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May 3, 2017


“An oldie but goodie” for movie matinee on Wednesday, May 10 at 1:30 at the Epsom Public Library.   Who could forget “On Golden Pond” starring Henry Fonda, Katherine Hepburn, Jane Fonda and New Hampshire’s own Squam Lake?  The loons are back on Golden Pond and so are Norman Thayer, a retired professor, and his wife Ethel who have had a cottage on the pond since early in their marriage.  Norman is a curmudgeon with an estranged relationship with his daughter, Chelsea and forms a most unexpected friendship with Chelsea’s stepson – a relationship that Chelsea wishes she had with her dad.  The family must find a way to forgive and communicate at last.

Trouble remembering names?  Embarrassed?  Fear of meeting new people?  Please joins us at the Epsom Public Library on Wednesday, May 10 at 7:00 PM when Neil Kitzen will present The Art of Remembering Names.”  There is a method for remembering names that has been taught for hundreds of years.  Neil will demonstrate how easy it is to learn and use the MemorizeBest method.  You will get an introduction to the Four Steps of Memorizing, and how, by using these, you can more easily remember ANYTHING, not just names.





To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield,
This week, my committee met to recommend our bills to the House. SB201, requiring town officials to distribute a pamphlet on asbestos laws and remediation, was recommended, 12-6, to kill as redundant and unnecessary. I’m not sure why so many voted for the bill, since there was almost no debate on the bill. SB212, creating the physical therapist license compact, was amended to make it clear that the rules made by the compact committee did not affect the practice of physical therapy, but only how the compact itself operated. We then voted 18-1 to pass the bill. SB53, on regulation of appraisal management companies, was a flow down of federal rules, and necessary to have our appraisal management companies accepted by banks. We voted for it, 19-1. SB54, on licensing alcohol and drug counselors, was recommended to pass, 20-0. This bill increased the amount of training required to 300 hours, which is common to most nearby states, for better reciprocity.


SB13, which simply repealed some obsolete statutes about the community college security force (they now use local police), had a non-germane amendment to untangle the laws defining the college system from the police standards and training council, which used to be attached. After some discussion, we adopted the amendment and the bill, 19-1. SB215, which allowed the community college system employees to join the state employee health plan, was debated for a while, then amended to simply authorize data sharing and have the state plan analyze the costs. At that point, the legislature would have the facts needed to make a policy decision. As amended, the bill passed, 19-0.


Representative Carol McGuire



Epsom Food Pantry


Where is the SUN?  No wonder we all should take Vitamin D for our bones. But have heart. It is just around the corner and we will be out in our gardens growing veggies with one row for the Food Pantry.


Again, another busy week for Ken and his bevy of volunteers who keep the Pantry up and running.  Well, my good pals from Market Basket are, as we speak, getting 80 pounds of much needed hamburg ready for June and I to pick up. We were completely out and I do like us able to offer beef as well as pork and chicken. Kids love hamburgers, so we will be in good shape this Saturday.


Again, thanks to the Werner family for their donation. You know donations large or small make it possible for me to buy the above hamburg.


All donations are put to good use. Please be careful and be aware of what is going on around you when you are out and about. Right now we seem to be experiencing some pretty crazy stuff.


Until next time,



Concord- Epsom Elks Lodge 1210


Copper Cannon Camp is a week long over night camp that we sponsor kids to attend. We are still taking applications for Campers 9-12 years old and Rangers 13-15 years old.  camp runs July 2-8th, 2017. Contact Josh Virgin at Jyv_acs@yahoo.com or (603)736-8941.  If your child qualifies for FREE hot lunch they may be eligible. Please reach out to us. Deadline is 5/10/17


5/14,  9 am- 11 am Mother’s Day Breakfast Buffet, all mothers will be entered into a raffle for a hand painted landscape from Coop’s Canvas LLC and a 1 hour Massage from Insight Therapeutic  Massage.  We are able to accommodate large parties in our Function Hall for this breakfast. The cost is Adults $8, Veterans $6 and Children under 10 $4. Eggs and omeletes to order, Juice, milks, coffee and teas all included in your cost. We can’t wait to serve you.


