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September 1, 2010


There is an open position on the Ethics Committee and one on the Budget Committee. Anyone interested in either position, please contact the Town Moderator at 435-8022 or CeeDee3ee@metrocast.net

Celebrating Birthdays are: September 1, Paullette Chagnon; September 2, Faith Whittier; September 3, Norman Gagnon, Jacob Gray; September 4, Abigail Mousseau, Sylvia Wallace, Nathan Kennedy; September 5, Tonia Snedeker, Angie Spradling; September 7, Arthur Harnden Jr., Shane Boudreau.

A Very Happy Birthday To One And All.

Celebrating Anniversaries are: September 1, Gale and Jonathan Marden; September 3, Tom and Ruth Huckins.

Best Wishes.

Winners in the August Drawing at the Peterson-Cram post #75 American Legion were: #266, Scott Ward, $50; #131, Maddie and Joseph Rogers, $25; #284, Heidi Parker, $10; #207, Matt Currier, #10; #23, Dean A. Cameron, $10.

Joe Roger’s brother, William Rogers and Joe and Maddy’s niece, Cece Rogers, have returned to their respective homes in Monrovia, California, after spending a week here visiting Joe and Maddy.

The Suncook Valley Soccer Club is looking for 5th & 6th grade boys for our U12 Team. We are also looking for a U8 coach and training will be provided.

If interested, please contact  Rick Anthony by e-mail at suncookvalleysoccerclub@gmail.com or call Rick directly at 435-8563.

Suncook Valley Sno-Riders First Meeting Of The Season

The Suncook Valley Sno-Riders is holding its first meeting of the season on Wednesday September 8, 2010, at 7:00 p.m. at the Pittsfield Community Center. Election of officers will be held at this meeting. Watch our website for details www.SuncookValleySnoRiders.com

The Josiah Carpenter Library Story Time will begin on Thursday, September 16th. The Story Times are from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. and are open to all children from toddlers up to kindergarten.


School Lunch Menus
Sept. 6-10


Monday - No School
Tuesday - Mac & cheese, veggie, fruit, milk.
Wednesday - Spaghetti with meatballs, veggie, milk.
Thursday - Fish and cheese sandwich, salad, fruit, milk.
Friday - Pizza, veggie, fruit, milk.


Monday - No School
Tuesday - Nachos and cheese, meatsauce, lettuce, tomatoes, fruit and milk.
Wednesday - Shepherd’s pie, bread, baked dessert, fruit and milk.
Thursday - Chicken nuggets, fries, veggies, fruit and milk.
Friday - Cheeseburger, rolls, chips, pickle, fruit, milk.



Pittsfield Soldier Receives Officer’s Commission

Lt. Thompson presenting the traditional silver dollar to Sergeant First Class Neal Mitchell, the first soldier to formally salute her as an officer. SFC Mitchell, a former U.S. Marine accepted the silver dollar on behalf of Lt. Thompson’s son, Sgt. David Mack of Pittsfield, currently serving with the Marines in Afghanistan. Lt. Thompson serves full time with the National Guard and is assigned to the Adjutant General in Manchester.

On August 14, 2010, Cynthia Thompson of Pittsfield was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the New Hampshire Army National Guard. Lt. Thompson successfully completed the Army Officer Candidate School course of instruction at the NH Army National Guard Regional Training Installation in Strafford, NH.

The 15 member class began training in April 2009 with a two week assignment in Niantic, CT, at Camp Rell, a National Guard Training site for physical conditioning, leadership exercises, nighttime and navigation and platoon/squad level infantry skills.

Training continued locally with emphasis on physical conditioning, artillery “call for fire,” 7 and 10 mile forced marches, as well as 8 academic blocks of instruction.

The training culminated with an intense 2 week period at Ft. McLellan, Alabama, including squad and platoon tactics, water survival training, a leadership reaction course, as well as an obstacle course. Lt. Thompson was one of 8 soldiers who successfully completed 18 months of training. She was the distinguished physical fitness graduate for her class.



