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August 9, 2017


Letter To The Editor

A Fifth Suggestion for our Republican Representatives


Health insurance is a gamble. Without it, you are gambling that you’re not going to need it. But it’s also a gamble for the health insurers who are gambling that the premiums they collect will be adequate to cover the claims made.


In this period of health care turbulence, exacerbated by the Republicans attempting to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act, insurers have hedged their bets by raising premiums to cover the risk.


In an effort to stabilize the health insurance market, NH Insurance Commissioner Roger Sevigny proposed a “reinsurance” program – quoting from the 8/1 Concord Monitor, “a pool of money via a $32 million assessment on all insurers operating in NH, along with some federal money… This insurance assessment, plus the federal funds… were expected to help reduce premiums by a little over 7 percent.”


This was not enough of a savings for the Republican-controlled Joint Health Care Reform Oversight Committee that rejected the idea on a party-line 4-2 vote.


I would argue that with some insurance premiums expected to increase 43% next year, small savings are better than no savings at all.


I would encourage our Republican Representatives to ask their Republican associates to reconsider this decision, and to work with Commissioner Sevigny to find other ways to control health care insurance – and health care – costs.


As for me, I’m on a single-payer plan. It’s called MediCare. It – and other reasons – makes me glad I’m 72.


Tom Chase



Mark 209 Concert At Northwood Congregational Church, UCC


Direct from Nashville, award-winning Southern Gospel Quartet – MARK209 – will delight audiences at Northwood Congregational Church Sunday, August 13, at 4 p.m.  The concert is free to the public and a love offering will be taken.


The program is part of MARK209’s annual August tour throughout New England where they perform at more than 20 area churches, parks, and campgrounds.


Last summer’s tour saw them performing an impromptu concert for both presidents Bush and their families at their Compound in Kennebunkport, ME.


The blend of four voices – often sung a Capella – is a joy to hear and a blessing to all who see them and participate in a worship experience with them.  Congregations, wherever they sing, as they travel from Maine to California in a 40 ft. diesel bus, are left wanting more and usually result in an invitation to return the following year.  The quartet is committed to spreading the gospel through four-part harmony and their concerts often include taking requests for some of the old familiar hymns.  The afternoon promises to be an uplifting experience for an audience of all ages.


This concert has been made possible by generous donations from the following local businesses: Aqua Specialties, LLC, Northwood; Renae Vater, My Avon, Barrington; Halos Hair Salon, Northwood; and Revitalizing Touch Therapeutic Massage, Northwood, Kat Magoon.



This Weekend’s LRPA After Dark Feature:
1963’s “The Terror”


Join Lakes Region Public Access Television at 10:30 p.m. this Friday and Saturday night (August 11 & 12) for our “LRPA After Dark” presentation of 1963’s horror-thriller “The Terror,” starring a very young Jack Nicholson and a very seasoned Boris Karloff.
“The Terror” was directed by Roger Corman, prolific and influential producer of hundreds of “B movies,” all of which were shot and produced quickly and inexpensively. Corman is well known for his eye for talent, as he mentored many of Hollywood’s top directors and actors, including Francis Ford Coppola (an uncredited second director on this film), Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, Ron Howard, Robert DeNiro, .. the list goes on and on. “The Terror” is a polarizing film; some viewers love it, while others – not so much. It has variously been described as “a legendary mess” by writer Michael Weldon and “engaging chiller nonsense” by critic Leonard Maltin.” Nicholson himself, who claimed that he nearly drowned while making this film, called “The Terror” “ … a lot of separate components pasted together with Band-Aids.”  Why not judge for yourself? Grab your popcorn and join LRPA after dark for this Gothic gore-fest!



Letter To The Editor


Northwood Community,
You are most likely aware by now that Northwood Transportation is no longer in operation. The Northwood School District has entered into an agreement with Dail Transportation to provide bus services for our students to Northwood School and CBNA. However, at the present time we do not have enough drivers to support the six bus routes that we need. At the present time we will be starting the year with three busses, running double runs.


Obviously that means that the routes will be longer and the pick-up drop off times at both Northwood School and CBNA will be adversely effected. We are hopeful that we will be able to provide the full six routes by the end of October. The routes are now being developed. Please refer to the Northwood School website and the CBNA website for routes.


Our hope is that we can publish them to the websites by August 14th or earlier. As always, if you have further questions you can call Superintendent Dr. Robert Gadomski at the SAU (942-1290). Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work to solve this difficult situation.


Keith McGuigan












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