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April 5, 2017


We’ve Moved!


The Clothes Closet at St. Joseph’s Church in Northwood offers Free gently used clothing to Men, Women, and Children


Please visit our new handicapped accessible location in the Church’s Parish Hall, next to the Northwood Town Hall.


Open Mondays 3:30-4:30 & Thursdays 11:00-Noon.


Come join us each Monday at 4:30 for a free meal and fellowship at the Interfaith Community Kitchen at St. Joseph’s Parish Hall.





Northwood Metrocast Customers,
Northwood residents and businesses that experienced service interruptions from Metrocast during their extended outages from March 14 thru March 17 can call their customer services department (24/7) at 1-800-952-1001 and request a pro rata credit on their next monthly billing statement. Since all three of their services were down (phone, cable and internet) the credit to be given will be on your total bill. The outage was in excess of 50 hours.


For example, we have all three services and the monthly total bill is $209.78. Based on calculations provided by Metrocast (and verified), the credit to be given to us represents 12.27% of our total monthly bill. In our case, we will receive a credit of $25.74 on out next billing cycle of April 10th.


There is a clause in the Franchise agreement between Metrocast and the Town of Northwood regarding service interruptions as follows: “In the event of a Cable System failure resulting in a Subscriber experiencing a service interruption for twenty-four (24) or more consecutive hours, Franchise shall grant such Subscribers, upon request, a pro-rata credit or rebate on a daily basis, of that portion of the service charge during the next consecutive billing cycle, or at its option, apply such credit to any outstanding balance then currently due.”


I urge all Northwood Metrocast customers to call them and take advantage of this credit on your next bill. Since this letter will not make it into The Suncook Sun until April 5, the credit may not appear until you receive your May statement.


Thank you.
Jim Hadley



Northwood gov2 HYPE Conference (003) copy.jpg

CBNA Public Speaking students (from left) Nick Shutt, Caitlin Pitre, Governor Lynch, Joseph Guptill and Abigail Devaney attended the annual HYPE (Hosting Young Philosophy Enthusiasts) Convention at UNH on Thursday, March 16, where they met with Governor Lynch and 1000 other NH students to explore the role of a responsible citizen in today’s society.



Kindergarten Registration


Kindergarten registration will be held on May 2nd. Your child is eligible to attend Kindergarten if he or she was born before October 1, 2012.  Please call Northwood School at 603.942.5488 or you may visit our website to print a registration packet.  Please call the school to reserve a session time to attend Kindergarten registration.


Session 1 - 8:30-10:30 am
Session 2 - 10:15-11:45 am
Session 3 - 12:15-1:45 pm


1st Graders New To Northwood School
Please stop by the main office to pick up registration paperwork as soon as possible.  Once you have returned your completed registration paperwork, a staff member will contact you to schedule a tour of our school.



Northwood Advent church w.jpg

Advent Christian Church


We may have driven by hundreds or even thousands of times. We may have attended a function such as a wedding, concert, funeral, or movie night. Maybe we even attended Sunday School when we were kids but do we really “know” the Northwood Advent Christian Church pictured above?


The religious society was established on September 14, 1881 when 47 individuals met at the Elder Parsons’ home and adopted a covenant and elected the officers needed to form what was then the Second Advent Christian Church at Northwood Narrows.


Some of the original families who formed the church included: Bryant, Tasker, Towle, Brown, Parson, Bartlett, Watson, Lewis, Garland, Griffin, Emerson, Jenness, Clough, Greenleaf, Chaplin, Caswell, along with others.


Although the church was established, the church building was not completed until 1888. Until that time, the meeting house used was “old hall/schoolhouse” that stood next to where the community hall building now stands.


After purchasing land from Joseph Trickey the church was erected by Master Builder Jackson Philbrick of Epsom, assisted by the men of the church.


This is the beginning of our history; we hope you will look for more of our history and “God’s continued blessings” in upcoming articles.


Also, our Church Worship meets on Sunday with Bible Study at 9 am and Worship Service at 10 am with Pastor Donald Plummer. If you are looking for a place to worship God and feel welcomed, we would love to have you join us.



Northwood  bruce and sharon marshall.jpg

Northwood Church Hosts Concert The Marshalls


The Advent Christian Church 113 School St in Northwood will host Bruce and Sharon Marshall in concert on Sunday night April 9 at 6 PM. The Marshalls have been performing together as a husband and wife team for 35 years and bring their unique powerful vocals and gospel piano  to Northwood for a repeat performance.


The Northwood Advent Christian Church is pleased to host this concert and invites the public to this wonderful performance to usher in the passion week leading to Easter. The concert is at 6 and the church is located on Rt. 107, 113 School St. in Northwood.


The Marshalls have performed from Maine to Florida on the east coast and as far as California in churches, conferences and other venues and are excited to share in New Hampshire again. Their music style is from contemporary worship music to traditional gospel and hymns. Come and you will be encouraged and blessed.


The Marshalls live in Maine, Sharon is a graduate of U. Maine with a degree in music education and was co-host on the morning Kenny and Sharon show on WMSJ out of Portland. Bruce is an accomplished pianist and employed at Bath Iron Works. The concert is free, a love offering will be taken.



Letter To The Editor


I’d like to extend a big thank you to all that took the time out of their day to come out and vote last week.  It was great to see so many people doing their civic duty and making their voices heard.


Now it’s my turn to do my duty and push for progress for our schools and children.  I truly appreciate those of you who voted to put your trust in me, and I hope to earn the trust of those of you who did not.  No matter which camp you are in, I’m very interested in hearing your opinions and hope to see your continued or increased involvement at school board meetings or strategic planning sessions.


