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March 1, 2017




The Northwood Post of the VFW,  Joseph J. Jeffrey  Post 7217, has been approved to refurbish and rededicate a grave site of a Revolutionary War veteran.  One of the guiding criteria for choosing a grave was that there be no living family survivors who still have legal claim to the site, the other was that the site was in disrepair.


Our initial choice is that of John Bickford.  His grave is in the cemetery located on Canterbury Rd., Northwood.


This notice is to ask anyone who still may have legal rights to the plot in question come forward to either endorse or contest this project.  Please send your information to the Northwood Cemetery Commission, Northwood, NH.


Coe-Brown Alumni Scholarship applications will be available for pick up on March 1, 2017 at Coe-Brown Northwood Academy .



Letter To The Editor


To The Editor,
For the record, once the school budget is turned over to the Budget Committee, by statute it is the BC’s budget. In  three years they have not changed one penny in the school’s budget, rubber stamping it, and have been off by a million and a half dollars.


Because of going four years without a new contract, the goal of the SB was to try to bring all teachers to the correct step, allowing us to hire correctly.That was going to cost about $120,000. We wanted to offset some of that by increasing the teachers share of their insurance from 5% to 15%, saving $42,000, bringing the contract cost to $78,000.


We were turned down by their negotiating team. Instead, a convoluted remedy was concocted allowing us to hire new teachers at their correct step, but leaving our existing teachers still up to four steps behind. What that means is, an existing teacher with a master’s degree that should be on step 6 making $44,798 is only on step 2 making $39,739. However, a new hire would be brought in at the higher pay, making $5,059 more. War. I never thought that they would approve it. We were told they did. A retired teacher came in to the board saying that they did not know this. Two current teachers have concurred. Using the  teacher contract as an example the support staff followed suit.


I will not be voting for either contract. First and foremost because the budget, in my opinion, is grossly high, costing $19,550 per student if  passed. That is $3,000 more per student than Nottingham or Strafford. Second, these contracts have already caused a rift and it will only get wider. They should be renegotiated, in public.


Tim the Grinch Jandebeur



Letter To The Editor


I am supporting Keith McGuigan in his candidacy for re-election as a Northwood School Board member.


I believe he is an asset to both our school and our community. He is dedicated, level-headed and is always professional both at school board meetings and out and about town. I admire his dedication to our children and school. He continues to make not only a presence at school events, but is willing to pitch in where needed. He is passionate about making Northwood School the school all of our children deserve. Keith has listened to pleas of our townspeople and has been a key proponent in putting full day kindergarten within the school budget. Not by raising tax dollars, but by looking at the needs of our students and reallocating staff to better suit the needs of our school without burdening the taxpayers.
He has gathered input from parents, teachers and staff, as well as Northwood citizens about what is working and what needs fixing. I believe he is the best candidate for this position.


For these reasons, I hope you’ll join me in giving Keith your vote for school board on Election Day.


Beth Boudreau



Northwood Sunset Selected

For 2016 Report Cover


Congratulations to Curtis Lashon! His photograph Northwood Sunset was chosen for the cover of the 2016 Annual Town and School Report from an interesting collection of entries submitted by Coe-Brown Northwood Academy students. Curtis is a senior, spending his first year at Coe-Brown having transferred from Bishop Brady this fall. He resides in Northwood and is interested in photography and graphic design. Two other photographs taken by Curtis appear in this year’s report: Bird Pole, which shows a bird house near Northwood Lake and Sunny Sky, which depicts beautiful cloud cover.


This year’s report is dedicated to all of the Coe-Brown Northwood Academy and Northwood School students who have submitted photographs, drawings and paintings for inclusion in the annual report. For the past 20 years, the town and schools have worked together to provide a forum for students to showcase their art on the report cover and inside pages.


Town reports are available to pick up at the town hall during regular business hours Mon.-Fri. 8-4 and is available to view as a document on the town website:



World Day Of Prayer


World Day of Prayer will be held on Friday, March 3, 2017, 1 pm, at the Northwood Advent Christian Church located at 113 School Street.


Each year WDP is focused on women’s leadership in the community by all churches’Northwood Advent Christian, Northwood Congregational and St. Joseph’s.


The program for 2017 was written by the WDP Committee of the Philippines.  The Bible Study and worship service invite us to explore concepts of economic justice, both in the Philippines’ context and around the world, and our response in light of God’s generosity.



Letter To The Editor
What about the Families…


How thankful I am that our town officials took the opportunity to pave the Mary Waldron Beach parking lot when they were repaving Bow Lake Road in the summer.  The rain water used to come into the beach and boat ramp areas from the road when it rained and caused huge gullies in the beach and boat ramp.


