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August 2, 2017




The South Pittsfield Friends church will be open on Sunday, August 6th with Pastor Harold Muzzey as the speaker. Services begin at 1:00 pm and all are welcome.


The church will also hold services on August 20th at 1:00 pm with Rev. Henry Frost as the speaker. All are welcome.



The PMHS Athletic Department is currently accepting nominations for the 2017 Hall of Fame Induction.


The nomination deadline has been extended to August 1st. If you are interested in submitting a nomination, please go to the school website or contact Jay Darrah, PMHS Athletic Director, at jaydarrah@pittsfieldnhschools.org


We are looking forward to inducting our third Hall of Fame class on Saturday, September 16, 2017 following our Homecoming soccer games.



Letter To The Editor

Select Board Meeting 7/25/17


The first full five member board in some time heard Paul and Jill Metcalf’s plan to finish removing the already processed material from their gravel pit on Tan Rd. over the next 2 years. The product will be going to a development in Epsom, so trucking will be almost entirely on roads other than Pittsfield. Site reclamation will be ongoing as the used area shrinks.


The subject of potential impact of Loudon’s NH Motor Speedway for up to 21 concerts was briefly discussed. This select board doesn’t foresee much impact on Pittsfield, however, the Planning Board will be weighing in with Loudon with their concerns.


Lynda Vogt was appointed to Parks & Recreation. Glen Vulner in the highway dept. was recognized for having completed the Roads Scholar Program.


A timber tax warrant and an intent to cut were approved for two logging jobs. FEMA approved our Hazardous Mitigation Plan Update, so we’re good for five years. Old Home Day donations of wax for all parade vehicles by Sanels and flags purchased by town employees for parade vehicles was accepted with thanks.


We voted to sell 81 Main St. (next to the town hall) to Mr. Gamble, who is presently rehabbing 114 Main St. The progress he has made in restoring 114 Main to an asset to the town and neighborhood and gives us confidence to enter into another agreement with him. Furthermore, he is prepared to purchase the property with a cloud on the title which eliminates a real stumbling block for us with most buyers.


Two hearings to take input from the public regarding the future of 37 Main St. (next to the library) have been scheduled for Sept. 12 and 26.


The library sewer has been repaired and is again functional. Thanks to Jitters for allowing library patrons to run across the street to use their facilities when need arose.


Carl Anderson



Kudos Pittsfield Old Home Day Committee

By Meggin Dail


So, for the first time in, like, a gazillion years, the Pittsfield Players did not win a trophy for our float in the Pittsfield Old Home Day parade. And we’re pretty happy about it... Why? Because to us, it means competition. It means there were more floats in the parade this year. It means we weren’t given a trophy just because we participated. It means we’re stepping it up next year to earn a trophy because there were some pretty awesome floats this year, Bravo!


Pittsfield OHD 1.jpg


Pittsfield OHD 2.jpg


Pittsfield OHD 3.jpg


Pittsfield OHD 5.jpg


Pittsfield OHD 6.jpg


Pittsfield OHD 7.jpg


Pittsfield OHD 8.jpg


Pittsfield OHD 9.jpg


Pittsfield OHD 10.jpg


Pittsfield OHD 11.jpg


Pittsfield OHD 12.jpg


Pittsfield OHD 13.jpg


Pittsfield OHD 14.jpg


Pittsfield OHD 15.jpg


Pittsfield OHD 16.jpg


Pittsfield OHD 17.jpg


Pittsfield OHD 18.jpg


Pittsfield OHD 19.JPG

The Pittsfield Old Home Day committee puts a lot of work into planning every year and it’s nice to see it paying off. When you do something for a gazillion years, it makes you wonder if you’re still being noticed, being appreciated. In that way the Pittsfield Old Home Day Committee is much like The Pittsfield Players. We’re both a group of volunteers working hard to entertain our little community and while our longevity sort of says it all, it’s still nice to get noticed, be appreciated, heck, maybe even garner applause.


I helped man the Pittsfield Players booth in Dustin Park in very good company. There were groups and organizations, businesses, entrepreneurs, clowns, politicians, not to mention trapeze artists! At one point a group of kids went by announcing to no one in particular, “Wow! There’s so much to see and do right in this one little spot!” Kudos Old Home Day Committee!


