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August 23, 2017


Northwood resident, Abigail Devaney, has enrolled at James Madison University for the fall 2017 semester. Devaney’s selected major isHistory - BA.


Congratulations, Abigail!



Northwood Church Hosts “Drive-In” Movie Night


The Northwood Advent Christian Church is hosting another community event with a Drive-in Movie Night this Friday, August 25, held outdoors at the church, 113 School St. Northwood. This event is free. It will start at dusk about 7:30pm. The feature movie “When The Game Stands Tall” is a thrilling motion picture inspired by a true story. WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL, tells the remarkable journey of legendary football coach Bob Ladouceur (Jim Caviezel), who took the De La Salle High School Spartans from obscurity to a 151-game winning streak that shattered all records for any American sport and along the way taught his team about the value of purpose and significance over the glory of titles and streaks. Inspirational, motivational, a great film for the whole family!


Starring Jim Caviezel, Michael Chiklis, Alexander Ludwig, Clancy Brown, and Laura Dern


“I would recommend the movie to anyone, whether they follow sports or not. Good character is in short supply these days, and this film shows a compelling picture of what attractive character looks like when the pressure is on.” Mark Householder, President, Athletes in Action


Drive up and watch from your car or bring a blanket or lawn chair and sit on the lawn.  Popcorn, refreshments and drinks will be available. If threat of rain the showing will be indoors, same time.
Join us for this free public showing under license by Outreach Films on Friday August 25. You are always welcome every Sunday at 10 am for worship.



Letter To The Editor


I recently attended a recycling meeting, which some of you know, I haven’t done in a number of years. I can report that the committee is alive and well and moving forward finding ways to keep our recycling programs on track.


It seems the committee’s major problem is the Board of Selectmen. Every time an idea is brought forward the BOS has shot it down. It could be that we are the only town in the US and possible the entire world that won’t even try to save taxpayers money through better recycling programs, no less leave a better world for our kids.


One of the most used excuses is that they don’t want to spend the money! These improvements would have no effect on our operating budget, as the money would come from the Northwood Transfer Station Expendable Trust Fund, which the taxpayers established in 2000 for the purpose of keeping the transfer station up to date with new programs and improvements.


The monies in this fund come from revenues from current recycling programs and has a balance of just under $50,000. In 2016, $12,484 was deposited into it. If we don’t keep moving forward with our programs we will not be able to take advantage of opportunities available to us.


So the next time you go to the “dump” try to think of it as a way to save yourself some money by recycling.


Check out the Swap Shop! Volunteers are working hard to make it a great place to find a treasure or pick up a best seller!


Viena Dow



This Weekend’s LRPA After Dark Feature:
1940’s “His Girl Friday”


Join Lakes Region Public Access Television at 10:30 p.m. this Friday and Saturday night (August 25 & 26) for our “LRPA After Dark” presentation of 1940’s romantic comedy “His Girl Friday,” starring Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell and Ralph Bellamy.


In “His Girl Friday,” we meet ace reporter Hildy Johnson (Russell), who resigned from her job at a top Chicago newspaper four months ago – but try telling that to her former editor and husband Walter Burns (Grant), who has been sending her telegrams night and day, trying to get her to return to her post. She has gotten a quickie divorce and is set to marry the perfectly nice but awfully dull insurance salesman Bruce Baldwin (Bellamy) the very next day. Walter, who admits he was a good boss but a bad husband, doesn’t want to lose her, either as a reporter or as the love of his life. When he learns of this development, Walter pulls out all the stops to convince Hildy to write one last big story – the story of her career! – about convicted murderer Earl Williams, a man whose case was bungled by the local sheriff, and who is scheduled to be executed within 24 hours.  She pursues the story while Walter finds more ways to impede the wedding. As Walter works by Hildy’s side, she must figure out what she really wants in life.


Adapted from the popular stage play “The Front Page,” and directed by the legendary Howard Hawks, it’s no wonder that “His Girl Friday” is considered to be a classic screwball comedy and a masterpiece of mid-20th century filmmaking. It is one of the first films to use fast-paced, overlapping dialogue, particularly in scenes where the characters are wittily sparring with one another. All of the well-cast actors give top-notch performances, particularly Grant and Russell, who ad-libbed some of their clever dialogue. New York Times critic Frank S. Nugent called “‘His Girl Friday’…  the maddest newspaper comedy of our times.” What’s not to love?  Grab your popcorn and join LRPA after dark for this romantic screwball classic from the past.



End 68 Hours Of Hunger Of Northwood, Nottingham, Strafford, And CBNA Needs Help


End 68 Hours of Hunger of Northwood, Nottingham, Strafford, and CBNA provides food to the students in the schools in Strafford, Nottingham, and Northwood (including Coe-Brown) for the 68 hours from Friday afternoon until Monday morning when the students return to school.  Many children receive breakfast and lunch at school Monday-Friday, but do not have access to food over the weekends.  Through donations, we collect and buy food and send it home every Friday with these children.  The cost of food runs around $10 per child per weekend.


