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March 8, 2017


Congratulations to Anastasia McFadden-Foy of Northwood, who was named to the  Dean’s List for the fall 2016 semester at The University of Maine at Farmington.


Letter To The Editor


Hello, I’m Keith McGuigan and I’m running for re-election to the Northwood School Board.


I’ve served on the school board for two years now, and been the chair of the board for the past year.


About me:  I’m an employed software engineer, having earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees of Science from UNH. I’ve lived in town for 13 years and am married with three kids who attend Northwood Elementary School.  I’ve been involved in the community in a number of roles, from Budget Committee, coaching youth baseball and soccer, as well as a stint as a leader for the Cub Scouts. Politically, I’m a proud independent whose only agenda is to do what I can to improve the school and the community in a fiscally-responsible manner.


I take on a long-term view of where our school should be going and think that a highly-regarded elementary school, paired with a great high school, will make Northwood a more desirable town to live in. This in turn will drive up home prices and reduce our tax rate.  I’m proud to see that in the time that I’ve been on the board, our students’ test scores have increased (more than the state average has), even while our proposed budget is the lowest it has been in over five years (even though it includes a number of new unexpected new high school students’ tuition costs).


If it is the town’s wish to see me continue to serve, I will do my best to research, brainstorm, and push for ways to improve our school while using the available resources efficiently as possible -- even if it means thinking outside of the box and finding creative and non-traditional solutions. In any case, I hope you make it out to vote on Tuesday, March 14th.


Keith McGuigan





To Voters of Northwood:
Tuesday, March 14 is Election Day in Northwood. The ballot will include all warrant articles including a petition warrant article asking you to either keep the Northwood Police Commission intact or to give the authority of the police department to the board of selectmen. Petition warrant articles are allowed to be on the ballot if 25 or more registered voters submit a petition to the town.  There are only 27 names on this petition.


The history of the police commission in Northwood starts in 1985 when the selectmen appointed a police advisory committee to look at budget and personnel concerns, as well as the overall management of the police department. The advisory committee concluded with a number of recommendations including changing from a part time to a full time police chief and the establishment of a police commission, both of which were approved by voters in 1987. The police commission is made up of three commissioners; each year one is elected to a three-year term by the voters. The commission has met on a monthly basis for the past 30 years with all meetings open to the public and a time set aside for public input. The chief’s report is provided which includes information on police activity, department vehicles and facility, and correspondence.


The police commission continues our commitment to the goal of insuring a professional police department that serves and protects the citizens of Northwood. As has been our practice, we extend an invitation to all residents to attend a meeting or address the commission in writing at any time. Elections will be held at the Parish Center of St. Joseph’s Church on Rt. 4 on March 14 from 8-7. Please get out and vote. Your support is appreciated.


John Schlang, Chairman; Commissioner Richard Cummings; Commissioner Ken Rick





To Northwood voters,
We have been happy to live in Northwood for the last thirty years and wish to see our schools excel.  There is positive movement at present and it needs to be continued.  We believe that this can be accomplished by re-electing Keith McGuigan to the Northwood School Board.  Please vote for Keith on March 14.


Robbie and Sue Robertson



Letter To The Editor


To the Editor,
Status Quo, “the existing state of affairs.” Is that what you want at Northwood School? Really? Let’s review where we are at.


Ranked in the bottom third of schools with only 47% of students proficient or better in math. Rankings are “useless,” “Northwood students are scoring higher but the rest of the state is simply doing better” are Mr. McGuigan’s reasons for a 30 point drop in the ratings.


Our school tax rate is 40% more than the average NH town for education. Nottingham and Strafford both have student costs that are thousands less than ours, yet they educate their students far better. The cost per student next year will far exceed $19K per child.


