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June 28, 2017



Pittsfield Old Home Day Community Fair


On July 22nd Pittsfield will celebrate Old Home Day “Pittsfield Goes to the Circus!” The community fair will be in Dustin Park from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The Old Home Day Committee is looking for crafters and community organizations to join the fair.  Community organizations can participate for free, and the vendor fee is $10.00.  If you would like to set up a table or booth please contact Leslie Vogt at 435-7993 or lesliegvogt@gmail.com.




Drake Field Summer Recreation Program


The Drake Field Summer Recreation Program is free to Pittsfield children in grades 1-8. High school students are welcome to join in and help for community service credit. We are located at Drake’s Field and open Monday- Thursday beginning June 26th and ending August 3rd . The only cost is for admission is to some field trips, many are free. Breakfast and lunches will be provided free of charge. Good behavior is mandatory. 


Signup sheets will be sent home with school children soon. For more information please contact Mrs. Sawyer at 267-6733.





The Pittsfield Alumni Association Committee is doing a 50/50 raffle. A 50/50 raffle means that the winner will receive 50% of the cash raised from the sale of raffle tickets. The raffle drawing will be at Drake Field tennis courts on August 1st (National Night Out), at 8:00 pm.


Tickets are: 1 for $1.00, 3 for $2.00 and 6 for $5.00.


Locations where tickets can be purchased include:

Pittsfield Youth Workshop, Town Hall (Clerk’s Office), Dustin Park (Old Home Day - July 22nd)… or you can purchase tickets from:


Tobi Chassie, 435-6701 ext. 4, tchassie@pittsifieldnhschools.org


Andi Riel - 435-6346, pittsfieldtowncrier@hotmail.com  


Ted Mitchell - 435-6573, chipper@myfairpoint.net 


Carole Richardson - 435-8351, cpr2006@metrocast.net 


We appreciate your support.



SVSC Fall Soccer



Register online at suncookvalleysoccerclub.com by 7/31.


Email suncookvalleysoccerclub@gmail.com with questions.



Congratulations to Pittsfield resident, Gretchen Hilton, who has been named to Husson University’s Honors List for the Spring 2017 semester.


Hilton is a sophomore who is currently enrolled in Husson’s Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Studies/Master of Science in Occupational Therapy program.


Students who make the Honors List must carry at least 12 graded credit hours during the semester and earn a grade point average of between 3.4 to 3.59 during the period.



Letter To The Editor


In my personal life, I hate surprises that involve monetary expenditures. As Selectman, those surprises are worse because we have to present these issues to the taxpayers, who, for the most part, are already at the end of their financial tax-rope. With that in mind, I feel obliged to make public a couple of looming costs that the taxpayers will again have to bear.


First, we continue to have issues involving the sewage treatment plant. There’s many sections of ancient sewer pipe that are decayed to the point of allowing water to seep into the system, thus requiring what is basically groundwater to be treated just like sewage (and at the same cost). The “cure” is to place liners within sections of pipe that are the problem. We don’t know how much the bill will be at this point. The sewage treatment plant is a major portion of the town’s overhead and costs associated with corrections and repairs can be very costly.


Secondly, unbeknown to us, there’s been a compliance issue with the dam at Clark’s Pond (Town pool) and apparently a verbal agreement with the State that the situation would be remedied by this year. No one presently on the Board of Selectmen was party to that agreement, nor was any present Town employee. We were blind-sided with this when the State came around to see how we were progressing. In a nutshell, the existing outlet at the pool is not large enough to satisfy the federal flood requirements and must be enlarged. The State has actually been relatively understanding of our situation, but sometime within the foreseeable future, the required work will be a cost of the Town to bring the dam into compliance. Any time you throw ‘dams’ and ‘engineering’ into the same sentence, you better hang onto your wallet.


Carl Anderson



Josiah Carpenter Library Summer Reading Program Build a Better World


Children can register for the summer reading program by visiting the library anytime throughout the summer.  Weekly activity and reading sessions for toddlers thru first grade are held each Thursday at 10:00am in Dustin Park on Main Street; activities for  second grade and above will take place each Wednesday at 9:30am at the Drake Field Recreation Program.  Come and join in on fun-filled explorations of gardening, our natural world and recycling!  Celebrate reading success on August 2nd and 3rd at a make your own ice cream party!  We are collecting supplies for the ice cream party; if you would like to contribute there is a list of possibilities at the library.  Questions?  Call 435-8406 or email librarydirector.jcl@gmail.com.



Pittsfield School Board

June 15, 2017

Submitted By Ralph Odell


The majority of the meeting oriented around end of the year activities. Danielle Harvey summarized Exhibition Night which showcased projects the students had completed.  There was a great turnout.


Derek Hamilton reported on student attendance which has hit a high point over the past three years. Additional work on examining budgets was performed to maximize the purchasing ability of the funds that are remaining.