Loudon Hosts AARP Driver Safety Course

Richard Brown House, Loudon’s VOA Senior Housing will be hosting the AARP Driver Safety course Monday and Tuesday, October 4 and 5 from 9 AM - 1 PM. The eight hour course will be held at 142 South Village Road, Loudon, and is open to people of all ages from surrounding towns. Cost is $12.00 for AARP members and $14.00 for non members.

The course covers defensive driving techniques, new traffic laws and rules of the road, many of which have changed since seniors began driving. Other topics include: how to deal with aggressive drivers, how to handle problem situations and information on changes in equipment over the years. Cars have changed, so have rules, road conditions and US - eye sight, reflexes/reaction and hearing. This course can help us deal with all of the above and be safer on the road.

For further information or to register please call 491-2312.



VA Offers Faster Application Process For Veterans

As part of Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki’s effort to streamline access to benefits, Department of Veterans Affairs officials removed the signature requirement for veterans who electronically submit an online 10-10EZ “Application for Health Benefits.”

“This singular action will reduce days, if not weeks, for veterans who apply online to access their hard-earned medical benefits and upholds the promise to reduce access barriers to needed care for this nation’s veterans,” Secretary Shinseki said.

Previously, veterans filling out the online application were required to print a copy, sign it and send to their local medical center, or wait for a copy to be mailed to them for signature and mailing before enrollment into the VA health care system could occur.

For additional information, go to www.va.gov/healtheligibility or call VA’s toll-free number at 877-222-8387. The online form is available at https://www.1010ez.med.va.gov/sec/vha/1010ez/.

For more retiree news and information, please visit www.retirees.af.mil.



Musical Dinner Theatre Comes To Plausawa Valley Country Club With

“Encore 2010: A Musical Review”

For those wanting a musical, toe-tapping night of fun and tunes from the past, the talented Pittsfield Players are offering yet another night of entertainment. “Encore 2010: A Musical Review,” a hilariously funny night of dinner theater music, is set to perform on Friday, September 10 at the Plausawa Valley Country Club, 42 Whittemore Road in Pembroke.

Director/choreographer Dee Dee Pitcher leads a talented cast of performers in this year’s 18th season of “Encore.” Dinner theater patrons can dine and be entertained with numerous selections of Broadway tunes and favorites from the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s sung by the “Encore” cast.

As a featured surprise, cast members select a personal favorite song to perform, each in his/her own touching way. The audience will be treated to songs from many genres, and hear “The Undertaker Blues,” “Over the Rainbow,” “Running Bear,” “Crazy,” “I Feel Good,” “Ten Minutes Ago,” “Johnny Angel,” “Never Never Land,” “Aquarius,” “Soul Man,” and “Personality.” Keith Belanger provides flawless piano accompaniment with just the right artistic pizzazz.

Tickets for “Encore 2010: A Musical Review” are $25 per person, which includes an Italian buffet dinner starting at 7 p.m. followed by the show. Reservations can be made by calling the club Pro Shop at 928-7473. Don’t let this musical night slip away from you.




I am not one of the powers in the Republican Party – I am a N.H. State Senator, making $92 a year after taxes. I have been representing my constituents for twenty years. As I see it, my primary job has been to help my constituents whenever possible.

Over the years, many of the problems my constituents have had needed help, guidance and direction from the Attorney General’s office. Kelly and her great staff always got an A+ from me and the constituents in need of help. Wouldn’t this be a breath of fresh air in Washington?

Kelly was appointed Attorney General by a Republican governor. Guess what! A Democrat governor – John Lynch – thought so much of her and the great job she was doing, he reappointed her to the position. Other Republican appointees were not so lucky.

