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April 19, 2017


On Wednesday, April 26 at 2:00 PM, the Epsom Public Library will be showing the movie “Hidden Figures.”  Based on a true story, the film recounts the United States’ race against Russia to put a man into space.  NASA found untapped talent in a group of African American female mathematicians who provided NASA  with important mathematical data needed to launch the program’s first successful space mission.





To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield,
This week, my committee continued with Senate bills. SB 215, permitting the community college system to participate in the state health care plan, authorizes the college to discuss the possibility with the administrative unit that manages the state health plan. Since the university system already has that authority but has never gone forward with it, I’m sceptical about this being a benefit to both agencies.


SB 53, on regulation of appraisal management companies, is an update to the latest federal regulations. We can’t do much except pass it, I’m afraid. SB 54, on alcohol and drug counselors, includes the language on reciprocity we included in HB538, which the Senate decided to kill. This bill will go to subcommittee to examine the new requirements and the need for a study committee.


SB 21, on licensure and continuing education of architects, was a clarification and simplification of the statute with no new requirements; we voted, 17-1, to pass it. We also voted, 17-0, to pass SB140, which sets a three year term for members of the independent investment committee in the New Hampshire retirement system.


SB 135-FN, on the regulation of electricians, was opposed by the state Fire Marshal, because his fire inspectors have some responsibilities as electrical inspectors. It also updates the state electrical code from the 2014 version to 2017, so the codes subcommittee will be looking into this change.





Valley Artisans Open For Their 38th Season April 21st
Artisan of the Month: Sandra Sackett


Sandra Sackett and her “crafting buddy,” Sandra Cronin, have combined their various sewing techniques of quilt piecing, silk ribbon embroidery, floss embroidery, hand sewing and beading into one-of-a-kind Victorian crazy quilt Christmas stockings and tree ornaments by using bits and pieces of silk, velvet, velveteen, brocade, satin & wool fabrics, beads, laces, ribbons, trims and buttons.  Victorian crazy quilting is a creative American craft popular with ladies in the mid-19th century.


Sandra Sackett also creates small beaded jewelry pieces, a passion she has developed over the past 12 years.  She finds that working with small beads and creating interesting & fun wearable art is relaxing, meditative, Zen like past time, which can be done anywhere and has, on occasion, spent the day creating and beading while traveling across the country. She makes unique wedding ensembles.


Visit our shop and Sandra’s lovely Christmas stockings and ornaments, which make wonderful gifts for newborns, weddings or graduations; and also the jewelry pieces which make great any time gifts.  While in the store, be sure to sign up for a chance to win on of Sandra’s ornaments for the month of May.


We are always looking for creative NH artisans to join our group. Please contact us at 736-8200 if interested in jurying your work.


Valley Artisans of Epsom is open Wednesday thru Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM.



Epsom Central School Term 2 Effort & Honor Roll 2016-2017


Grade 3 Effort Roll
Kylie Bieniek, Matthew Carignan, Gage Damon, Kate Epright, Daniel Keane, Eowyn Lehrhaupt, Katherine Nericcio, Gweneth Thomas


Grade 4 Effort Roll
Phoenix Beaulieu, Cameron Carter, Laurel Downey, Bailey Gatchell, Jacob Prue, Lily Reeves, Emmanuella Souza, Samuel Thomas, Kaedyn Wilder


Grade 4 High Honor Roll
Phoenix Beaulieu, Cameron Carter, Laurel Downey, Leah Dugas, Jacob LaPage, Jacob Mather, Lily Reeves, Emmanuella Souza, Samuel Thomas


Grade 4 Honor Roll
Alexis Arsenault, Brody Auger, Daniel Bonisteel, Rose-Aimee Cummings, Bailey Gatchell, Andrew Gilbert, Karleigh Hurley, Sarah Keeler, Luc Kerouac, Maxim Kroll, Jamison LaPage, Hailey Locke, Addisen Martel, Madison Morin, Rahni Murray, Nicholas Preve, Jacob Prue, Jack Prusia, Evan Purtell, Kendall Purtell, Brandon Roberts, Robert Wentworth, Kaedyn Wilder


Grade 5 High Honor Roll
Justin Perry, Dominic Savastano


Grade 5 Honor Roll
Vincent Bellorado, Brock Bieniek, Sean Bonisteel, Taylor Cotnoir, Gavin Currier, Madeline Decker, Reagan Ellsworth, Madison Emerson, Andrei Gentes, Marissa Goodson, Joshua Goyette, Emma Hahn, Alex Hanson, Peyton Harmony, Megan Katsirebas, Meredith Kiander, Alfred Kozinski, Alyssa LaValley, Soleil Pero, Benjamin Roberge, Maya Wormald


Grade 6 High Honor Roll
Samantha Canning, Alivia Duffy


Grade 6 Honor Roll
Daniel Adams-Gagne, Lauren Bennett, Stephen Briggs, Lillianna Campbell, Madison Corey, Carson Dail, Kylie Flewelling, Nikolai Gentes, Joslynn Hurley, Emily Hussey, Ella King, Jack Manchester, Owen Michael, Parmida Nutter, Francesca Pagano, Landon Pearson, Aidan Wills


