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March 15, 2017


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Belknap House Officially Opens


Belknap House opened as an emergency shelter for homeless families with children in Belknap County on Tuesday, February 28th.   The certificate of occupancy was completed on February 27th.   The 200 Court Street building was acquired in April 2016 and followed by eight months of renovations.  Included in the renovation effort were lead paint and asbestos abatement, a new sprinkler and fire alarm systems, all new electric and plumbing, furnace and hot water tanks, walls and insulation, doors and windows, flooring and carpeting, a kitchen and laundry equipment.


The two pictures show the extent of the transformation of the kitchen area.  There was not a kitchen in the existing building.  This area contained an entrance to the basement, a small bathroom, some office space and an external exit.  The kitchen cabinets in the background replaced the stairway to the basement.  The external exit was replaced with a wall and the refrigerator now takes its place.  All new flooring, plumbing, wiring, walls, countertops, appliances, cabinets, and lighting was added to the kitchen.  Similar work was done to every room in the existing building.


Belknap House will serve as a cold weather shelter through May 15, housing up to 19 individuals.  Memorial Weekend it will reopen as a hostel for tourists though Oct 15, when it transitions back to a cold weather shelter.  Belknap House has four part-time staff to manage the shelter and relies heavily on volunteers to fill 5 shifts daily, 7 days a week.  Shifts are flexible and schedules are adapted to match the availability of volunteers.  Volunteers working in the shelter have undergone background checks and completed at least 2 hours of training.


Belknap House also needs volunteers to help with landscaping, helping with the transition from shelter to hostel, and serving on committees.  No training or background checks are required for these assignments.   Individuals interested in volunteering can sign up on our Facebook page or call Belknap House (527-8097) to be added to our volunteer interest list.


Belknap House wishes to thank all of the volunteers and sponsors that helped us achieve this opening.   Hundreds have donated money, items and time to make this shelter a reality.  The community support for this effort has been outstanding and continues to be impressive.  A celebratory opening for the public to tour Belknap House is planned for May.


To learn more, volunteer, or donate, please visit  or












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