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April 26, 2017


Attention All Veterans of Pittsfield


At the Town Meeting on March 14, 2017, the people of Pittsfield voted to adopt an All Veterans’ Tax Credit. Last week, I contacted the town tax office to find out what I needed to do to apply for this credit. To my chagrin, I found out that the application deadline expired two days earlier.


I hope I am the only Pittsfield veteran who missed this deadline, but in case there are others out there, I want to provide this information to all veterans (or surviving spouses) of the Town of Pittsfield:


A $300 tax credit is available to you if you have served at least 90 days in active service and have been honorably discharged or honorably separated from service, and you are not eligible for, or receiving a credit under, RSA 72:28 (Standard or Operations Veterans’ Tax Credit) or RSA 72:35 (Tax Credit for Service-Connected Disability).


The application for this credit will be available on the Pittsfield town web site in the fall (likely in October after the State updates their application forms). To apply, you will need to provide your DD-214 to show the honorable discharge and dates of service. Further information about credits/exemptions is printed on the back of your tax bill, on the inside of the back cover of your Town Report, and on the town website under “Frequently Asked Questions – Tax Collector.” Once an application is approved, you will receive a letter every 3-5 years, asking you to complete a short form checking for changes in the household, as required by NHDRA.


And thank you for your service to our country!


Randy Severance
(US Navy 1979 – 1985)





Dear Pittsfield residents,
The Pittsfield Planning Board is seeking alternate members. Alternate members sit as full voting members whenever a regular member is absent or disqualified, so alternate members are a very important part of the board. Currently, the planning board has only one alternate, the alternate for the board of selectmen’s representative to the planning board.


The planning board’s main functions are to regulate the subdivision of land so that the land will be used safely and, when appropriate, to propose amendments to the zoning ordinance. If what the planning board does interests you, and if you want to help your community, then please consider applying to the planning board for appointment as an alternate. Application forms are available on the town web site and from me in the building/planning/zoning office in the town hall. My office hours are Monday from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM and Thursday from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM.


Thank you,
Jim Pritchard
Pittsfield Planning Board



Pittsfield Players Marty & Cathy (1).jpg

Paul and Mary Jane Carter, played by Marty and Cathy Williams, neither have excellent alibis but only one has a real motive.


Pittsfield Players Doreen.jpg

Is it ex-wife Julia, played by Doreen Sheppard who’s mad at Ol’ Wenty for dumping her for an older woman??


Pittsfield Players Iris.jpg

Uptight personal assistant, Debra Mason, played by Iris Buchanan       


Pittsfield Players Jordan.jpg

Spoiled, lazy, playboy, Sam Kane played by Jordan Gagan


Pittsfield Players Margot.jpg

Society columnist, Felicia Philips, played by Margot Keyes, what will SHE do for the story of the century?


Pittsfield Players Melanie.jpg

Sophisticated sculptress Selena Kane, played by Melanie Casey, is mad step-daddy dearest won’t help her career take off.


The Pittsfield Players present Deadly Image Directed by Carole Neveux


It’s “Miss Congeniality” meets “Hart to Hart” when the cast of characters of Deadly Image hits the stage. Joey Reynolds, played by Meggin Dail, is a private investigator hired by Wentworth Jefferson, played by Mike Towle, to find out who and why someone is trying to kill him.


After a series of unfortunate events, Jefferson suspects pretty much everyone he knows. Is it ex-wife Julia, played by Doreen Sheppard (last seen in Dixie Swim Club) who’s mad at Ol’ Wenty for dumping her for an.. older woman?? Maybe it’s Society Columnist, Felicia Philips played by Margot Keyes, because his fortune had slipped through her grasp. Maybe it’s his Techtronics staff Paul Carter, played by Marty Williams or his personal assistant Debra Mason, played by newcomer Iris Buchanan, who want to get their hands on his multi-million dollar company. Suppose it might be his new bride, Mamie, played by Gerri Casey because she’s tired of this skirt-chasing louse. Or perhaps we need to take a look at Mr. J’s new step-children, Sam and Selena, played by newcomer Jordan Gagan and Melanie Casey, because they’re distrustful of Wentworth and want the family fortune all to themselves. Then there’s the household staff, Bonnie the maid played by Alexis Keyes or the cook Mrs. Fields, played by Nella Hobson, after all most “accidents” occur at home… or did the butler really do it? Chenoweth the butler, played by Richard Hackeman (last seen in Eat Your Heart Out) might be trying to do Mamie a favor.