Grade 7 High Honor Roll
Emily Downey, Lillian May, Emma Miller, Angelica Whitney


Grade 7 Honor Roll
Sarah Bennett, Lucas Fries, Elizabeth Gilbert, Samantha Goodson, Ethan Katsirebas, Megan Lawrence, Demetrios Tsirovakas, Colin Wills


Grade 8 High Honor Roll
Iris Hall, Giovanni Minasalli, Nick Whitney, Jordan Whittier


Grade 8 Honor Roll
Harrison Army, Reilly Beaulieu, Astoria Campbell, Alexis Carignan, Mason Cummings, Jesse Dietz, Hayden Goyette, Michael Harris, Taylor LeBlanc, Madeline Manchester, Sydney McCullough, Paige Merrill, Graeme Roberts, Owen Thomas, Savannah Wallace



Epsom 2017 grand prix group.jpg

Epsom Bible Church Awana Club held its Annual Grand Prix Saturday March 25th. 21 kids from the Truth & Training Clubs participated with their cars. The three top places in Design went to: 1st; Teagan McCausland, 2nd; Declan McCausland, 3rd; Ella Cotelleso. Top three in Speed were: 1st; Carson Hodgdon, 2nd; Brandon Roberts, 3rd; Madeline Hartung. Between the races lots of younger sisters and brothers raced their miniature cars on the track.



Epsom Public Library Youth Events


Art Class: Wednesday, April 26th at 1pm with Kerry Harman. Join us for this fun class featuring “Low Relief Decorative Clay Tiles” with an Art Deco theme. Cost of the class is $10.00. Sign up at the library circulation desk or call 736-9920.


Family Movies: Tuesday, April 25th at 2pm. “Sing” rated PG. Rated PG Includes popcorn and drinks “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:” Wednesday, April 26th at 6:30pm. Rated PG 13. Includes popcorn and drinks.


Teen Movie: “Passengers” Tuesday, April 25th at 6:30pm. Rated PG 13. Dinner will be “Make Your Own Subs” and drinks. Please sign up for this event! Donations of food are appreciated. Call Mrs. Benner at 736-9920.



Epsom Is Beautiful And We Have Less Litter


Many factors contribute to what makes us take pride in the community we choose to live in. The natural beauty of the landscape is one of the reasons I love Epsom --  the trees and wooded areas; farms and farm fields; the hills and our 3 mountains; the quality of our waterways and lakes; the wildlife and wildflowers, and the list goes on. Epsom residents take pride in caring for their property.


A factor that takes away from our beauty is litter. If you have ever visited a country where litter is everywhere you know it takes away from the natural beauty of the area. That is why I am writing to share with you my observations over 37 years.


The Epsom Conservation Commission has been coordinating a roadside clean up since Earth Day 1990. Observations are that in the Spring after the snowbanks melt and the spring growth has not begun, roadside litter in more noticeable as well as easier to find. The first year that we coordinated the effort I did not factor in that there would be a lot of cumulative trash from the many years we did not sponsor an effort. Volunteers collected hundreds of bags of roadside trash, as well as tires, metal parts appliances and building materials.


The litter in developed areas is usually less than undeveloped country roads, probably because residents pick it up when it is in their area. The majority of what we found that first year was on stretches of roads, trails and rivers where there is no one to observe. New Orchard, New Rye, North, Goboro and Center Hill Road were roads that were particularly prone to littering.


Today the amount of litter we collect each year is greatly reduced from the first years. There are many factors that contribute to less litter. Residents who participate every year to clean up the litter in their neighborhoods, school children who help maintain the school grounds, volunteers that help in the park and other public areas, the snowmobile clubs and hunters that maintain the trail systems, the business owners who care for their property.  In my neighborhood I am so grateful to the morning walker who picks up any litter she finds on her daily walk year round. Thank you to her and people like her.  On my own road, the first year we collected over 20 bags plus 4 tires, in recent years I can barely fill 2 bags in the Spring and there haven’t been any tires.


So we created a foundation with less trash, yet litter is a common occurrence that still needs to be tended. In honor of Earth Day 2017 the Epsom Conservation Commission encourages you to find an area to collect litter. From April 21 through the 29th, BCEP, our recycling center will accept roadside litter in the state you find it. You need to inform them when you have roadside litter to discard that week. There are trash bags available at the Epsom Library. As a token of appreciation there is a choice of Howden Pumpkin Seeds or Sunflower Mix at the Library, for those who record the area they cleaned up.


There are many miles of roads and public areas to clean up. Since litter washes downstream there are many miles of waterways that are on the list of areas in need. So won’t you contribute to the Beauty of Epsom? Do it because your elderly neighbor can’t do it, do it because you care, do it because Epsom is even more beautiful when there is no litter. Epsom’s beauty is a factor that contributes.


If you have questions you can e-mail alisonparodi@metrocast.net Chair of the Epsom Conservation Commission.


If you plant your hill of pumpkins or row of dazzling sunflowers and submit a photo in the Summer you will be eligible to win a Compost Bin.












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