Every year I see the kids craft tent where kids can do a themed craft free of charge. Every year there’s music in the park for everyone to enjoy. I talked to one particular clown who says she’s been attending the event for 20 years in one capacity or another. Every year there’s Fuzz Freese selling raffle tickets for the Pittsfield Historical Society and, as of late, Heidi Darrah peddling rubber ducks. Every year there’s a food contest by the 4-H (apparently my anchovy paste popcorn didn’t win this year…) Every year there’s a parade and now a car show and fireworks and- and- and -  I honestly don’t even know the entire list, only because I can’t be everywhere at once...but I know who can and is… the Old Home Day Committee. It’s amazing, really. 


The Old Home Day Committee gets together monthly for almost the entire year, meeting to think up themes, events, contests, crafts, everything that makes Old Home Day what it is - a show, an event, entertainment, this year a CIRCUS, for the community. You might think this committee has at least fifty members, maybe twenty? In reality, there are less than twenty. Less than twenty people to schedule performers, respond to calls, emails, and questions about booth rentals, car show specifics, parade entries, parking, times, and everything in between. Less than twenty people to appoint traffic control, build their own float, find entertainers and bands for the parade and field more questions (and complaints- and by the way, if you have a complaint, find a way to be a part of the solution instead). Less than twenty people to pick up trash (bet you didn’t know they meet Friday night to clean up the parade route beforehand and early Sunday morning after it’s all said and done to pick up the fireworks trash and trash from the streets of the parade route.) Less than twenty people to worry about whether everyone is having a good time. Less than twenty.


Sometimes, volunteers like us tend to wonder if it’s all worth it. The time and effort spent away from home working together to provide something we think is important, community spirit. The thing about providing this kind of entertainment on such a large scale is you can’t necessarily see the effect you’re having because you’re so busy making it work.


Pittsfield Old Home Day Committee, I’m only one person, but this is what I see; you’re doing a fantastic job. Every year I see something or someone new on Old Home Day. The Committee might worry that the crowds are smaller or the parade isn’t always as long or that people don’t stick around for everything you’ve planned. Instead, I see Old Home Day evolving.


I know we remember the Old Days we experienced as kids and wonder if we can get that back, but you also have to remember, that Old Home Day Committee probably had the same worries back then as you do now. I see kids in wonder that all this came to Pittsfield for them. I see longevity of organizations who are in the park every year offering information and inspiration to those around us, whether they be churches, community outreach, 4-H, police, fire, politicians, historical societies, school groups, or community theater, because it matters. I see new faces, start-up businesses, people who see an opportunity through Pittsfield, and area residents to gain customers, members, and volunteers. I see people who have been to every single Old Home Day and those who are here for the first time. I see a lot of smiles. I still see people get excited for NEXT YEAR, right after the parade has ended!  I see a reason for people to get out and meet their neighbors. At the Pittsfield Players booth alone we had people approach us with interest in make-up, sewing, choreography, and acting, of course! These are people we can’t reach on Facebook. Old Home Day is an opportunity to walk up to someone and ask the questions, see the faces, get to know the people, and we’re grateful for it.


Take it from someone who’s been to most Pittsfield Old Home Days for over forty years; you’re doing a GOOD JOB and your hard work is all worth it. Thank you to Pittsfield Old Home Day Committee members; Mark and Andi Riel, Louie and Patty Houle, Ray and Judy Webber, Leslie and Harry Vogt, Fred and Liz Hast, Joe Darrah, Jessica Beaulieu, and Lisa and Eli English.


Let’s show the Pittsfield Old Home Day Committee some love and see if we can get even more floats next year, more cars, more booths in the park, more volunteers, and more appreciation for a job very well done!



