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May 17, 2017


Concord-Epsom Elks Lodge 1210


May 19 at 6pm, Vendor Cardingo. This is our last one until fall. $10 for 4 sets of cards. Bring donations for the Liberty House and you will receive additional sets of cards. Food & beverage available for purchase at our cash bar. Must be 18+ (open to the public).

Evergreen Lodge #53 and American Legion Post #112 are sponsoring a Fishing Derby on Saturday, June 3rd from 8:30-11:30 am. This event is free to youth ages 15 and under. Bring your favorite fishing pole and bait. Some loaner poles and bait will be available. Prizes will be given to the top 3 in each age group. Refreshments will be available.  Location is 251 Center Hill Road, watch for signs. For more info call Gary Benner 736-4707.

Congratulations to Jaime M. Hodgdon of Epsom who has been inducted into the St. Lawrence University chapter of Phi Sigma Tau, the international honorary society for philosophy.


Hodgdon is a member of the Class of 2017 and is majoring in Biology and Business in the Liberal Arts. Hodgdon attended Tilton School.


Students must have completed three semesters at St. Lawrence, be in the top 35 percent of her or his class, and must have taken at least two courses in philosophy with a philosophy average of at least 3.5.





To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield,
Last week, the House met Thursday, with a short agenda that should have been finished by the Sun’s deadline – but wasn’t! First, we considered the alleged transgressions of Representative Fisher, who made some injudicious comments on line some time ago. Without actually saying what he was accused of doing, the minority leader moved to review and consider them in committee – Legislative Administration, which considers the qualifications of members. Another member moved to add Representative Frost, who has been making hostile and inflammatory comments on social media. After some discussion, the amendment passed, 182-180, and a motion to table failed, 67-296. The referral motion passed 307-56, while I voted against – even legislators have the right to make foolish remarks in public.


We debated SB131, which creates a drug interdiction program, adds five state troopers, and increases funding for the state police crime lab. It passed, 252-108; I voted against because prohibition never works. SB191, funding full day kindergarten programs, was also debated and passed, 247-116. I voted against this bill also, partly because the 2/3 of towns in the state that offer full day kindergarten set it up knowing the state only paid for half day, and why should other towns subsidize them? Also, I’m not convinced full day kindergarten is good for most children, especially boys.


SB242, this year’s casino bill, was debated and killed, 275-82, then indefinitely postponed, 228-129. That means no similar bill can come up again this session. Finally, we debated SB247, which requires testing all children for lead before they can go to school or day care, and sets up a $6M fund to help landlords pay for lead remediation. I was opposed, since lead paint has been banned for 40 years; the bill passed anyway, 233-109.


Representative Carol McGuire



Epsom Food Pantry


Well, another cold week. Is it just me or is this out of the ordinary? I bought an umbrella for the porch table so that I do not sit too much in the sun. Put on my winter coat and a scarf and sat under the umbrella. I am sure the neighborswere impressed.


On to  Pantry business. We had our yearly inspection this Wednesday and we passed with flying colors. I get nervous as I want things to be perfect so Ken and crew are glad it is over. Liz got us a nice order of beef. So, along with last week’s hamburg from Market Basket, we are in pretty good shape. One thing we could use are some small items that would fit in the children’s backpacks. Peanut Butter crackers, fruit cups (6 in package), about anything that the kids would like, and also healthy.


We have had some super donations lately from Epsom families. Ken will be picking up food from the Postal Drive this week.Be safe.


Until next time,



Michael Briggs Spaghetti Dinner Thank You!


We would like to thank the entire staff at Epsom Central School, Epsom Circle Market (the cookies and Italian bread were delicious!), McBride’s Water Advantage (changing the sign due to the blizzard was key in getting the word out we had to change dates), Nam Knights, the Manchester Police Department, Flowers For All Seasons (a brand new business at the Epsom Mini Mall), and everyone else who donated food, time, or funds to make this annual event a huge success! We raised close to $2,000.00 and served 258 people! We appreciate the support of the entire Epsom Community. We could not have done this without you.


Mrs. Brodeur
and Mrs. Donovan



Epsom Library News


Movie Matinee at the Epsom Public Library continues on Wednesday, May 24 at 1:30 when the movie “The Founder” will be shown.  Michael Keaton stars as Ray Kroc, a salesman who turned two brothers’ fast food eatery, McDonald’s, into one of the biggest restaurant businesses in the world with a combination of ambition, persistence and ruthlessness.


That evening, May 24 at 7:00 PM, Doug Whitfield, a wildlife steward with the NH Fish and Game, along with Dennis Walsh, will present a program, “Black Bear Happenings in New Hampshire.”    The presentation includes information about the natural history of the animal, research taking place, how the information learned will affect management for that species, and background on the Wildlife Restoration Program that has made the work possible.



Letter To The Editor


I am writing this letter to request recognition of some of the volunteers to the Epsom Food Pantry. 


I read about all the people who are helped with groceries each week, even having food delivered to their door, which is something I’ve never heard of before!  Very nice extra service, provided by the volunteers.  Also, the generosity of the donors which is commendable.


But... I never see the names of the volunteers, who selflessly give of their  time, energy and gas money to participate in this very important program.


I think it is time that they are given a public accolade for their contribution to this effort, that makes sure that the neighbors and friends in the Town of Epsom are helped in their time of need. It would only seem fitting.


I must confess, I don’t know who they are, or I would name them here. I will leave it up to Priscilla, to let us know who these great folks are.


Diane McCarthy












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