Kelly kept her word. I, along with I’m sure many others, asked her to go for the death penalty for the murderer of Officer Briggs. She did and she was successful. A former Attorney General promised he would get the death penalty for the two who killed Jeremy Charron, the young Epsom Police Officer. He could not and did not have success.

Another reason to back Kelly is her strong stand on our constitutional right to own and bear arms. This is important today as it was back in the days of our founding fathers. She and her veteran husband run a small business. They don’t have millions, but they have a family and a desire to live the American dream. Kelly wants to go to Washington and serve the people of New Hampshire and all the citizens of this great country.

Please join me and on September 14th and November 2nd, cast not only a vote for Kelly, but for all of us in New Hampshire and the rest of our great country.

Thank you all.
Senator Jack Barnes Jr.
PO Box 362
Raymond, NH 03077




I’d like to talk about transparency for a minute. Occasionally when I say that we need to look at the budget and get spending under control, I’ll get the response “Well, exactly WHAT would you cut? Mr. heartless Republican” (or something like that) followed by an argument that all spending is necessary at current levels, and probably should grow some more. That’s the problem with the lack of fiscal transparency in Concord. A concerned citizen should be able to log into a State website, or at least download a report, and see exactly what’s being spent line by line in each department. Currently, we have a system that will show you the grand totals, but not the specifics. That’s a good start, but it’s like seeing $1,000 in your monthly household budget going to “automotive expenses”, but not knowing if that amount included gas, repairs, or a lease on a new Lexus. All you know is that you are told every dollar spent was absolutely essential. We can’t get our financial house in order if we can’t see exactly where the money is going.

Here’s what I would propose if elected:

1) All departments will need to itemize each expense, and make it publicly available for review on a State website.

2) Every department head will be required to justify the spending in their proposed budget, not just increase it based on the last cycle.

3) Annual statewide audit to weed out wasteful spending, and to find ways to improve processes, consolidate efforts and run more efficiently.

The primary election is on September 14th and I would appreciate your support. You can go to my website at www.votespaulding.com for more information, or give me a call at 603-892-1913.

Scott Spaulding
Candidate For State Representative



Loudon Maxfield Public Library Oil Painting Classes

Have you ever thought - about doing some painting  and not just the living room walls? With the blazing colors of fall coming soon, you may be inspired to try your hand at oil painting. Instructor Ken Krzewick will begin eight weeks of classes for beginners on Wednesday, October 13, from 2-4 p.m. Please contact the library to enroll and get a list of materials you will need to bring to class. The nonrefundable course fee is $80. Class size is limited, so please sign up soon! Call 798-5153 for more information.

Fall Show Art Show -  Loudon Village Arts
Don’t miss a chance to own beautiful artwork by local artists.  Mark your calendar for the Loudon Village Arts fall show on October 8 and 9. Original works in oil, pastel, pencil, watercolor, pen and ink, and acrylic, as well as a number of prints and photographs will be up for sale and ready to take home. The show is invitational and juried. If you are an artist and interested in showing your work, stop by the library for a prospectus or visit www.loudonvillagearts.com. Please plan to join us for the opening reception on Friday, Oct., 8, at 4:00 p.m.

You don’t have to be artist yourself to promote art in the community. The Loudon Village Arts group meets in the library, at 7 p.m., on the first Wednesday of the month. New members who are eager to celebrate, educate about, and promote the arts are always welcome.

Exciting New Nonfiction For Kids
Even the most reluctant young readers will find something to grab their interest in the big batch of new nonfiction books the library has just added. The books range from hunting, fishing, and camping in the “The Great Outdoors” series to a peek behind closed doors at sports stadiums and hospitals in “Hidden Worlds.” For children who like scary stories, take a look at “The Unexplained” series with ghosts, Bigfoot, haunted houses, and tales of alien abduction. If that doesn’t do it, check out “The World’s Deadliest” series for a vast assortment hair-raising creatures and places.