We are on our third principal and third vice-principal in four years. In a 3 to 2 vote the School Board completely ignored the will of the people. Discipline has deteriorated to pre Despres/Cremoni days. All discussion has been stifled, the board is broken. Despite paying thousands to belong to the NH School Board Association our delegate didn’t bother to go, depriving us a big say in resolution voting.


For years you have, for the most part, been electing the same old cookie cutter parents who want access to the system for their kids in school, that quit when their students move on to Coe-Brown. Please, try something new.


Marie Correa is a mother (adult children), a teacher, and a fiscally sound candidate that deserves your vote. She understands the system and has some concrete ideas to start the healing process. She is not afraid of work and will honor the will of the people.


Please vote, and vote for Marie Correa.


Tim the Grinch Jandebeur



Coe-Brown Northwood Academy
Quarter 2 Honor Roll 2016-2017


Headmaster David S. Smith is pleased to announce the honor roll for the first quarter.


Grade 12 – Highest Honors:
Matthew Brown, Emelia Cronshaw, Hannah Daly, Brielle Macleod, Zackary Pine, Kelsey Wallace


Grade 12 – High Honors:
Miranda Adcock, Emily Barnes, Cassandra Barnhart, Taylor Baxter-Orluk, Amanda Bolduc, Kayla Boucher, Joel Boulanger, Lauren Burrows, Lynzie Chase, Kate Clinch, Taryn Constantino, Tristan Cullen, Abigail Dupuis, Teagan Folland, Sheridan Gancarz, Marissa Gast, Jillian Gordon, Ryan Graeme, Alexander Gray, Nathan Griffiths, Joseph Guptill, Joshua Hall, Brenda Hayes, Jonathan Hayes, Arianna Jones, Catherine Langdon, Caroline Lavoie, Amanda Lee, Bradley Leith, Samuel Lupinacci, Donald MacCallum, Sophia Menjivar, McKenzie Moehlmann, Gwynevere Norris, Steven O’Donnell, Noah Olewine, Katlyn Palumbo, Mallory Perron, Jordain Pierce, Caitlyn Pitre, Allison Pratt,  Mikayla Prina, Katie Rankins, Tanner Richards, Zachary Richards, Kerry Riley, Shannon Riley, Samantha Roche, Tatum Santos, Thomas Sheehan V, Shaun Stevens, Hunter Tetu, Kylee West, Isabella Wilson, Evan Wimsatt, Zowi Woodman, LilyGrace York, Abigail Zollman


Grade 12 – Honors:
Gabrielle Arena, Brody Ashley, Elizabeth Bisson, Kira Cameron, Camryn Chick, Donovan Corless, Jesse Cormier, Kassandra Crosby, Ian Desjardins, Sadie Donnelly, Shane Fillion, Vincent Glidden, Emily Goulas, Samantha Jensen, Jackalynn Joy, Emily Marie, Rebecca Masison, Jordan May, Chelsea McCallion, Morgan Perkins, Shannon Riley, Christopher Rogers, Jacob Snow, Shawn Spenard, Sarah Turmel, Kayla Whitcher, Liu Yong


Grade 11 – Highest Honors:
Bailey Arnold-Fuchs, Sandra Black, Isabelle Feenstra, Emily Lentz, Alyssa Reiff, Julia Sommer, Hailey Stevens


Grade 11 – High Honors:
Haley Arnold-Fuchs, Emma Arsenault, Sierra Baker, Alicia Baratier, Raven Barnes, Gwendolyn Bearden, Maxim Begin, Erin Boodey, Rachel Bouchard, Jaelyn Brooks, Madelyn Dallaire, Domminique Depianti, Sarah Doiron, Sarah Dupuis, Derek Elwell, Aidan Fillion, Jocelyn Gagnon, Samuel Godwin, Brady Johnson, David Krunklevich, Nina-Marie Laramee, Olivia Lee, Jacob Lock, Jacob Lorden, Eleanor McDonough, Erik Nelson, Amaya Newport, Margaret Norman, Kayla Pollak, Catrina Purington, Allison Rose, Nathanial Schroeder, Victoria Sheridan, Garrett Skidds, Scott Spenard, Nikola Sweeney, Casey Szmyt, Caitlyn Ustaszewski, Ander Wensberg, Faith Wilson, Lindsay Wright


