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May 17, 2017


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GYRL Hosting Local Artist


In its continuing efforts to promote the arts in the Gilmanton community, the Gilmanton Year-Round Library will be displaying the works of artist Kim Morrison.


Ms. Morrison grew-up on the sea coast of New Hampshire where she developed a great appreciation for the seasons of nature and the cycles of life that can be found all around us.  Her works display an artistic style that represents a very honest philosophy of life which revolves around the importance of sustainability and a focus on the awareness of our inevitable demise.


Each of her works is created with a deep respect for life, death, and all things natural.  The beauty of the naturally discovered artifacts she works with are a medium not utilized enough in the opinion of the artist behind these unique works.



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Montgomery Ward vs Sears Roebuck is the topic at the Gilmanton Historical Society’s program on Tuesday, May 23, 7:30 pm at Old Town Hall in Gilmanton Iron Works.


Gilmanton  Historical Society’s Program: Sears Roebuck vs. Montgomery Ward
Submitted By Carolyn Baldwin

Montgomery Ward and Sears Roebuck: The 100 Year War at Gilmanton Historical Society May 23rd.


The Gilmanton Historical Society opens its 2017 summer series on Tuesday evening, May 23, with a presentation by Calvin Knickerbocker on the competition between Montgomery Ward and Sears Roebuck through most of the 20th century.  The program, supported by New Hampshire Humanities, is at Old Town Hall in Gilmanton Iron Works, begining at 7:30 pm.  Refreshments and social hour begin at 7 pm and the Society’s Museum, in the basement of Old Town Hall, also opens at 7 pm.


Aaron Montgomery Ward started the first general purpose catalog sales offering in 1872, focusing on rural customers in the Midwest. He soon expanded to include the entire nation. Richard Sears founded his only similar competitor in 1893. From then until Wards dropped its catalog option in 1985 the two battled for mail order supremacy.


Wards was more conservative, while Sears aggressively “peddled” its goods. As a result, Sears took over the lead in sales volume by 1900 and never lost that lead. A number of key decisions and leadership changes by both companies made for interesting situations.


This presentation follows the creation, evolution, and eventual demise of catalog sales as a major force in our nation. As the population became more urban, both companies opened retail stores which, soon after WWII, outstripped catalog as their major source of revenue. Again, key decisions made a huge difference in the relative success of the two companies.


Many actual catalog pages from 1875 to the 1980s will be shown, illustrating the changing emphasis from rural to urban and from utilitarian to luxury goods over the years.


New Hampshire was primarily rural when these catalogs began to be offered. Many of us grew up purchasing clothing, books, tools, and many other types of merchandise by mail. Wards and Sears catalogs were among our most familiar items!


This program is the first in the Gilmanton Historical Society’s 2017 summer series.  Programs are offered on the 4th Tuesday of each month, May through September.  In June Glenn Knoblock tells us about New Hampshire Weathervanes.   In July join the Society for a walking tour of the Gilmanton Corner village.  Pat Clarke tells us about Gilmanton Summer Hotels in August. The final program in September addresses the hurricane of 1938.   The Society’s Museum in Old Town Hall features an exhibit of Vintage Clothing worn by Gilmanton residents on Saturday morning, July 29th, 10 am to noon.


 The programs are free and open to the public.  Donations to support the work of the Society are always welcome.



Gilmanton Food Pantry And Thrift Shop


Correction:  The correct telephone number for the Gilmanton Food Pantry and Thrift Shop is 603-364-0114.


An incorrect number was submitted as part of a recent news article which appeared in the paper recently. We apologize for the inconvenience. 


Thank you for your continued support!












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