At least we know who didn’t do it, Lt. Al Reynolds, a detective on the police force as well as Joey’s ex-husband, played by Ernie Bass, is just there to solve this whodunnit and maybe reconcile some old feelings.


Get ready for some good old fashioned detecting, some really corny jokes, a few snorts and the most mischievous cast of characters this side of CSI when Deadly Image by Billy St. John, directed by Carole Neveux and produced by Jon Martin hits the Scenic stage ONE WEEKEND ONLY, May 5 & 6 at 7:30 PM and May 7 at 2PM. Tickets available by calling (603) 435-8852



Letter To The Editor


Spring is here and you will soon see the Pittsfield Beautification Committee members tending the gardens around town. 


As one of our yearly fundraising events, we will be having a yard sale on  Saturday May  20th from 8 am to 2 pm.    We will be set up at Nancy & John Barto’s house at 515 Dowboro Rd. Pittsfield, just 3.5 miles from the center of Town.


Anyone who would like to donate items for our sale can drop them off at Nancy’s house.  We respectfully request that you do not bring items of clothing or any heavy items.


If anyone would like to make a cash donation to the Beautification Committee, please send a check payable to the Pittsfield Beautification Committee, c/o Tine Fife 1394 Upper City Rd, Pittsfield NH 03263. Collection boxes can also be found at Town Hall, Bell Brothers, Jack’s Pizza, Town Pizza and Danis Markets. 
We would like to gently remind the parents and childcare providers in town to please ask your children to not walk through or play in the gardens, and please do not allow your pets to use the plants/bushes in the gardens.


If you would like to join our Committee, our next meeting will be on Monday May 1st at 6:30 pm at Town Hall.


We are excited about this upcoming gardening season and we sincerely thank all of you for your help and support.


Carol Lambert
Pittsfield Beautification Committee



NHDES Launches User-submitted Photo Gallery and NH Map


The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) has launched This Is New Hampshire, a crowdsourcing website that will highlight the need for a healthy environment from the perspective of everyday New Hampshire residents and visitors. NHDES is asking the public to go out and take photos that show how they enjoy New Hampshire’s unique environment, why they care about it and what they’re doing to keep it clean – then add those photos to the This Is New Hampshire map online.


This Is New Hampshire is not just a user-submitted photo gallery; it’s an interactive map that will tell us where you enjoy the environment. The website uses a Geographic Information System (GIS) application. When users submit their photos, they will include where the photo was taken, and the photo will then be linked to the map. Visitors to the site will be able to zoom in and check out the location and the images simultaneously.


Photos can be uploaded quickly from a desktop computer, mobile device or tablet. Simply go to the website, www4.des.state.nh.us/thisisnh, and click on “Submit a Photo.” Select a photo, provide a title, location, description and photo credit, hit submit, and after a quick review by NHDES, you’re on the map. With the location, the user can be as specific as they want – longitude and latitude, physical address or even zoom in and scour the banks of the Merrimack River to find the exact sandy outcropping where you parked your kayaks when you took the photo. If the photo has been geotagged, the location information will automatically be included.


The types of photos NHDES hopes to see from the public run the gamut. There’s not much in our lives that is not touched by the environment, and strengthened when that environment is protected. Love the mountains, trails, lakes and rivers? Snap a photo when you’re hiking, camping, swimming or just relaxing. Take part in roadside litter pickup or beach cleanups every year? Share a photo of volunteers in action. Once you’ve submitted a photo, be sure to click on the social media icons to share, using #ThisIsNH.