First Recipients Of The 2017 Globe Gear Giveaway Announced

Departments In AK And NJ Will Each Receive 4 Sets Of New Globe Gear


Since 2012, Globe, DuPont Protection Solutions (DuPont), and the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) have partnered to provide 351 sets of new, state-of-the-art turnout gear to fire departments in need – a value of over $800,000. An additional 13 departments will receive four sets of gear each in 2017. The first two recipients of the 2017 Globe Gear Giveaway are the Gustavus (AK) Volunteer Fire Department and Island Heights (NJ) Volunteer Fire Company. “Congratulations to the first two winners of this year’s Globe Gear Giveaway,” said NVFC Chairman Kevin D. Quinn. “Our nation’s firefighters put their lives on the line every time they answer the call. We are grateful to Globe and DuPont for their generosity in helping to keep our boots on the ground protected through this invaluable program so they are able to safely respond to our community members in need.” The Gustavus (AK) Volunteer Fire Department is located in a rural community 50 miles west of Juneau and covers nearly 38 square miles plus mutual aid to Glacier Bay National Park. The department serves a population of over 500 in the winter and up to 2,000 in the busy summer months during the tourist season. With only 10 sets of gear available for their 27 volunteer firefighters, this donation will enable the department to train and respond safely and in accordance with state and national standards.


The Island Heights (NJ) Volunteer Fire Company is funded entirely by donations, fundraisers, and grants. Their members, comprised entirely of volunteers, devote countless hours to training, emergency response, fundraising, administrative duties, and maintaining equipment, apparatus, and the station. Firefighters are trained in all aspects of fire suppression, ventilation,


search and rescue, forcible entry, ladders, salvage and overhaul, water and ice rescue, hazardous materials, and CPR. Many members also pursue additional training as fire officers, instructors, wildland firefighters, incident commanders, and more. While all 30 of their volunteers currently have turnout gear, 18 of those are more than 10 years old and no longer compliant with safety standards. “The acquisition of turnout gear from Globe will allow the department to more safely serve the residents of Island Heights, while simultaneously relieving financial pressure from a limited operations budget,” said the department’s grant committee chair David Hansen.


To be eligible to apply for the four sets of new Globe turnout gear, departments had to be all-volunteer or mostly-volunteer, serve a population of 25,000 or less, be legally organized in the U.S. or Canada, demonstrate a need for the gear, and be a member of the NVFC. To help departments meet this last requirement, Globe sponsored NVFC department memberships for the first 500 applicants. Additional awards through the Globe Gear Giveaway will be made monthly throughout 2017. A total of 52 sets of gear will be distributed to departments in need. Stay tuned to the NVFC web site, Dispatch newsletter, and Facebook page, as well as the Globe Facebook page, for additional information and announcements regarding the Globe Gear Giveaway.


### About Globe Firefighters need to be prepared to perform at their peak, on every call. That’s why Globe delivers the most advanced, best-fitting, and longest lasting protection by listening to our customers, creating breakthrough designs, and applying the engineering skills of the nation’s most trusted turnout gear manufacturer. Globe turnout gear is designed to protect you, move with you, and improve your performance. It’s athletic gear for firefighters. Learn more at www.globeturnoutgear.com. About DuPont Protection Solutions DuPont Protection Solutions (NYSE: DD) has been bringing world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace in the form of innovative products, materials, and services since 1802. The company believes that by collaborating with customers, governments, NGOs, and thought leaders we can help find solutions to such global challenges as providing enough healthy food for people everywhere, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, and protecting life and the environment. For additional information about DuPont and its commitment to inclusive innovation, please visit www.dupont.com. About the NVFC The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) is the leading nonprofit membership association representing the interests of the volunteer fire, EMS, and rescue services. The NVFC serves as the voice of the volunteer in the national arena and provides invaluable resources, programs, education, and advocacy for first responders across the nation. Learn more at www.nvfc.org





To all Citizens of Pittsfield,

Recently, the Board of Selectmen held a public hearing on the boundaries of the proposed Village Water District. Turnout was good, with about 20 people showing up.


Even though the subject was the proposed district boundaries, there were many comments and questions on the entire project.


A number of people brought up objections to some parcels being included and some mentioned parcels that they thought should have been included. Everyone had a comment to make.


The Committee Chairman then announced that any and all suggestions for changes to the boundary list could be submitted by e-mail to f72116@aol.com. He also announced that a committee meeting would be held on 7/19, at which time, any corrections could be brought forth.