Grade 11 – Honors:
Emily Anderson, Taylor Bettencourt, Orion Clachar, Paul Colson, Emily Cunningham, Emma DuBois, Sydney Gast, Spencer Goad, Julia Greene, John Rygiel, Hannah Halka, Joseph Hebert-Morello, Rebekah Hinrichsen, Sydney Ho-Sue, Isabelle Lupinacci, Ahna McCusker, Shannon Perreault, Jacob Spainhower, Kiley St. Francis, Deanna St. Laurent, Drew Stevens, Cassandra Stover, Kailey Ward


Grade 10 – Highest Honors:
Shayla Ashley, Alice Ewing, Ian Gollihur, Colby Hoffman, Adah Keeney, Maria Ortiz, Kelsey Pine, Emma Tobbe, Megan Wimsatt


Grade 10 – High Honors:
Taevamaria Ahern, Elijah Allen, Gavin Auclair, Tanner Bane, Shealyn Bedell, Griffen Bono, Susan Burnap, Clayton Canfield, Travis Carbone, Evan Chauvey, Madison Cunningham, Dylan DeTrude, Alivia DiPrizio, Brian Downer, Maggie Eaton, Olivia Farrar, Cassuarina French, Kirsten Gunderson, Leah Gustin, Benjamin Healey, Kayla Hicking, Alyssa Hill, Nathaniel Hoffman, Todd Holman, Delaney Jean, Tyler LaMontagne, Albert Lapiejko, Mackenzie Ledoux, Cooper Leduke, Gwyneth Locke, Lillian Marie, Michael Marini, Paige Marston, Shane Marston, Jacob McHugh, Sydney Neuman, Dylan Nigro, Jackson Noel, Cody Peck, Serena Poulin,  Anna Prescott-Nichols, Carly Ramsey, Alexander Reynosa, Jacob Rich, Cameron Ronzano, Zachery Sheehan, Jessica Sternberg, Jonathan Thorn, Bailey Travers, Julia Warren


Grade 10 – Honors:
Aidan Ahern, Luke Belbin, Jackson Burke, Derek Capo, Luke Chalifour,  Kristopher Cronshaw, Pietra Depianti, Annabella Fasulo, Mackenzie Flanders, Riley Gaedtke, Lilee Gustin,  Nicholas LaMontagne, Benjamin Lavoie, Celia Leighton, Brice Lussier, Holly Magowan, Hannah Mattson, Lucas McCusker, Jonathan Moehlmann, Spencer Murphy, Hayden Murray, Michael Nikolaus, Willow Normandin, Reegan Osborne, Alison Routhier, Emily van Gerena


Grade 9 – Highest Honors:
Katherine Blake, Codi Boheen, Ruby Carr, Riley Colby, Anthony Comte, Addison Craven, Lauren Curtin, Celia Fogarty, Megan Frost, Mirah Johnston, Owen Judge, Evan Lentz, Kaili Linscott, Michael MacEachern, Katherine Messenger, Angelise Moss, Ryan Nester, Lauren Rose