Help us put New Hampshire’s environment on the map!


For more information regarding the This Is New Hampshire website, please contact Jana Ford at jana.ford@des.nh.gov or (603) 271-8332.



Letter To The Editor
Select Board meeting 4/18/17


Central NH Transportation committeeman Mike Tardiff gave us a rundown of their accomplishments. Carole landed on him to get something done about the state roads in town that are a disgrace. The BOS grabs every opportunity that comes our way to put pressure on the State to take care of the downtown as they agreed when the bypass went in 50 years ago, but they have lots of deaf ears.


Department heads came before us for approval to move money within their respective budgets in order to make best use of the limited funds approved at this year’s Town Meeting. Bottom line to the town will remain as approved and holds the line on any municipal tax increase. They seem less than enthusiastic about what they have to work with, given the cuts, however, they also appear resolved to making it work and still provide the services we can pay for. Hopefully taxpayers will understand that we can’t let perfect get in the way of good- our tax base is still stretched to the limit.


The 118 page hazard mitigation plan was updated to keep Pittsfield eligible for federal funding in the case of an emergency.


A community garden is being planned by Nick Penny and Adam Gauthier behind the town hall down on Joy Street. Call the administrator for info on getting a plot.


More appointments and votes on fees, warrants and tax credits too numerous to list.


The security deposit on 81 Main Street was returned due to the fact that we can’t convey good title. Disposition of this property next to the town hall is a challenge but we have to do something.


Carl Anderson



Pittsfield Alfred and Micheal.jpg

Alfred Page and local veteran Michael Jourdan pose at the foot of Mike’s stair case with the new railings on either side.


Pittsfield 88 staircase.jpg

Newly installed wooden railings and hardware in stairway of Michael Jourdan’s home in Loudon.



American Legion Post 88 News
Submitted By Commander Shawn Jones


I apologize for not getting news about your post out to you over the last several months. I have had a lot going on and not able to fulfill that responsibility to you. Starting in April Mike Hartt, James Small and Mike Moffett will be submitting articles and photos to area publications to keep members informed of what your post is doing. Another good way to find out what we are doing is to come out to a meeting now and then and check in with us. You might just find that you like getting together with other members and will want to attend more meetings.


We held our February meeting on 2/16/17 with 15 members present. On the 4th our post hosted the District Five High School Oratorical program. A lot of work was put into this program by our Americanism Chairman and Children and Youth Officer Mike Hartt. He was able to have two students compete in this year’s contest. First place went to Hana Testerman of Chichester and Second place was awarded to Niklas Cantatore of Pittsfield. Congratulations to both of these fine young adults. We hope to see Niklas return next year to compete again.  Hana will represent the district and Post 88 at the Department contest level at Saint Anselm’s College in March.


Scott Newton volunteered to be our point of contact with some other insurance companies who are looking to do business with us. The Loudon Lions Club expressed interest in using the post on April 15th to host a breakfast fundraiser.


In February, Alfred Page went to the home of a fellow veteran Michael Jourdan who served with the Marines and Coast Guard. Michael was in need a new railing to be installed in his home that would allow him to go up and down from the second floor of his house. Chaplain Page was able to complete this task with ease and Mr. Jourdan was very pleased with the outcome and was quoted as saying “Just Fantastic” with the work done. I was able to go visit Mr. Jourdan just as Alfred was putting his tools way to see the completed work and I enjoyed spending some time talking with Mr. Jourdan about his experience in the military and our common bound as having both served in the Coast Guard.


Our membership level in February had come up to 109% or 73 members for 2017. Remember in a past article I wrote that the goal set for your post was to have 67 paid members for the year so we had exceeded that amount by 6 new members.


Our Commanders Fund Raffle winners for February where: $50-Stan P., $25-Tom I., $10-Johnathan H., $10-Scott w. & $5-Bea E. Congratulations to the February winners.


