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September 13, 2017


Comedy Hypnosis Comes To CBNA

Northwood Steve Wronker Comedy Hypnosis.jpg

Steve Wronker Comedy Hypnosis appearing at CBNA on September 15.


Steve Wronker’s Funny Business, a comedy hypnosis extravaganza, will arrive at Coe-Brown Northwood Academy on Friday, September 15, 2017, at 7 pm in the Gerrish Gym on the CBNA campus.  Steve Wronker is a unique entertainer with a unique slant on the most hilarious, the most outrageous, and the funniest form of comedy available in today’s entertainment market, and the SWFB comedy hypnosis show is extremely different from any other hypnosis show available. Audience members become the stars of the show. A true entertainer, Steve puts audience volunteers into his show and orchestrates a program of absolute hilarity! With over 300 family friendly routines to choose from, no two shows are alike! The show is being sponsored by CBNA Theatre and kicks off CBNA’s annual CBNA Homecoming. Tickets are $10 general admission and will be available at the door on the night of the show. Prepare to be thoroughly entertained when you attend Steve Wronker’s Funny Business at CBNA on September 15!



Coe-Brown Northwood Academy New Staff


Coe-Brown Northwood Academy is pleased to introduce the newest members of its staff for the 2017-2018 school year.


Northwood CBNA Craig Emerson.jpg

Craig Emerson joins the CBNA staff as a teacher of Basic Auto, Capstone, Welding and Power and Energy. In his fifth year of education, Mr. Emerson attended Lakes Region Community College.


Northwood CBNA Greg Fisher.jpg

Greg Fisher joins the CBNA staff as a paraprofessional with three years’ experience in education. Mr. Fisher will be working the girls’ soccer and the track and field programs, and comes to CBNA after attending NHTI and Granite State College.


Northwood CBNA Tiffany George.jpg

Tiffany George is the newest member of the CBNA Science Department. With six years’ teaching experience, Mrs. George has a degree in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Marketing from Simmons College in Boston, MA, and will be teaching Intro to Science this year.


Northwood CBNA Cara Torrey.jpg

Cara Torrey joins the CBNA faculty in the area of Social Studies with 22 years’ experience in education. Ms. Torrey has both a BA in History and an MAT from the University of New Hampshire and will be teaching Economics and Global Studies this year at CBNA. 



This Weekend’s LRPA After Dark Feature: 

1945’s “Detour”


Join Lakes Region Public Access Television at 10:30 p.m. this Friday and Saturday night (September 15 & 16) for our “LRPA After Dark” presentation of 1945’s dark film noir thriller “Detour,” starring Tom Neal, Ann Savage and Edmund MacDonald. 


In “Detour,” we meet down-on-his-luck Al Roberts (Neal), an ill-fated piano player who hitchhikes to California to reunite with his girlfriend. Along the way, he gets a ride from Charles Haskell (MacDonald), who tells Al an ominous story about his recent encounter with female hitchhiker.  Haskell suffers a fatal heart attack in the middle of nowhere. Al, fearful that he will be accused of murder, buries Haskell’s body, takes his possessions, and assumes his identity. He stops at a gas station, where he picks up a drifter named Vera (Savage). Vera soon figures out the situation and uses it to her advantage, threatening Al to join her in a scheme or to be ratted out to the cops. Will Al be able to extract himself from this nightmare series of events, or will Fate continue to dog him wherever he goes?


“Detour” is an extremely low budget thriller, shot in only six days by director Edgar G. Ulmer. At a running time of less than 70 minutes, the movie packs a lot of story into short film. “Detour” has a cult following among fans of film noir, as it is often considered to be one of the most gloomy and existentialist examples of that genre. Famed critic Roger Ebert was a fan of this film, writing, “ ‘Detour’ is an example of material finding the appropriate form. Two bottom-feeders from the swamps of pulp swim through the murk of low-budget noir and are caught grasping in (the director’s) net. They deserve one another.” It’s a must-see! Grab your popcorn and join LRPA after dark for this dark drama from the past. 





To the Trump Haters:

A man with kids robs a bank and doesn’t get caught. Afterward he dies. Later, crime is solved. Do the kids get to keep the money? DACA parallel.


And for those who write “I’m not against Trump BUT…” give it a rest! Let the man lead, preside (being elected President as he was), and let him succeed or fail but let him try. The fact that BOTH sides don’t cut him any slack proves he’s an agent of change, and will “drain the swamp” much to the ire and fear and anger of BOTH parties.


How can you not like investment statements since he won? Or the stock market peaks? Or the million+ with a job? More people working, more money to help others via taxes and more to spend helping the economy, etc. A leader who leads and doesn’t bow or apologize is a welcome and needed change. Freedom OF religion not freedom FROM religion- just as the Founding Fathers envisioned.


The complainers are the same ones, in my town, who secretly tacked on all-day kindergarten despite its numerous defeat by the voters. Drain the swamp! God Bless America and our President, Donald Trump! Semper Fi!


Paul A. Johnston




Letter To The Editor


My interest in town has always been the Transfer Station, as many know. While going through the last seven years of the transfer station budgets, I noticed the line for extermination was not being used. The line has a dollar on it to keep it open. 


In 2010 some infinitely wise individual decided that the “dump” didn’t need to worry about RATS, after all, why would there be RATS at the “dump” of all places?


I have heard that someone said that we would always have RATS at the “dump” so why waste money trying to get rid of them? Like I said, infinite wisdom ... 


In checking further I find that we spend a little over $10,000 a year on extermination for all our other town buildings. Seems odd to say the least. 


A pair of RATS can produce 2,000 offspring in a year according to Google. In seven years ... well, you can do the math. 


Now, I’m thinking when it’s time to set the budget for next year, we put some money on this line and start using it, or maybe we could find a Pied Piper, ‘cause RATS are really, really nasty. Granted, we will never be RAT-free at the transfer station, but we should try to control them. By the way this line was just $750.


Til Next Time,

Viena Dow



Letter To The Editor


In response to Tim Jandebeur’s recent letters in The Suncook Valley Sun, The Northwood School Board wants to make it clear to the public that we do not agree with the content of the letters, these were not statements from the Northwood School Board, and they should not have been signed as such.  We find Mr. Jandebeur’s letters to be inaccurate and defamatory and in no way is he supported by the Northwood School Board in making these statements.  He does not have the authority to speak for the board on this or any other matter. Any letters published or statements made are his opinion and responsibility alone, and not the opinion or statement of the Northwood School Board.


Keith McGuigan

Northwood School Board Chairman



Letter To The Editor


State law makes it the duty of the school board to provide, at district expense, elementary and secondary education to all pupils who reside in the district. School boards are required to implement state laws pertaining to public education and to carry out the rules of the State Board of Education. The school board derives its authority from the New Hampshire Constitution, New Hampshire statutes, and the rules of the State Board of Education. The School Board functions through duly adopted policies and actions approved at board meetings. Individual board members have no authority to act on behalf of the district or the board. No individual board member has authority to speak or act for the entire board except when specifically designated to do so by board action. 


The school board is making this statement to make it clear to the members of the school board, district staff, and the public generally that only the board acting as a whole has authority to take official action for the district. The individual statements of board members, whether they occur at a public meeting, in social media, in letters to the editor or in any other fashion, are the responsibility of individual board members and not the full board. Board members alone are responsible for their individual conduct and their actions taken outside the scope of their office.


Northwood School Board

September 7, 2017












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