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April 26, 2017


Epsom Public Library: Brunch with “Belle” Saturday, May 13th 10 AM Join us for this special event with “Belle.” Enjoy an “all things French” brunch, crafts, pictures and more! Don’t forget your camera and please dress up as your favorite character! Please register for this event by signing up at the circulation desk or call 736-9920.


The Epsom Public Library will show the Teen Movie: “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” Friday May 5th at 6:30pm. Rated PG 13. Enjoy the movie and celebrate “Cinco de Mayo” with tacos, burritos, chips and salsa. Please sign up for this event! Donations of food is appreciated. Call Mrs. Benner at 736-9920.

On Wednesday, May 3 at 1:30, the Epsom Library will be showing the movie, “Lion”.  The film is adapted from the book “A Long Way Home”, and tells the story of a five-year old Indian boy who gets lost on  the streets of Calcutta, thousands of kilometers from home.  He survives many challenges before being adopted by a couple in Australia.  25 years later, he sets out  to find his lost family.  Nominated for 6 Oscars, it stars Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman and Rooney Mara.



Epsom Food Pantry


Good morning, everyone.  Sorry I have missed a few weeks but I had a bit of a bout of vertigo which slowed me down a bit. On to good health now, thank goodness.


In the meantime, Food Pantry keeping busy with food deliveries and keeping our members in food.  We still can use the usual jams and jellies,  along with Hamburger Helper and Rice  a Roni . We are looking forward to your gardens and if any one does potatoes, keep us in mind. We always can use some.


I want to thank the Yeatons who remember us monthly and to St. Stephens Church in Pittsfield who keep us in their prayers with many donations to the Pantry. Also, I received a  donation from a new source called the Benevity Community Impact Fund.


Thank you one and all. So appreciated. Also, if any of you have good recipes that we could share with our members that are easy to prepare and healthy, let us know or send to PO Box 333, Epsom, NH.


Until next time,



Corn Hole Game Night At Epsom Odd Fellows Hall


Saturday night, April 29, 2017, a Corn Hole Game Night sponsored by Evergreen Lodge #53 will be held at the Epsom Odd Fellows Hall, 1198 Short Falls Road in Epsom. The Game Night is open to all who enjoy playing the Corn Hole bean bag toss game.


We’ll have three sets of Corn Hole Boards setup in the lodge hall, so six teams can compete at a time. Registration will start at 6 pm with play getting under way as soon as enough teams are registered.


A donation of $10 per team or $5 per person is appreciated. If you don’t have a partner, we’ll pair you up with someone. It will be a tournament with a prize for the champions. Refreshments will be available; you can bring your favorite beverage.


Let us know you’re coming, call Dave Lent at 603 736-8885 or email evergreenlodge53@gmail.com. Come on out for an evening of fun and competition.



Epsom K&K.jpg

Whitey Says, “We’re Not For Sale” K&K is Here To Stay
By Meggin Dail


Whitey Foss has been in the landscape business for more than thirty years, “I started this adventure when I was 15 years old, now I just have a bigger sandbox.” This will be Whitey’s 17th year in business as K&K Landscape Supplies and he wants you to know they’re not going anywhere. “When Ponderosa went up for sale, people just assumed I was closing up,” Whitey says, “I got all kinds of phone calls! It was great to know how many people cared but I assure you, we’re not closing shop.”


Besides sand, K&K deals in stone, mulch, loam, compost, and garden mix. Whitey’s pretty particular about his mulch and garden mix too. “What’s so special about your mulch?” I have to ask. Whitey laughs, “That it’s actually 100% bark! Sure you can get it cheaper but that stuff is ground stumps and wood waste. I don’t settle, I buy the best.” And the garden mix? “It’s 5:1 loam and compost so the pH is just right for any plant. I had a customer bring me a tomato that you could’ve made a sandwich out of. The guy told me, ‘that’s yours, you grew that, your garden mix did.’ That’s why I don’t compromise.”


Whitey and his crew also do excavation work, driveway grading, and plowing as well as some charitable endeavors. “Tell me about some of your charity work?” I ask Whitey. His response? “I’m just a wheelbarrow.” Whitey can’t count how many times he’s chipped in with other businesses to make our world a little better.


Whitey had a hand in the landscaping of the Epsom Traffic Circle, “to really make it a place of beauty.” He sponsored the Coe-Brown cross country team, donates mulch to the Epsom Fire Station and brings some equipment and participates in the Touch-A-Truck event every year at the Epsom Library, to name a few. Honestly it was hard getting even this information out of him because he does so much and doesn’t think twice about doing it.


K&K is named for Whitey’s “kids” Kylie and K.C., who both plowed with him in backward facing car seats.  Whitey considers every member of the K & K Team a personal friend, and his little shed has great energy. It’s just a fun place to be!


Whitey got his nickname when he was 8 years old, from a neighborhood kid who commented on his very pale appearance, “I’m either pale or burned, there’s no in between, the name just stuck.”


