton, Pauline Barton Wheeler, Corine Kimball Miller, Carolyn Kimball Davis, Mark Riel and Melissa Currier Babcock and Whereas, Marjorie Marston Feeny named the club, and it is currently led by Pamela Clattenburg, with 61 members ages 8 to 18, 16 Cloverbuds ages five to seven and 31 volunteer leaders and Whereas with dedicated volunteer leadership, family involvement and active youth members, the Victory Workers 4-H Club carries on the vision from its founding leaders and strives to “Make the Best Better.”













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