Every year boat owners have put up with this and tried their best to launch without damaging their boats or trailers from the effects of erosion.  I know the Conservation Commission did not like the paving of the parking area because asphalt does not let the rain water permeate the ground.  But it wasn’t leaching down into the ground anyway.  It was running across the parking area causing huge gullies across the beach and ramp to the water.  Now the rain water is diverted down the road to a culvert and into the lake.


Families who use this beach noticed year after year the lack of sand to the point that this year there was significant grass and weeds growing on the beach.  This beach is especially important for families of young children.  Because the beach is a natural beach with no graduated steps to the water, mothers can better watch their children play independently near the water’s edge.  I noticed a grandfather lying in the water with a one year old grandchild sitting on the water’s edge.  What better way for the young and old to spend a summer afternoon.  What a wonderful developmental recreation for a baby.


Please consider a “yes” vote to fix Mary Waldron Beach and Boat Ramp. Voting “yes” is a show of pride and support of our families of Northwood and the town’s resources.


John Tower



Letter To Editor


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, which is exactly what we are doing with the Northwood School.


Our school is ranked in the bottom third of the state’s schools and that is hurting our children.  We have an opportunity to do something different and elect a new school board member who will work diligently for each and every student, parent, and taxpayer in Northwood.


I’ve know Marie Correa for 12 years and know she would be the perfect choice for the Northwood School Board.  She is a dedicated, level-headed woman who takes the time to do her homework to fully understand the issues. Marie is qualified, energetic, and deeply committed to the children, parents, and taxpayers of the Northwood community.  She is a champion of accountability, openness and transparency and will be a tremendous asset to the Northwood School Board. She deserves our vote.


Enough of the insanity that we have, it is not working for our children, vote  Marie Correa for the change the Northwood School Board desperately needs.  


Cheryl Dean



Chesley Memorial Library News


School vacation week is upon us so don’t forget about the museum passes at the library!  We have the following passes available: Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Children’s Museum of NH, McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, New Hampshire Farm Museum, Seacoast Science Center, or SEE Science Center!


Each pass works a little differently… some let you in free while others provide discounted admission.  Call the library at 942-5472 for updated information regarding passes. We can also provide you with information on when to visit the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester for free admission.





Hello Voters of Northwood,
My name is Marie Correa and I am running for the Northwood School Board.


My background is as follows:
· Bachelors in Business Administration from Suffolk University, Boston, MA


· Certificate in Elementary Education from Salem State University, Salem, MA


· Taught as a Title 1 and Elementary School Teacher in Haverhill, MA and Pittsfield, NH


· Parent of two former students of the Northwood School System


· Started as a Title I tutor then became the Reading Teacher for Northwood School


· Substitute Teacher throughout SAU # 44


I would like your vote on March 14th because I would like to maintain local control of our school by not over extending the taxpayers. If we work together, citizens, parents and students, teachers, and administration our children will be successful.


Marie Correa



Letter To The Editor


Northwood voters have rejected full-day kindergarten three consecutive years. Northwood voters overwhelmingly rejected a full-time curriculum director last year. Northwood voters said they didn’t want Common Core in Northwood schools.


What was the school board’s response to these  mandates from the voters? It gave Northwood full-day kindergarten and a full-time curriculum director, and it implemented Common Core.


It’s time to change direction. Please consider voting for Marie Correa for school board. She will respect the decisions of Northwood voters.


Michael Faiella



Letter To The Editor


On our March 14th ballot, the Northwood school board’s default school budget is over $170,000 more than the proposed new budget.  Article 9 asks the voters to let the Northwood budget committee take a good look at the school default budget. 


The default budget is important. After voters refused the proposed budget last year, the school is operating under the default budget amount from last year’s ballot.


When the default budget on the ballot is higher than it should be, it can deprive townspeople of their power to decide not only how much of their resources should be spent on the school, but whether new costs embedded in the proposed budget should be rejected.


NH law requires that the default budget include the same amounts as the current year’s voter-approved budget for most spending.  The only exceptions are one-time expenses, which must be removed, any expense that must be changed because of contractual situations already approved by the voters, and legal requirements.


Could the challenges of decision-making about these modifications have resulted in an erroneously high default budget?  One of the more obvious places that this seems to have happened is on the cafeteria line.


Voters did not approve a contracted cafeteria service in last year’s voting.  But the default budget includes $182,000 for a contracted cafeteria service, instead of the $149,000 the voters did approve last year for an in-house cafeteria service.


There are other questions, but, in the cafeteria food service section alone, the default seems to be at least $30,000 more than it ought to be under the law.


We need more attention to the default budget.  Article 9 could help.