At our March 22nd meeting we had 15 members in attendance. We welcomed our newest member to come to a meeting Walter Lampron who is a World War II Army veteran. Thanks to Larry Hemphill for getting Mr. Lampron to join our post. We also welcome Patrick Testerman (Hana’s father) to the post. Pat is a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel. We look forward to see more of Walter and Pat at future meetings and activities of the post. 


Once again our post hosted a District Five oratorical contest on March 4th. This time it was for the Junior level contest and the winner was Anora Brown. She was to move onto the state level competition at Saint Anselm’s College on April 8th.  On March 11th Ms. Hana Testerman won the state level High School Oratorical contest program for the second year in a row. She and one of her parents will go out to Indianapolis, IN on April 21st  to the Legion’s National Headquarters to compete against the other state level high school student winners from around the county for a chance to with up to $20,000 in scholarship prize money.


Historian Mike Moffett of the membership committee spoke about having an open house after the Memorial Day parade on May 29th.  Dave Zarges and Mike Hartt  stepped up to help Mike and Vice Commander Gary Tasker with planning the open house. We would like to invite area veterans and their family members to come down to the post at 45 South Village Rd following the conclusion of the parade which starts at 0900 hours in the village of Loudon. Members voted to allow the membership committee to have a $500.00 budget use as its discretion to promote and put on the open house. Look for more information to follow.


At the March meeting we took nominations to fill post officer positions. We will be having some new members sworn into officer positions at our April installation being conducted by the District 5 leadership team that was also newly elected on April 15th. The new slate of post officers for 2017-2018 are as follows:


Commander-James Small, First Vice Commander-Gary Tasker, Second Vice Commander-Michael Hartt, Adjutant-Joe Piroso, Finance Officer-Larry Elliot, Chaplain Alfred Page, Service Officer-Vincent Giambalvo, Historian-Michael Moffett, Judge Advocate-Shawn Jones, Sargent At Arms-Kenneth Ward. Mike Hartt will continue to serve as your C&Y Officer and Dave Zarges at the Boy Scout Charter Organizer Representative. We congratulate these members for offering to lead the post and we ask you to support them in the during the year ahead.


On May 20th we will be out placing flags at the local cemeteries in town. If we miss a veteran’s grave site please contact the Legion so that we can correct this oversight. Again on May 29th we will be sponsoring the Loudon Memorial Day Parade. We pray for better weather this year and there is no promise that we’ll have our Governor marching with us as in last year’s parade but it will be a great parade just the same honoring our fallen heroes in all wars. Please come out to support your post and the other groups that  will be marching with us but more important the veteran’s that have died for their country who came before us. We will remember and honor them and their family’s sacrifices.


Jim Small and Mike Hartt will be going to the Department of NH Annual Convention on May 19th-21st in Lincoln to represent your post. I’m sure that they will give the post a report during our June meeting.


Our Commanders Fund Raffle winners for month of March  where: $50-Bob B., $25-Cece R., $10-Constance I., $10-Maureen P. & $5-Jeff P. Congratulations to the March winners.


Our Commanders Fund Raffle winners for April where: $50-Jim G., $25-Ardie H., $10-Bea E., $10-Jeff P. & $5-Ray E. Congratulations to the April winners.


As you can tell from the last three months of drawings we can have multiple winners on the same ticket because once your number is drawn it goes back into the bucket and can be drawn up to 11 more times. We will begin to start selling our new tickets in May over the course of a couple of months so please consider buying a ticket or two for the new drawing in July. If we forget anyone you can call the post and leave us your name and address and a member will make arrangements to get you a ticket. There will only be 200 tickets sold so don’t wait to buy yours and you’ll be helping your post out at the same time.  Many people buy them as gifts and give them to family and friends.


Our next meeting will be held on May 17th, we look forward to seeing you there.