Open 7 days a week, K&K and Whitey Foss are all about customer service, “But don’t text me, call me, I don’t text but I will call you back.” He starts his day at 4 am and will stick around till nine at night if you need him to. “I treat my customers like family, if you need me to stay late I will, but be here when you say you’re going to be here. If you see a dump truck at 6 o’clock or 9 o’clock at night, don’t try to race him or cut him off, understand that he’s working and has probably had just as long a day as you.” Very good advice from a very nice guy.





To the Epsom Central School,
As I look out my window or get into my vehicle, I see and feel all these cars going by my house. Sometimes they’re speeding, sometimes they are not. Sometimes I feel like I’m living on Rt. 93.


This is a senseless plan. You’re picking up children at school, blocking off Yeaton Lane, and putting our children and animals at risk. This plan is ludicrous. There is a very large hole on Yeaton Lane and another on Silver Hill Drive that any car trying to get by the other could fall into.


There is a great deal of intelligence at the Epsom Central School please use it and develop a plan on Water Street. This plan is dangerous and invasive.


Thank you in advance.


A resident on Silver Hill Drive



Concord- Epsom Elks Lodge 1210


Spring is in the air. We are always looking for volunteers to help with many of the tasks we have at the lodge. If you are looking for volunteer hours or just want to give back, please contact Heather White at (603)799-9580


4/30  9 am- 11 am, Breakfast Buffet at the lodge.  Eggs and omelettes to order. Juice, milks, coffee and teas are included in your cost. The cost is Adults $8, Veterans $6 and Children under 10 years old are $4.


5/3 7 pm- 9 pm Don’t forget to come meet Sean, our new Trivia host. We have several prizes and great company to enjoy. .



Letter To The Editor:
April 18, 2017


As of the writing of this letter, it will be a week before you get a chance to read it.


What I call the “yellows” are in bloom! The Jonquils, daffodils and forsythias.  The grass is greening up and the last of the frost is coming out of the ground.


We are still in a drought, for which prudence would plan on it for the summer.  We will be starting grading and The Echo Valley Farm Road bridge project, as all of the precast pieces for the bridge are ready for installation and we will be installing at low water level.


As you may already know, the road will be closed during the bridge project, and as soon as I have a confirmed date, I will let you know.


I want to thank all of you who helped during the year.  It is nice living in a town where people keep their drainage clear, sides of road trash free, and stop and kick or throw a limb out of the road.


I also want to thank all of you who voted!


Bless You.
Your Road Agent,
Gordon Ellis





Epsom Public Library is seeking volunteers to establish a Children’s Garden which can be viewed from the Children’s Reading Room. A very low maintenance garden with permaculture features such as child sized benches/seats, gnomes, story book theme items is desired. Permanently placed containers which could house potted annuals are also desirable as well as items to attract birds and butterflies. Some funding is available.


Plans must be submitted to the library by May 31, 2017. The Epsom Public Library Board of Trustees will choose the winner at their meeting June 5, 2017. 


Interested parties please email ribbon432@aol.com with subject: “Children’s Garden” or you may call 736-9428.


Nancy Heath
Master Gardener
UNH Cooperative Extension





To my friends and family,
Thank you so much for your support during my run for Selectman! I appreciate all of you who allowed me to put signs in your yards and who gave me encouragement and help for the past few months!


 Thank you to all who came out on March 21st to vote!  


I appreciated the positive campaigning from my opponent, Chris Bowes and I wish him well for his service to our town.   I do plan to stay active in our town and will continue to work to move our town forward.


I especially want to thank my husband, Norman Lee Drew who spent his days tending to my signs and always being there for me!


Virginia Drew





To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield,
This week, the House session was brief and quite peaceful. Without any discussion, we passed SB130, classification of some state employees; SB15 and SB17, modifications to the medical marijuana law; SB59, authorizing blood tests of anyone exposing first responders to bodily fluids; and SB222, on the birth conditions program. Then we got to SB168, increasing the optional veteran’s exemption from $500 to $1000 maximum. This was debated, with the proponents trying to make us feel guilty for not supporting veterans; the opponents mentioning that less than half the towns offer a credit of $500, so the increase was not needed; and both sides pointing out that the poorest veterans probably don’t own property and so get no benefit from this property tax credit! The bill failed, 194-151; I voted against it as nobody presented any evidence that it was necessary.


The only other debate was on SB23, legalizing small firecrackers, up to the power approved by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Two doctors spoke about the possibility of harm, especially to the 12 year olds who seem to be the most often injured. The bill passed, 229-117. I spoke on SB210, renaming some positions in the Insurance Department, presenting an amendment to preserve the specification that these people serve at the commissioner’s pleasure; it, and the bill, passed by acclamation.


The other important action today was to agree with the Senate on their amendment to HB329, an innocuous bill to study balance billing by health insurance providers. The amendment confirmed elections delayed by the snowstorm and authorized the selectmen to ratify any other votes or actions (like, the budget and all the warrant articles.) This passed, 294-42, with Representative Brewster voting against it.


Representative Carol McGuire












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