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January 11, 2017


The January meeting of the Northwood Democratic Committee will be held at the Community Center in Northwood Narrows, Wednesday, Jan. 18, at 7:00pm. There will be a discussion of the town budget and elective positions, as well as the upcoming legislative session.



Letter To The Editor

Beach & Boat Ramp Warrant Article


Yes, once again a warrant article is on the ballot for Mary Waldron Beach and Boat Ramp for Bow Lake.  Why?  Due to years of neglect we have let this area that is Northwood’s only public access to Bow Lake, fall into disrepair. 


The warrant article is for $61,000.  The breakdown is $46,000 to construct a wall separating the parking area from the beach area, a safety issue.  The wall will contain steps.  Another wall will be constructed between the beach and the boat ramp separating the public and the boats launching. The ramp will have concrete planks extending into the lake.  At the end of the ramp, all of the previous years of erosion will be dredged providing for a depth of water that will allow for launching a boat.  Lastly, new sand will cover the beach. The balance of the cost is $15,000 for permitting, site design, site survey, and site layout.  All permits are required by the State for minimal impact on the environment.  The cost to each home owner is 13 cents on each $1000 of assessed property value. 


This repair and upgrade is needed to protect the only public access Northwood residents have to Bow Lake.  Northwood can take pride that even though it is a little space; it serves its community well.


Fred Tobbe



This Weekend’s LRPA After Dark Feature: 

1946’s “The Stranger”


Join Lakes Region Public Access Television at 10:30 PM this Friday and Saturday night (January 13 & 14) for our “LRPA After Dark” presentation of 1946’s suspenseful thriller “The Stranger,” starring Orson Welles (who also directed), Loretta Young and Edward G. Robinson. 


Wilson (Robinson), an investigator with the Allied War Crimes Commission, is looking for Franz Kindler (Welles), a notorious Nazi war criminal  — the mastermind behind their death camps — who has made his way from Germany  to a sleepy Connecticut town. There, he has carefully constructed a new identity. He is now living incognito as Charles Rankin, a college professor and antique clock enthusiast who will soon marry lovely Mary Rankin (Young), the daughter of a respected judge. His cover is intact until Wilson, tailing another escaped Nazi prisoner, begins to suspect that there may be more to Professor Rankin than meets the eye. 


Released in 1946, “The Stranger” holds the distinction of being the first American feature film to include documentary footage of Nazi concentration camps.  “The Stranger” is by far the least well known, and perhaps most conventional, of Orson Welles’ movies. In fact, he only took on the project to prove to studio executives that he could direct a film that came in on time, within budget and without any problems, unlike his earlier masterpieces “Citizen Kane” and “The Magnificent Ambersons.” Welles readily accomplished that task, although the artistic and personal compromises he was forced to make on “The Stranger” resulted in it being his least favorite film.


Despite all of Welles’ misgivings, “The Stranger” is a tense and suspenseful thriller with exceptional performances from its entire cast. Variety reviewed it as “ … socko melodrama, spinning an intriguing web of thrills and chills.”  If you love American film noir, this is the one for you. So grab your popcorn and join LRPA after dark for this thriller from the past. 



Letter To The Editor

More a Nightmare than a Dream


In a previous letter, I argued against the passage of a petition warrant article to raise and appropriate the sum of $61,000 to be used in the repair of beach area, beach parking area, and rebuild the boat ramp” at Mary Waldron Beach on Bow Lake Road. As I noted, a member of the Board of Selectmen, in considering the petition, said “only 6 or 8 people actually use the ramp,” and another noted “there’s nowhere to park.” And I concluded that maybe we don’t need to spend the money to rebuild a ramp that very few people use.


Oh, and not surprisingly, many of the petitioners have Bow Lake Road addresses.


Here’s the “Field of Dreams” scenario: if we build it, they will come.


If the boat ramp is greatly improved, more boaters will come to use it, not just the locals. This will greatly increase the probability that milfoil will be introduced where it will thrive in the shallow waters of the cove.


Once milfoil gets into a lake, according to the NH Lakes Association, the property values on homes around the lake can fall from 20-40%. The Northwood lakefront property around this cove is currently assessed at $12,652,100. Milfoil could reduce that value by $2,530,420 to $5,060,840. Quite a hit on the town’s tax roll, and a deficit to be made up by the rest of us.


Then there would be the money requested for milfoil mitigation, as the Northwood Lake Association is now doing, and will do, in perpetuity.


I suggest that we not pass this warrant article, and instead, designate use of the boat ramp for “rooftop” boats – kayaks, canoes, etc. And let those who need to launch a boat take the 10 minutes it takes to drive 4.9 miles to the boat ramp at Bow Lake Village.


Tom Chase




Northwood Santa’s Helpers Thank You


Thank you from Northwood Fire Rescue Association to the citizens and businesses of Northwood for your generous support of the 2016 Northwood Santa’s Helpers. 


We sincerely appreciate all of the new toys and gifts donated in our collection boxes at local merchants and at the fire station. Thank you to Heritage Hardware, Northwood Diner, Northwood Post Office, Wilder Flooring, Northwood Garage, and TD Bank for being collection sites. In addition we recognize the thoughtfulness of students at Northwood School and Coe Brown.


With your assistance,  we had the pleasure of wrapping gifts to surprise 46 Northwood children at Christmas.   Thank you for making this another successful community project.


On behalf of the families and our members we wish you and your families a safe, happy and healthy New Year.












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