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July 12, 2017


Congratulations to Nicholas Angelone who  graduated magna cum laude from Norwich University in Northfield, VT with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.



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The 4th of July Boat Parade,  Pleasant Lake, Northwood /Deerfield



This Weekend’s Lrpa After Dark Feature:
1950’s “Panic In The Streets”


Join Lakes Region Public Access Television this Friday and Saturday night (July 14 & 15)  for our “LRPA After Dark” presentation of 1950’s action-packed and seldom-seen film noir “Panic in the Streets,” directed by Elia Kazan and starring Richard Widmark, Jack Palance (in his film debut), Barbara Bel Geddes and Zero Mostel.


In a squalid neighborhood of New Orleans, a back-room poker game has led to a disagreement among a group of thugs. A man named Kolchak, complaining of illness, leaves the game (with all the earnings), and the other gangsters follow, determined to gain back their losses at any cost. Kolchak is fatally shot by gang leader Blackie (Palance), along with two others, including Raymond Fitch (Mostel). They leave Kolchak’s unidentified body on the docks. When he is brought to the city morgue, the coroner finds the bullets, but become suspicious about a virus present in Kolchak’s blood. He calls Dr. Clinton Reed (Widmark), a U.S. Public Health Services officer, to come in on his day off to examine the body, reluctantly leaving his wife Nancy (Bel Geddes) and their young son at home. Reed and the coroner determine that the murder victim has pneumonic plague, similar to bubonic plague but spread by physical contact and just as deadly to those exposed but untreated. Reed calls an emergency meeting with the mayor, police chief and other city officials to debrief them on this dire situation. While at first they are skeptical, the officials come to understand the danger, and that they have only 48 hours to contain the spread of the plague. They must work quickly and carefully, lest the city be overcome with panic. What follows is a desperate race against time to learn everything they can about the dead man – who he is, where he came from, and most importantly, with whom he came into contact. Will Dr. Reed and the police stop the spread of the deadly disease on time?


“Panic in the Streets” was shot entirely on location in gritty New Orleans, giving the movie a gripping sense of realism that other film noirs, often filmed on a set, do not possess. Kazan, having already won the Oscar for “On the Waterfront,” made the most of his colorful location. The film’s scenes include abandoned lots, train tracks, back alleys, dive bars, flophouses and the like. The director also favored the use of locals, rather than Hollywood extras, to add authenticity to each scene. The film won the Academy Award for Best Screenplay, was chosen by the National Board of Review as one of the Top Ten Films of 1950, garner Kazan the International Award at the Venice Film Festival that same year. In its review, The New York Times noted that “… Elia Kazan has directed [it] with a keen sense of appreciation for violence and suspense.” If you’re a lover of classic movies and of suspenseful noir, you owe it to yourself to see “Panic in the Streets.” Garb your popcorn and meet after dark for this seldom-seen thriller from our cinematic past.



Northwood Bean Hole Bash


Calling all flea market and craft vendors, space is still available for the 2017 Bean Hole Bash, July 29th .  Booth rental is $25.00 for a 10 x 10 space, forms can be obtained from


The Northwood Recreation Committee is planning a decorated bike parade, the horseshoe tournament is schedule for Friday night with free play on Saturday and bring your appetite for the pie eating contest.


Friday night will feature a country auction with a wide arrange of treasures and the burying of the beans.  The events will conclude Saturday night with our Bean Hole Bean Supper, adults $10.00 and children under 12 $5.00.


Visit local merchants to obtain your 2017 brochure with the list of our sponsors and the schedule of events.



Letter To The Editor
Open Invitation


I recently (6/27/17) received an email from our District 1 Representative, Brian J. Stone. It read: With the NH legislative break now in full swing, I wanted to reach out to you as I research potential legislation for the next year that could benefit Northwood.


If you have potential ideas for legislation, or concerns regarding current RSA’s, please feel free to contact me.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Representative Brian J. Stone, MPA
NH House, Rockingham 1 Northwood
Municipal & County Government Committee
Cell- (603) 724-1404
I was sent this as a member of the Budget Committee, but I thought that I would see this as an open invitation to you all to share your thoughts with our representative.


In this installment, I would like to encourage Rep. Stone to promote legislation that increases and speeds up the money sent to towns for road and - in our case - bridge maintenance.


The town has been raising and setting aside $84,000/year for several years into the Red Listed Bridge Capital Reserve Fund for the repair of Bennett Bridge. Since we can’t directly collect gas taxes, this has been raised with property taxes.


So one suggestion that I would make is to raise the gas tax again and for the state to send more money to Northwood and other towns to assist in the maintenance and repair of our long-neglected infrastructure.


I would also note that the state will be sending Northwood monies to assist in this project, but like care for the mentally ill, we will have to wait our turn to receive reimbursement. If the state raised more gas tax revenue, this wait time – over 5 years! – could be reduced.


I’m sure that Representative Stone would welcome your thoughts as well.


Tom Chase
Northwood Budget Committee












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