Kathy LeMay provided projections of summer programs showing excellent enrollment and described how students were encouraged to make academic progress over the summer. 


A program honoring Pittsfield alumni that have distinguished themselves and continue to give back to the community, has been initiated. The first recipients are Mr. Richard Foss, Mr. George “GEF” Freese, Mr. Arthur Morse, and Ms. Sheila Vargas. The awards were presented prior to Exhibition Night.


Tobi Chassie indicated that a national organization, Edutopia, which highlights innovation in education, visited Pittsfield and produced a video of the activities in Pittsfield. We will be letting everyone know when it will be shown. She also summarized additional notoriety brought about by the educational innovation occurring within the school system. Thirty-four different groups have visited the District this past year. 


The meeting brought out the positive changes that are happening in Pittsfield. The present students, past graduates, and existing programs all show that good things are happening.  We all should be pleased.



2017 Pittsfield Minor Boys Baseball Wins The Suncook Valley Championship With An Undefeated (14-0) Season

Pittsfield Boys Baseball.png

Left to Right Front Row: Assistant Coach Bob Beliveau, Scorekeeper Stella Henninger, Assistant Coach Gary “Buddy” Bedell, Brandin Weygand, Thomas Dunagin, Jared Beliveau, Ryan Mayotte, Jazmyn Price, Abraham Marcotte, Assistant Coach Randy Genest, Manager/Head Coach Gary Bedell.  Left to Right Back Row: Ethan Bedell, Evan Henninger, Tate Coffman, Casey Anderson, Micah Sayman, Jackson Marston.

PHOTO CREDIT: Donna Anderson


The “Globe” Sponsored team went completely undefeated throughout regular season as well as during the tournament.


The Team would like to send our a HUGE THANK YOU to Globe for their sponsorship, our coaches and scorekeeper, our wonderful parents/fans.





2017 10U Suncook Valley Softball Takes Second Place In End Of Season Tournament

Pittsfield Girls Softball.jpg

Left to Right Front Row: Lillian Mooney, Audrey Harper, Adelia Stopyro, Damonica Charles and Harmony Odette.  2nd Row: Olivia Charles, Carly Griffin, Addison Clark, Kaitlyn Nilsson, Angel Penney and Ashley Clark.  3rd Row:  Gianna Wood.  Back Row:  Coach Daniel Stopyro, Coach Jared Griffin, Manager Rodney Taylor, Coach Penny Taylor, Coach Kristina Cahill, Coach Nichole Mooney and Coach Kevin Clark.


The “Jack’s Pizza Pittsfield Pride” team standings were 10 wins-4 losses.  This is the second year in a row these young ladies made it to the Championship Game.  What a great season!!


Congratulations Girls!  We’re very proud of you.



Letter To The Editor


In last week’s Sun, planning board member Paul Nickerson quoted RSA 674:72, X:


“An accessory dwelling unit may be deemed a unit of workforce housing for purposes of satisfying the municipality’s obligation under RSA 674:59 *IF* the unit meets the criteria in RSA 674:58, IV for rental units.” (Emphasis added on “*IF*”.)


Paul then went on to state his personal opinion that this state law makes accessory apartments rentable if they have “sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation provisions in the apartment, plus a door between the accessory apartment and the principal dwelling.”

Paul appears to me to have overlooked the little word “if” in RSA 674:72, X. “If” in this context means that the accessory apartment might NOT meet the criteria in RSA 674:58, IV, for rental units. (In that case, the accessory apartment would not be deemed a unit of workforce housing.)


Paul again signed his letter “Planning Board,” but as I said in my previous letter, Paul speaks only for himself and not for the board, and he has only one vote. But perhaps more important is that Paul did NOT sign his letter “Code enforcement officer.” The code enforcement officer’s opinion on whether the state law makes accessory apartments rentable matters more than Paul’s opinion, so I would encourage that anyone thinking about renting an accessory apartment on Paul’s advice should check with the code enforcement officer first.


And once again, as I said in my previous letter, if Paul believes that Pittsfield’s zoning prohibition against renting accessory apartments is unlawful, then he can petition the town meeting to repeal it, and I encourage him to do so.


Jim Pritchard



Pittsfield Old Home Day - Annual Cook-Off


The Cook-Off for the Pittsfield Old Home Day this year will be POPCORN - any flavor!  Google It - find some recipes and test them out!  Get creative - CASH prizes for the winners.


This event is sponsored by the Victory Workers 4-H Club.  Anyone and everyone is invited to submit their BEST batch of Popcorn and bring it to the 4-H Booth at Dustin Park by 9am on Sat., July 22.  The winners will be selected by the public by popular vote.  CASH prizes will be awarded:  1st-$75; 2nd-$50; and 3rd-$25.  The first 10 people to call or email will be registered.  Please contact Andi Riel at 435-6346 or email at pittsfieldtowncrier@hotmail.com to register.