To date, not one correction has been submitted through either path.


The door is still open; the next committee meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, August 15 at 7:00 PM at the Town Hall.



Fred Okrent, Chair

Pittsfield Aqueduct Purchase Committee



Book Review: The Last Irish Goddess By Steve Delaney

Plaidswede Publishing Co., Released June 2017

Submitted By Christina Van Horn, a former Boston Globe editor who never met a book she didn’t want to read


When meteoric star flakes fell into western Ireland and became one with the soil, the people who lived on a mountain called Ben Cullagh unknowingly ingested the flakes as part of their food. Then they noticed that besides red hair, some of them had special powers. They became known as people of the goddess Danu, Tuatha de Dannan, who turn up in various places and times to work their magic. The Irish saw no contradiction with their Catholic beliefs and the Celtic Otherworld.


With this underpinning of bifold belief,  Steve Delaney draws readers into the horrendously difficult world inhabited by the Irish at the late 17th century, early 18th century. The overlord English had instituted the Penal Laws that they didn’t hesitate to use to hang an Irishman for the slightest infringement. Despite the Laws, the Irish continued their 1,000-year struggle to gain control of their native land. 


Delaney’s knowledge of this period is as deep as it is wide, and he skillfully weaves this turbulent period of Irish history into a love story between Conor, an apprentice warrior banned from Kinvara, and Teagan, the Red Goddess of Clare. Delaney surrounds them with a body of characters, Irish and English, that keep the plot moving quickly, imbued with both personal and political suspense. 


Given the complexity and number of the characters and the political over-and-under tones, Delaney provides a list of characters and locations as well as a brief explanation of the origins between Celtic and Saxon and a glossary. His use of language, both today’s English, and the Irish language is admirable.


The English brought tragedy upon Conor, and Red Teaghan met another form of tragedy. But Delaney follows the journey of the Irish and takes the end of the book into a most believable Celtic Otherworld.



Pittsfield Kayaks.jpg

The Friday Night Kayaking Group met  Friday July 21, 2017 with a record 15 kayaks to enjoy White’s Pond in Pittsfield. The group is open to everyone and meets at different local kayaking sites every Friday at 6 PM during June, July and August. The paddling trips last just over an hour and are always in the Northwood to Barnstead area. Simply show up at this week’s Friday night’s location. Visit our web site at huffnpuff.info for information and location of the next trip and put yourself on our email list. You can also call Paul Oman at 435 -7199 for more information.



Pittsfield Food Pantry News


Our new location is on Barnstead Rd., just behind Atlantic Safety.


Our hours are Monday, 11-2 and 4-6 and Thursday 11-2.


In order to continue to offer free food to our community, we are in desperate need of monetary donations. We are also looking for someone with a truck as a back up driver to pick up food at the food bank in Manchester.


We can always use fresh produce, if you have overstocked your garden.


Specific items we always need are: canned veggies, spaghetti sauce, soup, meats, jelly, and toiletries. 


If you have any questions, call 545-7998.




Denise L. Patterson

Pittsfield Patterson.jpg

Denise L. Patterson, of Pittsfield, NH, age 55, passed away peacefully July 20, with family by her side at the CRVNA Hospice House in Concord, NH, following her struggle with aggressive cancer.


Denise was born on Mother’s Day, May 13, 1962, in Winchester, Massachusetts to Charles and Nancy Vokey.


She is survived by her husband, Edward C. Patterson, son, Jeremy (Wife Melanie) and three grandchildren, Krystina, Kevin, and Kaden, brother David Vokey (wife Cindy), and numerous extended family.


Denise will be missed by family and friends and remembered for, ‘wearing her heart on her sleeve,’ reaching out to help people in her community and family, and doing what was right. She had a special talent for relating to people, children, and animals (especially dogs).


A celebration service of her life will be held at Park Street Baptist Church, 11 Park Street, Pittsfield, NH 03263, on August 12, 2017, (Saturday), at 2:00 PM.


In lieu of flowers, contributions in Denise’s memory may be made to Park Street Baptist Church, toward a fund for installation of a stairway lift in the church building.













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