Grade 9 – High Honors:
Hunter Adams, Isabelle Allan, Emily Anderson, Seamus Baker, Lauren Best, Rylee Bouchard, Madison Bowen, Benjamin Brieger, Lillian Broome, Alexis Call, Shane Cameron, Matthew Davis, Hunter DeCota, Hazel Dellario, Maggie Donovan, Dawson Dubois, Megan Edgecomb, George Fasulo, Olivia Fontes, Jeremy Foster, Collin Gier, Joshua Heckman, Patrick Helm, Seth Howard, Nathaniel Huckins, Shannon Jackson, Abigail Jerome, Victoria Johnston, Hayden Knight, Madison Kriete, Sophie Laird, Raymond Lapiejko, Malachy Leclere, Adeline Leifer, Elizabeth Libbey, Hayleigh McNeil, Hannah Munck, Connor Nowak, Abigail O’Connor, Fiona O’Shea, Samuel Patteson, Kelsey Pease, Abigail Pelletier, Cole Perra, Michaela Power, Jacob Radwan, Caitlin Reynolds, Kathleen Roach, Elizabeth Shultz, Grayson Smith, Mark Sommer, Daniel Strum, Cody Tanguay, Madison Tatem, Morgan Tatem, Mary Thoms, Madison Tortorella-Lewis, Matthew Vachon, Isabella Valarese, Skylar Ward, Alexandra Wheeler, Dylan White, Joseph Whiting, Luke Wiggin


Grade 9 – Honors:
Dominic Barbarito, Landon Budny, Brianna Burke, Isis Chapman, Thomas Daly, Elizabeth Downer, Mikayla Edgerly, Jacob Foster, Nikki Frasca, Ashley Gatchell, Samuel Goad, Aubrey Ho-Sue, Scott Ireland, Sydney Jacques, Dakota McPhee, Matthew Messenger, Tyler Nault, Madeline Nelson, James Noble III, Kora Robito, Elijah Tomlinson-Burrell, Willow Tritter, Meskerem Wallace, Amanda Womble





Attention Citizens of Deerfield, Epsom and Northwood--


Vote YES to Continue to Support the Fight Against Invasive Milfoil!


The Northwood Lake Watershed Association (NLWA), has spent a great deal of time and effort over the years working to protect Northwood Lake from the unchecked spread of invasive aquatic species, including variable milfoil.


In 2016, 28 acres of the lake were treated with the herbicide 2-4,d. We also used diver-assisted suction harvesting for 27 days, removing and disposing of approximately 2,600 gallons of milfoil.


Based on end-of-season surveys, we expect our treatment budget for 2016 of $49,000 to expand to $56,000 in 2017. We have been working with the Boards of Selectmen in Northwood, Deerfield, and Epsom to secure ongoing economic support. All three towns have warrant articles that will be presented to you, their citizens, in the upcoming March 2017 elections. Northwood’s Warrant Article #16 is for $12,000, Deerfields Warrant Article #11 is for $8,000, and Epsom’s Warrant Article #7 is for $4,000 of critical support.


This year, Northwood has another warrant article on the ballot for “Milfoil Prevention.” It is critical that voters are not confused by this additional warrant article and continue to support the original Milfoil “Treatment and Control” warrant article #16 that they have supported for years. Without that support, we could lose Northwood lake, with its recreational benefits and considerable tax base, to milfoil.


Please come out and vote to support Warrant Article #16 in Northwood, Warrant Article #11 in Deerfield, and Warrant Article #7 in Epsom to help the NLWA combat this ongoing threat to our lake and its watershed.


Kevin Ash,
Northwood Lake Watershed Association





As your School Board Member, your Detective Sergeant of the Northwood Police Department, your Community Service Officer, your D.A.R.E. Officer, a coach, a parent of two kids in the school system, I am expressing to you that I have been involved with the Northwood Elementary School for a long time, wearing many different hats, and I can promise you that the re-election of Keith McGuigan is the right choice for Northwood.  I leave you with this. 


Who are they?
They are people.
It’s their approach to the game
What is the game? Life is the game.
It’s the great that see things differently, who act differently, who think differently.
The great have a different view.
Every day the great awake and say I’m alive.
Today is an opportunity not an obligation.
To be great?
You must hang around with great people.


Keith McGuigan is a one of those people.  Re-elect him and let’s continue on the path of GREATness for the Northwood Elementary School. 


Shane Wells



Letter To The Editor
Keith McGuigan For School Board!


