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February 15, 2017


NH Lions Clubs- New Technology For Free Children’s Eye Screenings

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l-r: Richard Gibson, program coordinator assisting Thomas Langlais, screener,  Johnathan Langlais posing as child.


Operation Kidsight is a major service program adopted by NH Lions Clubs. The program is available in Pittsfield, Barnstead, Epsom, Chichester, Loudon, Pembroke, Northwood and Allenstown at local schools and daycare facilities.


A screening device called the SpotScreener manufactured by Welch-Allyn has been used in the last few years to screen the eyes of 6 month to 12 year old children. With the addition of this screener system, we are now able to reach a broader audience so that we are able to provide exams for all the school children in New Hampshire. The goal is to examine all children on a yearly basis.


The system is very simple. After entering data into the device, we focus on the child’s  eyes, and within less than a minute, it registers as finished. Then the results are sent to the printer and the parent has a report of the results. The school nurse or daycare provider is able to give the report to the parent who is quickly informed if the child needs follow-up with an eye care provider. 


Issues that may be detected as needing attention include:

• Near-sightedness

• Far-sightedness

• Unequal refractive power

• Blurred vision or eye structure problems

• Pupil-size deviations

• Eye misalignment


In just seconds, Spot provides a comprehensive, reliable analysis that enables informed decision making about the need for follow-up diagnosis


This type of testing is effective for our younger children because it does not require letter recognition, reading ability, or response from a child. The earlier the vision is evaluated the better as vision can be corrected before the eyes are fully developed. The actual screening process works by detecting scattering of infrared light from the retina. It is quick, painless, and non-threatening. The children are encouraged to watch their classmates getting their exams and are rewarded with a Lion to color afterward.


Please encourage your local school or day care to contact your local Lions Club to   participate in this program.


Epsom-Chichester Lions Club   603-736-9942


Suncook Valley Lions Club in Pittsfield   603-435-7861


Saddleback Lions Club in Northwood   603-942-8511


Loudon Lions Club   603-798-3175


Help us reach all the children in the area so we can achieve great eye care for our children.












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