Northwood Beach wall.jpg

Volunteers spent a lot of hours last summer at Northwood Lake Beach to complete the massive stone wall. From left: Joe McCaffrey, Tim Jandebeur, Mark Colby, Trevor Jandebeur, Ron Piwowarczyk, Dan Schroth, and James Schroth.
Photography by Tom Hitchcock


Northwood Beach_088.jpg


Northwood Beach_095 volunteers.jpg


“The Politics of Stonework” Chapter 6
From Dan Schroth’s new book
Northwood Beach Wall Submitted By Tim Jandebeur

Beachgoers will now walk through the opening of the stone wall at the entry to Northwood Beach.


It is done. The beautiful native stone wall at Northwood Lake Beach has been completed and it is awesome. Remarkable really, what a few dedicated volunteers can accomplish when they set their minds to it. This wall was started a couple of years ago and slow but steady work was being accomplished. It takes rocks to build a wall.


Many of you know Dan Schroth’s work, some are lucky enough to know him personally. To say that he is one of a kind is a gross understatement. Unique, singular are two descriptions that come to mind. Boy, can he build a wall. His walls are dry, no cement or mortar. They will move with the seasons and not fall down. They are guaranteed for Dan’s life. No doubt that this wall will be here for generations of Northwood families to enjoy. It is as wide as it is tall and very long.


We all learned so much about wall building but first you need many, many rocks. It is easy enough to think that we are rich in rocks here in New Hampshire, however we learned that it takes special rocks to be a base stone, or a builder, or a capstone. Maybe three rocks out of ten collected made it into the wall. A whole summer was spent collecting rocks. We would not have been able to do it without help. Rocks came from the new ball fields, from Jamie Johnson’s property, Lee Baldwin and many other generous donors. Jimmy Wilson and Charlie Pease helped get them. Gary Haven Smith helped with stone work; Steve Bailey helped wall building the first year of the project.


Please, check it out. With Dan’s patient (most of the time) tutelage, his brother Mark Colby, Joe Mc-Caffrey, Ron Piwowarczyk, Mike Barry with son Fergus, Bill Morrill, and Tim Jandebeur  spent every other weekend all summer building a great addition to Northwood. Others contributed an hour or two when they had time available. Many of you brought food, it was really appreciated. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. A special thanks to Dan Schroth Piermarocchi, and his brother Mark. Great job, everyone!



Letter to the Editor


Regarding Tim Jandebeur’s submission in The Suncook Valley Sun November 19, this was about the building of the stone fence at the Northwood Beach. Let me tell you what really happened.


In September 2011 Steve Bailey, myself and my sons, Justin and James, got some rock delivered by Dave Docko and started in. We got about one quarter done before winter hit.


The next year I was alone, except for my dog Baxter. Dave brought in more rock/fieldstone from rolling Ray above Jenness Pond on Rt. 107 and real good flat rock from Mead Field.


The Town Road Crew has helped truck rock and clean up, when we needed it. Anyway, this Spring the wall was about half done. In June I received a letter from the Northwood Selectmen asking me if they rounded up some volunteers, maybe we could schedule a couple of weekends, and finish the project up. Well, I thanked them for the prompting and scheduled the next weekend.


My brother and I started a day early to reset the strings and do some prep work.


That first weekend I quickly learned my brother, Mark, and I had hit the jackpot. Their names are Tim Jande-beur, Joe McCaffrey and Ron Piwowarczyk.


These three men made the differ-ence. Bringing fieldstone, ledge rock and split granite for the corners, tools, cutting blades, meals at the North-wood Diner, and labor.


I knew I’d have trouble with Tim Janderbeur, him being use to having his own way and me used to getting my own way. We settled on whatevermade the project better. My brother and I got all the help we needed from these three men. We really were struggling before they showed up.


You will never know how much this means to us to have help with our dream.



Pittsfield Mosaic.jpg

Pittsfield Elementary School; Up, Up and Away! Grades 3 through 6 created mosaics with Hopkinton artist Lizz Van Saun and PES art teacher, Lisa Conkle. The finished piece is now installed in the Pittsfield Town Hall. Thank you to Sanderson Trust for making the residency possible.



Letter To The Editor


I am now a cancer survivor.


Because of arthritis, I needed and secured a handicap unit. But I was still in the hospital.