Keith McGuigan has worked tirelessly to make Northwood School a place that we can be proud of – from working with the technology department to considering material and resource improvements, working to create a balanced and fair budget with the board members to adjust staffing and re-allocate positions and save costs while advocating for a strong curriculum plan and working to give our youngest students access to education.


Speaking personally – when we moved from a neighboring district where my child excelled, I had some concerns about Northwood School. I was met with driven, communicative, passionate teachers, yet something was off, in particular, the work seemed a bit easy. I started regularly attending school board meetings. It gave me hope to see that members like Keith had a plan and vision to help our school get to where it needed to be. Challenging curriculum, a focus on early intervention to foster success, appreciation for hard working teachers, and a sense of community is coming to Northwood school because we have dedicated teachers, passionate administration (who I’ve seen strengthen and unite our school this year – thank you Mrs. Young and Mr. Alford.) who are supported by the members of our school board – most notably Keith McGuigan, Barbie Hartford, and Shane Wells.


Their determination to make our school one we can all be proud of is something that would be sorely under-minded if we do not re-elect Keith McGuigan. Let’s re-elect Keith so that the hopes and goals set for our school can become reality. Keith is the best candidate with proven drive, levelheaded demeanor, and genuine care for our students.


If Northwood’s children and their future success matter to you – please vote Keith McGuigan for School Board on March 14th. Northwood’s Children are counting on you.


Shirley Glennon



Letter To The Editor


The information elves of The Forum - the volunteer-run online newspaper for Northwood (along with Candia, Deerfield and Nottingham) have begun rolling out their election edition for the upcoming Town and School Elections. We will not be sending a print edition this year. As a non-profit volunteer organization, that has gotten too expensive, but you can find candidate profiles, warrants, and other information about Northwood’s March 14, 2017 election at Look for the March Elections tab at the top of the page, click on it, select Northwood and remember that this edition is a work in progress, so check it out for updates, and after we vote, for the results.


Lucy Edwards, Chair
Forum Board of Directors





To the Townspeople of Northwood:
I have been a Para-educator at Northwood School for the past 20 years working with many of Northwood’s children.  I have a degree in Special Education from Washington State University, but have never applied to work as a teacher here.  I am one of those people who would feel like I had to go in early and leave late as a teacher.  As a Para I was free to leave when my kids did and go in when they did.  It worked for me and my family and it made me happy, but as a result I only make 16+ an hour.


This year’s Para contract, coming up for vote on March 14th, says that Northwood can hire a Para-educator with the same qualifications as mine at four more steps an hour.  Really?  That is about $3,700 more per year. The amount of money is not as important to me as the fact that I feel undervalued.   I am saddened, but feel that I need to vote NO on the Support Staff Contract.  I hope you vote NO, too.


Wendy Jandebeur



Letter To The Editor
A Poem about ESP (Education Support Personnel)


What If?
Let’s suppose just for a moment, what if there weren’t any ESP?


What would become of our schools and where would education be?


If not for the dedication of each Education Support Professional,


How could our schools ever survive or even function at all?


For the bus driver wouldn’t be there to pick up children along the way.


The doors wouldn’t be unlocked, the lights on, or the buildings heated each day.


The aides wouldn’t be there to help those children with a special need,


Or the cooks wouldn’t have a hot and tasty meal ready for all to feed.


School security wouldn’t be there to watch over the children with care.


Each child’s records wouldn’t be the secretary’s load to bear.


The computers would crash without the technician to keep them up to date,


And if not for the maintenance personnel, one can only guess the school’s fate.


And there are many more that give so much, each in a different capacity,


For to each ESP, education is far more than just another job or utility.


Education is each child’s future, the hope and prayers of our nation.


For that future, each day, ESP give their work, love, and dedication.


Dave Arnold


Please show your support for the Northwood Education Support Personnel (NESPA) at Northwood School by coming out to vote YES on Warrant Article 4 on March 14 from 7am-7pm at St. Joseph’s hall on Route 4. Thank you!