Story Time
As cooler temperatures breeze in, story time is an especially cozy place for you and your child to come in from the cold to listen to some great books and make a take-home craft item. With three times to choose from, you can stop by on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. or Wednesdays at 2 p. m. The first story time of the fall season will be held on September 14. No registration is required.

Library Hours
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 a.m.-9 p.m.; Wednesdays, 1-9 p.m.; Saturdays, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.



Four Generations

Nathan Riel, Peter Riel, Joan Riel and Abigail Elizabeth Riel.


Peter and Candy Riel of Center Barnstead, Joan Riel of Pittsfield and Victoria Riel Smith and son, Dakota of Beverly, Mass., spent the weekend of August 21st in Somerset, Mass. On Sunday, they attended the Baptism of Abigail Elizabeth Riel, daughter of Nathan and Lindsay Riel of Fall River, Mass., held at St. Louis de France Church in Swansea, Mass.

A reception followed at the home of Abby’s grandparents, Dr. Robert and Sue Pavao in Swansea.



Pittsfield’s Flowers
Submitted By John Lenaerts

If you’ve driven through Pittsfield lately, you would agree that a little bragging is in order. Our treasured downtown is ablaze with flowers and we should be proud of the level of volunteerism that brought this about.

There are a number of individuals and organizations that contribute money and time and I will attempt to list them.

The hanging baskets are done by the Pittsfield Flower Fund, the barrels (and flags) are done by the Beautification Committee (mainly Carole and Paul Richardson) and the Lyman Park Flowers by the Historical Committee.

The flowers on the Town Hall steps are done by Ted Mitchell and he tells me he will enlarge the boxes next year.

I am involved with the hanging baskets, but now only as a collector of funds. I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their generous donations.

For the past several years most of the work has been done by Don Morse and his family. They make up the baskets, hang them and then, with the help of others, keep them watered. Don even uses a ladder to weed them on occasion.

This year with the hot, dry weather, the baskets have been watered almost daily and Don and Trish Gordon have done most of this watering. This is year fourteen now and the flowers have never looked better. Thank you to all who help and donate, but especially to Don Morse.




Willard E. Bishop

Willard E. Bishop, 86, of Fairview Road, died August 23rd at the Concord Hospice House following a long illness.

He was born in Pittsfield, the son of William and Josephine Bussiere and had lived here all his life. He was a Pittsfield High School graduate, class of 1942.He was a US Marine Corp Veteran during WW II having served in the Pacific Theater, and having been on Iwo Jima when the flag was raised.

He worked for the NH Electric Co-Op as a line foreman and in 1958 he went to work for the Pittsfield Post Office as a rural carrier retiring in 1986. He served on Pittsfield’s Budget Committee, Administrative Study Committee, Housing Standards Agency, Planning Board, the Master Plan Committee and was Treasurer of the School District. He was a 50 year member of the Peterson-Cram American Legion Post # 75, and a life member of the Fourth Marine Division Association. He was a longtime member of Our Lady of Lourdes Church. He also was a volunteer firefighter with the Pittsfield Fire Department. He enjoyed having coffee with the boys at Bell Brothers Store.

He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Evelyn (Conant) Bishop of Pittsfield; a daughter, Valerie Parker of Concord; 4 grand daughters, Candace Stockman, Carrie Parker, Courtine Booth and Casey Bolton; and 4 great-grandchildren, Tyler and Kyle Stockman, Kaitlyn Turner, and Parker Bolton.

He was predeceased by a 10 year old daughter, Vanessa in 1967. 

A graveside service was held Saturday, August 28, 2010. The Rev. John Loughnane Pastor of  Our Lady of Lourdes Church  officiated.

Donations in his memory may be made to the CRVNA Hospice House, 30 Pillsbury St., Concord, NH 03301

The Perkins & Pollard Memorial Home, Pittsfield,  assisted the family with arrangements.

To sign an on line guest book, log on to www.perkinsandpollard.com













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