My daughter and family got a crew together from my Park Street Church and good friends and people I never met. My daughter came from Oregon, I haven’t seen her in five years. My sister came from St. Johnsbury, VT.


My thanks comes in the form of a song by the Carpenters...


Sometimes, not often enough, we reflect upon the good things. And those thoughts always center around those we love. And I think about those people who mean so much to me, and for so many years have made me so very happy. And I count the times I have forgotten to say Thank You and just how much I love them.


“Our father, who art in heaven...”


Thank you.
Rhonda Murray



Area Youth To Compete In Scotts® Major League Baseball® Pitch Hit & RunTM Competition


Pittsfield Youth Baseball will host a free Scotts® Major League Baseball® Pitch Hit & Run™ Competition for area youth.


Date: 5/6/17
Time: 8 - 2:30 PM
Location: Tilton Hill Road Ball Field


Pitch Hit & Run™ is the official skills competition of Major League Baseball®. This grassroots program is designed to provide youngsters with an opportunity to compete, free of charge, in a competition that recognizes individual excellence in core baseball/softball skills.


Boys and girls are divided into four age divisions: 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, and have the chance to advance through four levels of competition, including Team Championships at Major League ballparks and the National Finals during the 2017 MLB™ All-Star Week®.


The individual Pitching, Hitting and Running Champions, along with the All-Around Champion in each division age group at the Local Competition will be awarded and advance to the Sectional Level of Competition.


All participants must bring a copy of their birth certificate and have their parent or guardian fill out a registration/waiver form prior to the start of the competition. For questions concerning the competition, please contact your Local Coordinator, Rodney Taylor at rodneyt444@metrocast.net.


Team time slots are available.



American Legion Peterson-Cram Post 75


The American Legion Peterson-Cram Post 75, Pittsfield, NH will meet on Monday, May 1, 2017 at 7:30 pm at the Post Home, located on 3 Loudon Rd, Pittsfield. This meeting is an important one, as the new Post Executive Committee will be installed by District 5 Commander. It is anticipated that guests will also be in attendance from both District and Department.


Once the meeting is over, we will go into discussing the upcoming Memorial Day observance with new updates. Upcoming events will be Memorial Day, May 28th; Flag Day June 14th; Independence Day, July 4; POW/MIA Recognition Day, September 22; Veterans Day, November 11 and Pearl Harbor Day, December 7. Some of these days will be new programs for us to do.


All members, new and current, are encouraged to attend this important meeting.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Post Adjutant (Pro Tem), Merrill Vaughan at 603-344-0264.




O. Herbert Emerson


Pittsfield: Orshan Herbert Emerson, 80, of Joy St., died April 21st at his home following a brief illness.


He was born in Pittsfield, the son of Herbert O.  and Mabel (Hoyt) Emerson. He was a graduate  of Pittsfield High School in 1954. He worked for the Pittsfield Post Office retiring after 30 years. He served with the Pittsfield Fire Department for many years retiring as the Assistant Fire Chief.He also served as a Forest Fire Warden. He was a member of the Pittsfield Lions Club. 


He is survived by his Wife of 58 years, Ann (Vincent) Emerson of Pittsfield; three daughters, Catherine Emerson and partner Webb Goodwin of Bow; Lori Johnson and partner Jeff Foisy of New Bedford, MA; and Kelli Herrick and husband Greg of Bow; three grandchildren, Aaron Counter, Tyler Counter, and Thomas Johnson Jr.; four great grandchildren, Leah, Ethan, Ainsley and Michael; a sister Evelyn Maulfair of Fairfax, VA; nieces and nephews.


A private Graveside Service will be held in the Riverview Cemetery, Barnstead at the convenience of the family. Donations in his memory may be made to the Pope Memorial SPCA, 94 Silk Farm Road, Concord, NH 03301 or to the Pittsfield Firefighters Fund, Pittsfield, NH 03263.


The Waters Funeral Home, David Pollard, Director is assisting with arrangements.













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