Are you looking for a place that you can be more then just you? Where you can be part of a cause and have more purpose then you already do? As part of the Elks fellowship, we offer you just that. A place to give back, a place to become more while doing it and a place to gather with your fellow Elks and bonafide guests.



Proud To Live In Epsom
Submitted by Alison Parodi


As I traveled to the Recycling Center today, Earth Day 2017 my car filled with roadside litter I exclaimed to my husband “someone cleans this road year round “ and we did not see any new litter on Center Hill road. Driving up Goboro  I said ‘someone cleaned this road” and then I saw a resident pushing a cart that was filled with roadside litter. With joy I honked and waved. Driving along the state road to Pittsfield was not as pleasant as the state roads have not been cleaned of  the accumulation of winter litter yet. We dropped off our five bags of roadside trash and then took my favorite roads home Webster Mills and New Orchard road. I exclaimed again to my husband, “someone has picked up the litter on this road!” There was no litter while the previous week it was in bad shape. As we neared the end of New Orchard Road there they were. They were on the last stretch and had worked for two days in rain and cold picking up 28 full bags of other people’s litter and two barrels of cans and a washtub of bottles. I am so grateful to Epsom residents.  Especially Jackie, Ben, Sam, Dom, Lorne, Gary, Lisa, Betty, Norm, The Braleys. Commie, Alan, Deliah, Silas, Tom, Sharon, John  and others who did their part.


We collected five bags of litter in a one mile stretch of road, down from the 20 bags the first year we did Mountain Road. I used to do three miles of road, but now the roads I travel each day are cared for by others. What a pleasure it is riding to work each day and not seeing litter.  Some litter is inadvertent. Wind carried away some mail, trash, or a poster for a missing cat. Since fast food came to Epsom there are many containers from the local fast food and coffee businesses. I will never understand what prompts someone to throw their litter on the roadside. Everyone asks me why and I only have an answer for the alcohol containers. There is a law against having an open container.


The majority of what we find is beer and alcohol cans and bottles. No longer do children collect bottles to earn the deposit. I remember the trade I would make at the corner store “candy for bottles”. Maybe there is value in a bottle bill.


I love Epsom. As a member of the Epsom Conservation Commission for many years I have been grateful to all the town folk who do their part to make Epsom a great place to live. My focus has been on the natural resources, which includes the natural beauty of the landscape and protecting desirable conservation lands. We have a beautiful Town Forest on Tarleton Road with miles of trails. You can hike to the top of Neville Peak (a minor summit of Nottingham Mountain) and see a beautiful view to the northwest that the Commission has maintained for years.


Hiking to this vista on Easter Sunday the picnic spot was littered, but I always carry a bag. I wish all could adopt the motto, “LEAVE NO TRACE” on the trails and roads.


For all who have or plan to help clean up litter in an area of importance to them, Thank You. There are still trash bags at the library and there are seed packets as a Thank you.


The Epsom Conservation Commission




Epsom Youth Athletic Association Upcoming Events


The Epsom Youth Athletic Association will be holding their annual car wash on Saturday May 13th from  9AM to 1PM at the Epsom Fire Station!  Come on down and let the baseball and softball players wash your cars or a donation!  They will also be selling hanging plants at the car wash, just in time for Mothers Day!


Come join Epsom Youth Athletic Association in a Cornhole Tournament which will be held on Sunday May 21st on the fields behind Epsom  Central School.  Registration will be 1:30 PM and the Tournament will start at 2 PM.  The Tournament will be double elimination with a payout prize based on the number of teams.  25% for 1st, 15% for 2nd and 5% for 3rd. There will also be a raffle and light food for sale.  The cost is $15 per person ages 10 and up and $5 for those ages 10 and under who will be paying for prizes instead of money.   You can sign up the day of the tournament but we would encourage you to register ahead of time by printing out the registration form from our website  http://www.eyaasports.net/ or facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/epsomyouthathletics/.  This fundraiser is open to anyone and everyone and will be a fun afternoon!!












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