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May 10, 2017


The Northwood Emergency Food Pantry will be moving as of May 10, 2017.


The new location will be next door at St. Joseph’s Parish Center: 844 1st NH Turnpike, Northwood.


This is the same location the Town uses for voting.


The hours and days of distribution will remain the same:


First Saturday of each month from 9:30 – 11:00
Second Monday of each month from 2-3:30
Last Wednesday of each month from 9:00-10:30



Northwood Spring.jpg

Spring in Northwood. The colors are as beautiful as the fall.
Photo Joyce Orcutt



Letter To The Editor
No Good Deed


As I hope all of you know, town elections for town officials and ELECTED board and committees were held in March. As I assume some of you know, at that time also, members of APPOINTED boards and committees whose terms had expired needed to be reappointed by the Board of Selectmen.


In years past, these reappointments have been a relatively routine matter: persons willing to continue serving were reappointed. In some part, this was because they were doing a good job. In larger part, it was because it has become increasingly hard to find people who have WHAT IT TAKES to serve.


I emphasize “what it takes” because it takes time and energy and a willingness to devote some of that to doing the town’s business. And fewer and fewer people seem to have what it takes.


So you would think that the Board of Selectmen would reappoint those who were willing to serve.


Not so this year.


I have learned that the BOS has declined to reappoint three (3) members of the Board of Adjustment whose terms expired in March: Curtis Naleid, Matthew Fowler, and Thomas Johnson. (See page 7 of the Annual Report.)


I have also heard that in response to this act of political execution (my phrase), the Chair Roy Pender and another member have resigned.


That effectively eliminates the Board, and the BOS must perform its duties until such time as it can be reconstituted. (I wouldn’t want to serve. Would you?)


At the same time, the BOS – while reappointing two members without a murmur (Shelley Frost and Grace Levergood) – declined to reappoint long-serving and former chair, Steve Roy, to the Conservation Commission.


I am dumbfounded.


Steve has served on the Commission for more than a decade, and has provided invaluable leadership and expertise. What were they thinking?


Tom Chase, member
Northwood Conservation Commission



Northwood Advent Christian Church: Do You Really Know Me?

Part 3


In 1981 a Centennial Celebration was held with Reverend Carl Rundgren, Reverend Raymond Beecroft, Pastor Emeritus, Reverend Cecil W. Temple and Reverend Everett Pender presiding over the celebration. The church has been blessed with several long term dedicated leaders. Rev. Rundgren served from 1978 until his sudden death in 2003. Since 2003, Rev. Donald Plummer has lead our church, first as interim pastor and now as full time pastor.


Music has always been a large part of our worship and we were blessed by the installation of a pipe organ given by Alfred Mallet in memory of his wife. Rev. Rundgren was blessed with a beautiful voice and shared it freely for many years. Rev. Plummer is blessed with a beautiful voice and is a gifted musician. He shares these gifts in our worship and on many other occasions.


Northwood Advent Christian Church has always been an active mission minded church and holds the distinction of being the first in the denomination to contribute to missions.  Several missionaries came from our church. In 1900 Nellie Dow went to China and was supported there by our church. In the 1980’s Chuck and Michelle Bailey went to Africa and we contributed to their support. Peter Johnson left in 2000 to do mission work in Honduras. We are blessed to have an active women’s mission group continuing to support our mission field both home and abroad.


Our church maintained an active Sunday school until the 1990’s. Although not presently active, Eric and Colleen Rundgren have used the skills and talents God has bestowed on them to create a beautiful classroom that is set up and awaiting children to learn about God’s Word.  Eric and Colleen planted a beautiful flower garden at the northwestern corner of the church. Their efforts continue as they invest their time and skills to complete the renovation of the downstairs to include a handicap bathroom, new kitchen area, and new flooring. 


God has blessed us with the donation of a new furnace.  The space saved allowed for a larger restroom with handicap accessibility, remodeling of the kitchen, classrooms and even a small office for church records. Donations of appliances blessed us with the ability to host potluck meals and share times of fellowship. The roof was repaired and a metal roof was installed to prevent future damage.


Insulation of the walls has allowed us to use the sanctuary in the winter and save on energy cost. In 2011 a stair lift was installed to allow people with limited mobility access to the sanctuary. God has richly blessed His church and continues to provide for the needs as they arise. He uses the skills, talents, and resources that He has blessed each of us with to meet those needs.  Over the last 50 years, while the names and faces of our congregation have changed, our commitment to supporting the church as a warm and inviting place to worship God has remained strong. That commitment is reflected by members serving as officers of the church, committing time and resources to maintain the church or in other ways God leads and directs us. Although our church congregation is small, the Northwood Advent Christian Church stands strong as a beacon in this community welcoming all who want to join us in worshiping a loving God.


Now that you “really know” about our church, we invite you to share any and all of our services. Our Church Worship meets on Sunday with Bible Study at 9 am and Worship Service at 10 am. In a world of uncertainty, join us in worshipping the one with all the answers.


Northwood Advent 3 organ.jpg

Pipe organ.


Northwood advent 3.jpg

Northwood Advent Christian Church.



Northwood Connor with Dr. Nan Yi.jpg

BNA freshman Connor Nowak (right) works with UNH professor Dr. Nan Yi on a project exploring ratios of propanol alcohol and water.


CBNA Science Students Continue Work with UNH Professor


Continuing the collaboration between the UNH department of chemical engineering and Coe-Brown Northwood Academy, science teacher Joanne Goelzer and University of New Hampshire professor Dr. Nan Yi recently challenged the students enrolled Mrs. Goelzer’s Honors Physical Science class to a seemingly impossible task. Following student research and presentations on chemical reactions, Mrs. Goelzer’s students were asked to explore ratios of propanol alcohol and water which would allow paper certificates soaked in the mixture to catch on fire yet leave the paper untouched by the flame. As a reward for outstanding critical thinking skills and measurement acumen, any certificates unscathed by the blue flames of the burning propanol will be redeemed by the students for bonus points on future assignments.












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