Mary Faiella



Letter To The Editor
Not Another Max


Being something of a glutton for punishment, I spent some time re-reading the letters of Tim Janderbeur - self-styled Grinch of the Northwood School Board. What emerges is not an all-together attractive picture. It has me reaching for my copy of Roget’s Thesaurus. How about vindictive, vituperative and vain-glorious?
Some might opine that, like sharks and lawyers, Tim is giving the Grinch a bad name. Especially because in the Seuss fable, the charity and kindness of the Whos in Whoville causes his heart to grow “three sizes that day.”


But in our case, it may get worse.


One seat is open on the School Board. And with member Brie Gunter already playing Max (the reluctantly-antlered dog) to Tim’s Grinch, that seat tips the balance.


One candidate has already tipped her hand. Marie Correa joined Tim, Mike Faiella, and Joe McCaffrey in petitioning for a secret ballot at the School Deliberative Session. While perfectly legit and while Mr. Faiella professes never to have seen this as ploy to extend the meeting until those in attendance with kids and/or jobs went home, it seemed to many of us that this was its intent.


The other candidate, Keith McGuigan, on the other hand, has chaired the Board with patience and integrity. Joined by Ms. Barbie Hartford and Officer Shane Wells, they have brought in to the school a new and promising administration. And he has sought to counter – sometimes with poetry! – Tim’s negativity, published here.


Tim is a “my way or the highway” kind of guy. We don’t want to be taken down that road. Re-elect Keith McGuigan to the School Board, and keep the Board in the hands of those who want to continue to restore and build.


Tom Chase



Letter To The Editor


Wow! “Free” education... oh but wait... it’s an “investment” don’t you know. You invest nothing and you get nothing much. I suppose we can all agree that a good education is a valuable thing to have. (This applies to adults too.) There is good education that enables one to be a productive AND competent citizen. Though productive is not enough, for without a well-educated (and moral) citizenry Liberty will perish, the Founders warned us. But that’s not what the FDK advocates want you to pay for. They want the children better “socialized” and trained to handle the next eight years of confused Common Core “education.” The reason the 8 years don’t work so well, we are told, is the absence of kindergarten! By what logic is there going to be a miracle? It will be run by the same people and pedagogy that produce a seriously underperforming Elementary School now, compliant with Common Core. This is absurd.


The majority of the school board has gone along with this, most specifically Mr. McGuigan, who on several occasions has told us “he knows better” than the majority of people paying the bills. I suggest he doesn’t know better. Knowing doesn’t come from ignorance of a subject. He admitted to not knowing about Common Core when he ran the first time,  he “would defer to The Experts.” The experts clearly don’t know how to make this a better school.


We need to move towards a vision of an Excellent school and Marie Correa is one of the few people to run for school board who understands this. We need to start making some changes for the better. Vote for Marie.


 Joseph McCaffrey



Letter To The Editor
Re-elect Keith


As educators living in Northwood, we support the re-election of Keith McGuigan to theNorthwood School Board.


During his tenure as Chairman, he has providedvision and leadership to improve our school and the education itprovides to our children. Join us in voting for Keith on Tuesday,March 14.


Brandon Albert
Beth Boudreau
Jason Demers
Bill DeVries
Jen Frye
Matt Frye
Ellen Gibson
Alissa Heppler
Kim McGuigan
Jennifer McGuinness
Carrie White
Brian Winslow



The Youth Financial Preparedness Incentive


For the second year in a row the 7th grade math class will be participating in The Youth Financial Preparedness Incentive (an activity on how to prepare our youth for financial responsibility). For quarters 3 and 4 of the school year, 7th grade students will be given a checkbook that they will have to keep track of for the rest of the year. They will be keeping a check register, balancing a checkbook, writing checks, depositing money in the form of a point and checks (not actual currency).


At this time, our math teacher, Mrs. Clemons, is accepting donations for the students to bid on with the “money” they earned and saved during this project. If you would like to help with this project or know of a business that could help, please email Mrs. Clemons at:


Mrs. Clemons would also like to take this opportunity to thank the donors from last year:


Canobie Lake, Chuckster’s, Cookies By Design (Exeter), Deerfield Fair, Edible Arrangements (Portsmouth), Flight Club, Funspot, GameStop (Woodbury Ave., Portsmouth), Hannafords (Northwood), Hilltop Fun Center, Kume (Epping), McDonald’s (Epsom & Lee), National Wrecker, New England Dragway, Piece Time Puzzle, Vertical Dreams, Nina Knapp, Ms. Hermenau, Last years 7th grade parents, Ms. Feiden, Hermina Cresta (Mrs. Clemons’s late grandmother)












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