Pittsfield spca 2017.jpg

PES would like to recognize a group of students who took the initiative to hold a bake sale with the proceeds to benefit the SPCA of Concord. With many hours of baking and one evening of sales, they were able to raise $322 dollars for SPCA! Pictured from left to right Shannon Concord SPCA, Genevieve Harriman, Sydney Provencal, Audry Harper, Riley Nagle and Bianca Marrero


Pittsfield Presidential awards 2017 003.jpg

Pittsfield Elementary School is proud to announce the recipients of the 2017 Presidential Awards.  Students can earn awards in two categories.  The first is Academic Excellence and the second is Academic Achievement. Back row left to right: Juliana Morse, Amber Peterson, Abraham Marcotte, Abigial Smith, Alexcia Rollins. Front row left to right: Christopher Sawyer, Becky Zheng, Sydnee Fisher, and Trevor Mills.



School Year Concludes In Pittsfield


GRADUATION. Congratulations to our Pittsfield graduating class of 2017!


Our twenty-five new Pittsfield graduates are well-prepared to meet the challenges of the next stage of their young lives.  Our grads will be enlisting in the military, attending college, planning on apprenticeship programs, entering job corps, joining the workforce, traveling, and starting specialized training programs.


One of our grads finished up her high school graduation requirements in three years, and another grad enters college as a sophomore, having earned enough college credits while a student at PMHS to advance her past freshman year.


In the long term, our Class of 2017 is expecting to fulfill an amazing range of roles during their careers, from dog breeding to video production, from journalist to combat engineer, from kindergarten teacher to mason, from social activist to anesthesiologist, from welder to sports executive.


We’re very excited for the bright futures that lie ahead for our newest Pittsfield grads, and we thank our Pittsfield community for your strong and consistent support of our students and schools.


STAFF CHANGES.  As a result of budgetary constraints, a number of school district positions have been eliminated for next year.  These include two special education teachers, one mathematics teacher, one English teacher, one behavior specialist, and three paraprofessional positions.  


Certainly, the loss of these positions will limit options for our students and the level of support that we can provide to students who may need additional help.  We will, of course, do our very best to personalize the learning experience for all students with the aim of high achievement levels for all.


TEACHER CONTRACT.  The Pittsfield School Board and our local teachers’ association – the Education Association of Pittsfield – have reached a tentative one-year agreement to replace the three-year agreement that is expiring at this time.


The tentative agreement is estimated to cost an additional $66,485.91 compared with the terms of the current year agreement. This calculates to an estimated tax increase of $.25/thousand for Pittsfield taxpayers.


Dates for the upcoming budget hearing and the first and second sessions of the voting process have not been established as of this writing, but it is anticipated that the first session (called “the deliberative session”) will take place in late July or early August, and the second session (the ballot vote) will take place in late August or early September.  


Dates will be advertised in The Sun and provided on the school district website (www.pittsfieldnhschools.org) when they have been established.




William Dodge


William Dodge, son of the late William and Gladys Dodge, went to be with the Lord on June 14, 2017.


He was born in Pittsfield on October 19, 1932.


He leaves behind two sisters, Arlene Bateson of Reno, NV and Pearl Cheney of Pittsfield, as well as many nieces and nephews.


Gravedside services will be held July 1st at 11:00 AM at the Floral Park Cemetery in Pittsfield.



Sharon Cole


PITTSFIELD – Sharon Cole, 64 of Pittsfield, passed away on Monday, January 9, 2017 at her residence with her family by her side following a lengthy illness.


Born on November 24, 1952 in Goffstown, NH, she was the daughter of the late Lamson and Elaine (Barker) Wood.


Sharon worked for many years as a Machine Operator for Pittsfield Weaving before her retirement. She was a people person who was there if you needed someone to listen or a place to stay. She was everyone’s biggest supporter and she had a heart of gold. Her quick wit and love will be missed.


Besides her parents, Sharon was predeceased by her husband Paul Cole in 1993.


Sharon is survived by her longtime friend and recent caregiver, Cheryl Keene of Pittsfield; her sons, Mark Therrien and his wife Tracey of  Alton, Austin Cole of Barnstead and Heath Cole and his wife Jennifer of Pittsfield; her daughters, Heidi Nixon and her husband Tony of Epsom, Cassie Mwangi and her husband Don of Tyngsboro, MA and Amy Mitchell and her husband Ricky of Raymond; her sister, Deborah Lacourse of Laconia; her brothers, Lannie Wood and his wife Linda of Pittsfield and Rob Wood and his wife Donna of Zephyrhills, FL; 19 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews.


A graveside service will be held on Saturday, July 1st, 2017 at 11:00am at Floral Park Cemetery in Pittsfield. Assisting the family with arrangements is the Still Oaks Funeral & Memorial Home in Epsom. To share a memory or offer a condolence, please visit www.stilloaks.com













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