Julie Doiron,
Paraprofessional, Northwood School



Letter To The Editor


I know what you’re thinking – you probably do what I do first when I read a letter to the editor in The Sun. You looked at who wrote the letter first to see whether it would be worthy of your time. If it’s from someone who has begun signing his letters from “The Grinch,” you know it’s just his usual continuous bashing of the school that he purports to represent, or the town’s employees, volunteers, coaches, clergy, or anyone else that doesn’t agree with his views. This one’s from the wife of the guy who’s running for re-election to the School Board in Northwood. Well, of course she supports his campaign – she’s his wife. However, I have every reason to not want you to vote for him.


First of all, Keith McGuigan is very dedicated to his position on the School Board. You might not realize that there are many extra meetings and committees that the School Board members are a part of. He’s gone many nights, missing out on family dinners and the bedtime routine.


Secondly, he is not shooting to win any popularity contest in town. He is there to make the best decisions for the school and for the children of Northwood, even if sometimes they are not always the most popular decisions. He is weighing options very carefully, but invariably, there will be those who disapprove of any vote.


Finally, I have to say that you will find that if you re-elect Keith McGuigan for School Board, he will work hard for three more years, helping to provide that level-headed continuity that Northwood School so strongly needs right now. We’ve been through many administrative changes over the years and we need to have someone who knows the school and is really invested in making positive changes, even if that means I’ll miss out on having him home for dinner.


Kim McGuigan



Letter To The Editor
Please Come Out & Vote
Keeping Pleasant Lake Free of Invasive Species

Warrant Articles on the Deerfield and Northwood ballot March 14th


The Pleasant Lake Preservation Association (PLPA) Lake Host Program was established in 2002 to prevent the introduction and spread of exotic aquatic plants such as variable milfoil and aquatic nuisance animals like zebra mussels. The main way these species are introduced into a lake is through transfer via boats and trailers.  Plant and animal infestations are undesirable because they make recreation in and on the water dangerous and unpleasant, disrupt the ecological balance, and reduce property values.


The Lake Host program is administered by the NH Lakes Association and supported in part, by grants from the NH Department of Environmental Services. Trained attendants provide a courtesy boat inspection at the public access ramp on Gulf Road.  Current coverage accounts for about 2/3rds of normal boating hours, 60% by volunteers and 40% by paid hosts.


Through these warrants, the PLPA are looking to secure additional funding from the towns of Deerfield and Northwood in the amount of $2,500 each to increase coverage to a total of over 90% of normal boating hours.  This coverage would greatly enhance the PLPA Lake Host Program’s ability to prevent the introduction of Milfoil and other invasive species into the lake which, if introduced, would result in a more difficult and expensive program to control.


Holly Martin



Letter To The Editor


I support education, as do most people; disagreements arise about how to reach the common goal of excellence most effectively. The state of New Hampshire and the Town of Northwood accept federal tax dollars that support education requiring compliance with burdensome regulations, subjugating our administration and teachers of much local control.


A sudden and extreme change to required student testing has quickly altered what and how teachers are expected to teach students in the classroom. The desire for successful test scores creates a perceived need for a full-time Curriculum Director and our Kindergartners to attend a full day of school.


Our current professionals, Superintendent, Principal, and Teachers are all qualified to unite our school and SAU. We must call upon them and the future School Board to plan, implement, and support consistent Math and ELA programs that have the strong methodology that produces excellent students both school and district wide.


Parents should feel empowered to both prepare their students for school and to be an advocate throughout their education. School Boards are critical in creating effective and accountable schools; members have the duty to educate themselves and to take public concerns into counsel.


Marie Correa is a passionate supporter of education; she stays current on the constant changes at the Federal, State and Local levels. Marie’s professional teaching experiences have given her an understanding of numerous educational issues in our classrooms that would make her a valuable asset to the Northwood School Board. Marie Correa, a voice for students, parents, and taxpayers!