We are in need of monthly packers, weekly food deliverers, food donations, and monetary donations.  In addition, we are looking for volunteers to help with fundraising ideas and with fundraisers we have established.  Just a few hours a year could benefit us tremendously.


We know that no one wants to see our children go hungry, so please consider how you might help.


Please contact Sarah at or Linda at By mail we can be reached at End 68 Hours of Hunger Northwood, 62 Knowles Way, Northwood, NH 03261.



Thank You From The 2017 Northwood Bean Hole Bash Committee


A special thank you to the Northwood Congregational Church for the use of their tent and Fellowship Hall and Coe Brown Northwood Academy for the use of their parking lots, athletic fields and the tables and chairs for the dinner.  Another special thank you to D.R Dimes and Company, Ltd for their donation of the beautiful Windsor chair for the raffle, the winner was Hal Kreider.  The winner of the material and braiding lessons to complete a rug from the Braiders of the Lost Art, was Bob Clark.
The pie eating contest was a huge success and we plan to bring it back again next year.  Now the children have shown how it’s done, lets get the adults to participate next year.


Thank you to the Northwood Police Department and Northwood Fire-Rescue for their service along with Northwood Parks and Recreation committee for organizing the bike/wagon parade and the field games.


We appreciate all of the wonderful items donated for the auction and the bidders for your participation.


Over 250 Bean Hole Bash dinners were served and many quarts of beans were taken home, we hope the earlier starting time was helpful in reducing the previous long waiting lines.


Our congratulations to Mark Colby and Tim Zanis as winners of the horseshoe tournament.


Please join us in the thanking the local businesses listed in our brochure for their support of this community event along with the many vendors and local organizations for participating in the craft fair/flea market.


Thank you also to the unsung heroes that helped in in so many ways, putting up and taking down the tent, setting up and folding up the tables and chairs, driving the golf carts, working on the bean pit, preparing the beans then serving them and cleaning up afterwards.  THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELP IN MAKING THE 2017 BEAN HOLE BASH A SUCCESS.


We are always looking for ideas and suggestions to improve this community event.  Please send your thoughts to Northwood Bean Hole Bash, PO Box 353, Northwood, NH 03261 or starting in January, 2018, join the organizing committee, we meet at the Northwood Community Hall, 7:00 PM on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.





Letter To The Editor
Standing by His Man


I had originally planned this installment to call for the Legislature to address again the legal age at which girls (13) and boys (14) can marry. Middle school marriage seems a little young to me. A bill to raise it to 18 was “indefinitely postponed” – rather than amended – when the possibility that 18-year-old enlistees might want to marry their 17-year-old pregnant girlfriends before shipping out was raised.


But the recent events in Charlottesville and our Representative’s comments on Trump’s comments have changed the subject.


The Concord Monitor (8/17/17) queried 54 Republicans about who was responsible for the violence in Charlottesville and if they agreed with President’s assertion that “there were some ‘very fine people’ among the neo-Nazi and white nationalist marchers.”


Our Representative responded, in part, “I don’t believe it is fair to blame one side more than the other… There are two sides to every story. This is what President Trump stated, and I stand by that as a matter of fact.”


This is in contrast to local Republican strategist Tom Rath who is quoted (8/16/17) saying, “The idea that there are two sides here, when one side came with helmets, battle shields and batons – it’s just wrong… People say they had a permit, but the permit was not to commit violence against other people.”


Nationally, Senator John McCain tweeted, “There’s no moral equivalency between racists & Americans standing up to defy hate & bigotry.”


Senator Lindsey Graham tweeted, “Mr. President, I encourage you to try to bring us together as a nation after this horrific event in Charlottesville. Your words are dividing Americans, not healing them.”


To his credit, our Representative echoes this sentiment: “We need to raise ourselves to a higher level and realize we are one tribe in reality.”


The President is not helping.


Tom Chase



Letter To The Editor


Regardless of whether or not Mr. Jandebeur felt the bus drivers demands were greedy, his recently published letter was callous, tactless, and now resulting in direct harm to the students, guardians, teachers, and school staff of Northwood.


The priority of securing safe transportation and ensuring accessibility to education was cast aside in favor of personal complaint.


I encourage that going forward, this school board member is held accountable for their choice of comment in regards to school matters.


Regard for the damage such comments have on the children should be weighed more heavily than one’s desire to express personal frustration, especially when choosing to sit on a board that holds responsibility for making decisions in the interest of the students.


Added stress and instability to students, families, teachers, and school staff are all that has resulted from the repeated choice this member has made to insult and undermine members of our community in relation to school operations.


If raising an issue, it would be much more proactive to propose a solution or plan of action than it is to continually insult people via publication in the local paper.


Shirley Glennon












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