I am a firm believer that we are a strong community that can work together for progress, and that a diversity of opinions and philosophies is a strength, not weakness.  We all want great schools and a great town reputation -- let’s work together to make that happen.


Keith McGuigan



This Weekend’s LRPA After Dark Feature:
1940’s “Our Town”


Join Lakes Region Public Access Television at 10:30 p.m. this Friday and Saturday night (April 7 & 8) for our “LRPA After Dark” presentation of 1940’s film adaptation of Thornton Wilder’s beloved play “Our Town,” starring William Holden, Martha Scott, and Frank Craven.


Set in the fictional town of Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire, “Our Town” uses a narrator (Mr. Morgan, played by Frank Craven) to introduce us to the people living  in this small New England town. Life has not changed much here throughout the years: people are born and grow up, fall in love, marry, raise families and die. In that way, Grover’s Corners is like any other place in the world. We meet Dr. and Mrs. Gibbs (Thomas Mitchell and Fay Bainter), who live next door to their friends Mr. and Mrs. Webb (Guy Kibbee and Beulah Bondi). Their oldest children, George Gibbs (Holden) and Emily Webb (Scott) fall in love and marry. Through the magic of the narrator, the viewer is able to examine the characters’ most intimate thoughts, fears, hopes and regrets. Will George and Emily live happily ever after?


Thornton Wilder was awarded the 1938 Pulitzer Prize in Drama for “Our Town,” and often called it the favorite of his works. The play debuted to rave reviews on Broadway that same year, featuring both Craven and Scott debuting the very roles that they would play in this film two years later. Both critics and moviegoers had much praise for the movie “Our Town,” which went on to receive six Academy Award nominations: Best Picture, Best Actress (Scott). Best B&W Art Direction, Best Original Score (written by Aaron Copeland) and Best Sound Recording. Bosley Crowther of the New York Times lavished the film with praise -- something he rarely did -- stating “We hesitate to employ superlatives, but of ‘Our Town’ the least we can say is that it captures on film the simple beauties and truths of humble folks as very few pictures ever do: it is rich and ennobling in its plain philosophy – and it gives one a passionate desire to enjoy the fullness of life even in these good old days of today.”  What else do you need to know? Grab your popcorn and meet us after dark for this simple, dramatic and stunning film adaptation of this most beautiful and tender story.



A Letter Of Thanks!


To the Citizens of Northwood and Epsom,
On behalf of myself and the Board of Directors for the Northwood Lake Watershed Association (NLWA), I would like to express our deepest thanks to all those who voted “Yes” to support our continuing efforts to control the spread of invasive variable milfoil in Northwood Lake.   The NLWA has spent a great deal of time and effort over the years working to protect the lake from the unchecked spread of this invasive plant.  We have been working with the Boards of Selectmen in Northwood, Epsom and Deerfield every year to secure vital economic support for our efforts.


Thanks to your help and the generosity of our membership and communities, we have been able to continue to execute the treatment plans recommended and endorsed by NH DES.  We will continue to in our efforts to keep this invasive plant at bay and to maintain the beauty and health of Northwood Lake. 


Thank you all so much for your vital, ongoing support for this important natural resource.


Kevin J. Ash, President
Northwood Lake Watershed Association



Chesley Memorial Library News


Local author Carol Owen will hold a book signing for “Heartfelt” at the Chesley Memorial Library on Saturday, April 8, from 10:30-11:30 a.m.  Copies will be available to purchase for $16.00.


About the book: “Shay is recovering from breast cancer and months of chemo. The last thing she’s expecting is a good looking, charming man to come into her world and turn it upside down. Drew Bennett, an artist getting ready for a big show, needs a place to live and work while his townhouse in Boston is being renovated. He rents an apartment in Shay Morgan’s cliff side house in Maine. Shay and Drew are instantly attracted to each other, but both of them recognize the timing is wrong. Drew is dealing with a teen-age daughter who was seriously injured in a car accident. Shay is emotionally fragile from her illness and filled with worry her cancer will return. Can they overcome bad timing to find their way to each other?” (From Amazon)


About the author: “I am a new resident of New Hampshire after 24 years in North Carolina. From the time I was very young, I wanted to be a writer, but life got in the way. I married in college, and we had three children very close together. I gave up writing and became an artist which seemed to fit my time better.  Now, many years later, writing has come back. The idea for Heartfelt seized my mind and my imagination, and wouldn’t let go. I wrote it in 9 months.”



Letter To The Editor
The Great Northwood Community Theft.


Full day Kindergarten, some are for it, most are not. The fors, including Gov. Sununu, cite that it would help working parents with daycare costs. Social skills and finally academics are mentioned. The cons say that very few children are actually ready for school at 5 years old, throwing them out of the house that early is simply about free daycare (not the taxpayers’ job) and that it begins too early the indoctrination of young minds into socialism.


To some degree I agree with everybody on both sides, however very few children are ready at 5, Northwood continues to allow only one side of politics which slants radically left and while many parents refuse to take their responsibility seriously that does not give the school the right to parent.


Half day kindergarten is currently a complete waste of money and frankly Northwood School is far too dangerous a place for the very young. Three fistfights in the last 10 days. But the overriding reason I will not vote for full day kindergarten or a full time curriculum director is that you said no, again and again, loud and clear.


It is no different than knocking someone down and stealing their money when they wouldn’t give it to you. Despite no, no, no, and no, the board will do it anyway, perpetrating The Great Northwood Community Theft.


Kindergarten is not mandated, and should not be. Of course no one is stopping parents from paying to send their kids to a full day kindergarten or play program. Out of my mind.


Tim Jandebeur












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