Annette Blake





To all SB2 supporters,
At the recent Northwood School District Deliberative Session, a couple of people expressed their outrage at the amending of several petition warrant articles, stating that petition articles should go on the warrant as “originally written.”


According to the RSA governing SB2, all warrant articles may be amended at the Deliberative Session as long as the amendment does not change the subject of the article.


If we still had the original Town Meeting and School District Meeting formate, where all warrant articles are actually voted on, those articles would show on the warrant as “originally written.”


Sorry; you can’t have it both ways.


Bunny Behm



Letter To The Editor


Please Vote March 14th, at St. Joseph Parish Center.


It will be my privilege to serve the citizens of Northwood as a School Board Member.


Marie Correa



This Weekend’s LRPA After Dark Feature:  1950’s “Quicksand”


Join Lakes Region Public Access Television at 10:30 p.m. this Friday and Saturday night (March 10 & 11) for our “LRPA After Dark” presentation of 1950’s forgotten noir “Quicksand,” starring Mickey Rooney, Jeanne Cagney (sister to actor James) and Peter Lorre.


Auto mechanic Dan Brady (Rooney) wants to impress his hot date Vera Novak (Cagney), the sultry waitress from the local diner, but she is a gold-digger with expensive tastes and he doesn’t have the dough. Dan comes up with a brilliant solution: he’ll “borrow” $20 for the date from the garage’s cash register and return the money the next morning. Dan’s friend Buzz owes him money, and had promised to pay him tomorrow. Dan knows that the garage’s bookkeeper won’t be in to check the cash drawer for a few days, which gives him plenty of time to set things straight. While out on their date, Dan and Vera run into her shady ex-boyfriend Nick (Lorre), who still has a thing for Vera. The next morning, Dan can’t get a hold of Buzz – and, unexpectedly, the bookkeeper arrives two days early to reconcile the cash drawer! Dan comes up with a new scheme to cover the missing $20 by purchasing, then pawning, an expensive watch. That leads to more trouble from a detective who threatens Dan with jail if he doesn’t pay back the pawnshop within 24 hours. Dan then turns to robbery, and that quickly spirals out of control, eventually leading to blackmail, kidnapping and more. And you thought your week was bad! How much further will Dan stoop to resolve his problems? And how will he get himself out of this quicksand of crime?


“Quicksand” was a rare film in Mickey Rooney’s career. After years of playing the clean-cut, All-American boy next door, Rooney was cast against type, playing a small-time tough guy who, led astray by a pretty face, makes one terrible choice after another. This was a conscious choice on Rooney’s part, as he wanted to be known for more serious, adult roles. In fact, his work in “Quicksand” did lead to other noir-ish films, such as “The Strip and “Drive a Crooked Road.” Fun fact: Rooney and Peter Lorre weren’t just the stars of “Quicksand,” but also acted as behind-the-scenes executive producers. The two stars co-financed its production, hoping to start their own independent production company. However, the deal never materialized, forcing Lorre to declare bankruptcy and, for a time, move back to Europe. Regardless of the film’s financial legacy, many critics and film buffs view “Quicksand” as Rooney’s finest performance, much more real and gritty than any “Andy Hardy” movie. Lorre also gives a dynamo performance, resulting in a character that is immoral, untrustworthy and menacing – a true pleasure to watch! What more does a movie-lover need? So grab your popcorn and join LRPA after dark for this melodramatic film noir from the past.



Fellow Northwood Residents


Once again, I must try to correct the misinformation presented by Tim Jandebeur.  In his latest letter, he again blames the Budget Committee for not reducing the school’s proposed operating budget, as he was unable to do at the school board level for the past 3 years.  The SB made very compelling presentations to justify their requests, and after review and discussion, the majority of Budget Committee members voted to support the requests.  Our responsibility is to balance Town and School operating needs with taxpayer ability to pay, not to slash a budget mindlessly.  Remember Tim, those surplus monies came from lines no one can control.   HS or Out of District student’s needs change or leave, Health Insurance or other utilities end up costing less than anticipated, or we receive more revenue than expected.   What lines should have been reduced Tim?  I would love to hear your solution to this problem, even with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight!


Having served the town in some capacity since 1985, including the School Board, I can assure you we need Board members who can think outside the box, are willing to spend the necessary time,  and to be able to think for themselves;  not have an agenda prior to election.


I have been to most School Board meetings for the past several years, and have rarely seen Marie Correa in attendance.  Several petition articles were sponsored by her, yet when asked by the Budget Committee or at Deliberative session to hear from a sponsor, Marie was in attendance, but did not offer any information.  Why?  She hasn’t provided any details as to why she would like to be elected or how things can be improved.


For these reasons and others, I support Keith McGuigan, and urge you to do likewise.


Ginger Dole



Letter To The Editor
Re-Elect School Board Member, Keith McGuigan


Northwood School needs people on the school board who are going to put children first. Keith McGuigan, up for re-election for the Northwood school board, needs our votes to continue to make the best choices for all children who attend Northwood School. Keith and the other pro-education school board members have worked tirelessly to come up with a fair budget. The future is exciting at NES if we can keep people like Keith on the board.


A little bit about Keith’s opponent, Marie Correa. She turned in five signatures during the School Deliberative Session and requested that the vote to amend Warrant Article 2 be voted by secret ballot. Many of those in attendance were parents who had children being cared for in the school cafeteria. We feel this was a tactical move by Mrs. Correa and her fellow anti-full day k and anti-curriculum coordinator community members (including school board member Tim Jandebeur). If they got the meeting to run long, you get those parents to leave early. Does this sound like someone who cares about the best interest of children and families in Northwood? No.


Marie also made a statement at Candidates Night that she thought kindergarten was actually harmful to children. Then she went on to say she thinks kids start school too soon. So, is 1st grade too soon? 2nd grade? If she doesn’t support public school, why is she trying to get on the school board? Could it be the same motivation as her friend, Tim Jandebeur? To obstruct and impede progress at NES because it’s cheaper. Marie Correa isn’t fit to be on the school board.


Please vote for Keith McGuigan on March 14th and put children first!


Amy and Ryan Hanavan



Letter To The Editor
Discouraging Words


Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam,
Where the deer and the antelope play,
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
And the skies are not cloudy all day.
Dr. Brewster M. Higley
Smith County, Kansas


To read the Northwood section in the latest issue of The Suncook Valley Sun, it’s clear that Dr. Higley doesn’t live here. No buffaloes. No antelope. And plenty of discouraging words.


One cited statistic stands out: neighboring towns spend less per elementary school student than Northwood. That comparison depends upon two numbers: the numerator (spending) and the denominator (students).


If the numerator goes up, while the denominator remains constant, the cost per student goes up. Conversely, if the student body increases while spending remains constant, the cost goes down.


One way to drive down the cost per student is to enroll more students. And since a Northwood “baby boom” seems unlikely, given our ever-aging population, the answer would be to attract more young couples – and their children - to our town.


That’s what happened this year at Coe-Brown. Sixteen more students showed up. 16! Families with teenagers moved to Northwood to send them to Coe-Brown.


So if we want to focus on that statistic, let’s improve Northwood School.


Let’s implement full-day kindergarten – both for the kids as well as for their often-working parents. Let’s coordinate the curriculum so that content and methods are integrated vertically grade-to-grade and within grades. Let’s pay our teachers and staff fairly to retain and attract quality personnel. Let’s support the principal and her administration.


And let’s re-elect Keith McGuigan to the School Board. And maybe dial back on the discouraging words.


Tom Chase












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