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August 23, 2017


The back wall is finished at the Town/Grange Hall Greenspace. Thanks to Dan Schroth, Mark Colby, Ewen McKinnon, John Healy, and Nate Bronnenberg who volunteered their talent and time to create a beautiful wall.


The Community Design Charrette Team will meet on Monday, August 28th at the Historical Society Museum, 49 Main Street. Progress on the Greenspace will be discussed. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. and is open to all town residents. For more information call Lucille at 798-5709.


The Historical Society is looking for new members interested in working on society projects. We have diaries and town records to be transcribed. Special displays always need to be done. A project is waiting for your special talent.  Some of these projects can be done at home or on your own time. The society building is open from 9 a.m. to 12 noon on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you are unable to meet this schedule, other times can be arranged.  For further information, call Lucille Noel at 798-5709.



Caller Id Spoofing Is A Popular (And Costly) Scam


Caller ID spoofing has quickly become a common scamming tactic that can lead to credit card or identity theft. According to TDS Telecom (TDS®), a simple way to prevent becoming a victim to the scam is to avoid revealing personal information.


What is caller ID spoofing? Scammers fake their appearance on caller ID displays in order to appear as if they are a reputable company such as your bank, creditor, insurance company, or even the government. They do this to get people to disclose their personal information including credit card numbers, social security numbers, passwords, and/or anything they can use or sell.


“We often think of Caller ID as a validity check, but this isn’t always the case,” said Phillip Berry, manager of Voice Product Management. “It’s unusual your bank, phone company, or other companies would call you for personal information, so be wary of what information you reveal and to whom. Even if it seems legitimate, consider hanging up and calling back the caller – at the number you normally reach them.”


If you don’t have the business number handy, look for it on an account statement, in the phone book, or the company’s official website. Be particularly wary if the caller is persistent and using pressure – scammers often try to scare people into sharing their information.


Interestingly, an “unknown number” notification on a caller ID screen does not imply a spoofed call. It usually means a blocked call or a caller is using *67 before dialing your number in order to hide where the call is coming from.


TDS advises customers to revisit the FCC guidelines and to learn more about caller ID spoofing to avoid becoming a victim.



Out Of Your Attic Thrift Shop News
Submitted By Carol Hendee


Some items we can use are: Men’s size 38 pants; 13 gallon white bags and medium size safety pins.


Be sure and check out the section for kid shoes, located at the end of the first aisle, just before the bathroom.  Books are there too.


Pictures and frames are 1/2 price Wed., Thurs., and Sat.


Rte 28 North, near the Pittsfield line.  Mon. 8-12; Tues & Thurs 8-4; Wed. 11-4 & Sat 10-4.  247-7191.



2017-18 Chichester Central School News
Submitted By Brian Beaverstock, Principal
Chichester Central School


On behalf of the teachers and entire staff at Chichester Central School, we hope you have had a safe and enjoyable summer.  We are looking forward to welcoming back all of our students for the 2017-18 school year.  The classrooms are in order, hallways are waxed and shined, and the teaching staff is gearing up for another exciting year of learning and growing together with our students. All students should have received a “welcome” letter from their homeroom teacher which will list necessary supplies for the school year.  You will also be able to find these letters on the school website in case you misplace yours.


Wednesday, August 30, is our first day of school.  Please look over the bus routes as some times and stops have changed.  Students should be at their designated bus stop at least 10 minutes before their scheduled time in the first week of school so we can gauge their pick-up time and bus route correctly. Parents who are dropping off their children are asked to do so after 8 and as close to 8:10 as possible as students may begin entering their homeroom at 8:10 and the school day will officially begin at 8:15 AM.  This is a change from last year.  The school day has been extended to 2:45 PM which is when parent pick-up will begin and buses load for departure.  This extension of the school day is to provide an extra 5 minutes for lunch periods and an extra 5 minutes of instruction to the school day.


The lunch price for students this year will be $2.50 for K-4 students and $2.70 for students in grades 5-8.  This difference is due to the fact that students in grades 5-8 receive larger portions than our younger students.   Adults who would like to purchase a fine meal may do so at $3.50, but please call ahead to make arrangements.  More information including our school lunch menu will be posted on our website and on our google calendar.  Speaking of our website, our school website and the SAU #53 website has a brand new look.  Please get to know our new website as the intention is to make finding information easier with less clicks.


Incoming kindergarten students are invited to an orientation to school with their parents and practice riding the school bus on Tuesday, August 29.  Please meet at school in our kindergarten classroom at CCS at 10 AM that morning.  All incoming first grade students may visit their classroom from 11-11:45 AM on Tuesday, August 29 as well in order to reorient themselves with their new classroom.  The PTO will once again be hosting our fabulous Back to School Barbeque on Wednesday, September 6 at 5 PM.  Carpooling for this event is strongly encouraged as there is limited parking at school.  After everyone is fed, families are encouraged to meet the teachers and tour the school as part of the annual Open House at 6 PM. 


I am very proud of our school’s accomplishments in the past year and am looking forward to another great year of learning in our CCS community.  Students in grades 5-8…be sure to complete your summer reading book and your summer reading assignment.  Enjoy this last week of summer and please call the school at 798-5651 if there are any questions!



Bus Route Schedule for 2017-18
Chichester Central School


7:24 Right on Main St.  Turns @ Fire Station, right to Main St.
7:25  Main Street/ Right onto Cross/Granny Howe.  Right onto Rte 4W.  Right on King Rd.  Right to Canterbury Rd. Right onto Main St. to Horse Corner.
7:34  Corner of Horse Corner/Towle Mason, Left onto Lane
7:38  Right onto road marked “To Hutchinson Rd”
7:42  Turns around in Pembroke
7:46  Right onto Short Falls, Left onto Lovers’ Lane
7:48  Right onto Burnt Hill
7:51  Right onto Smith Sanborn
7:53  Right onto Highland, Right onto Smith Sanborn
7:55  Right onto Dover Rd E to traffic circle
8:03  Left on Deermeadow Rd


Bus 2
7:25  Main St. to W on Dover Rd
7:35  Turns onto Ricker Rd. to Harvest, Holstein, Guernsey
7:41  Left onto King onto E. Ricker
7:51  Right onto Bear Hill
7:54  Left onto Durgin, continues to Ferrin
8:01  Left onto Bear Hill
8:04  Right onto Rte 28 S.


7:24  Right onto Bear Hill to Center Rd. (Bus does not stop on Bear Hill)
7:32  To Horse Corner
7:35  Garvin Hill/Horse Corner
7:40  Staniels/Horse Corner
7:42  Left onto Higgins, turn at Preve
7:44  Right onto Horse Corner, Left onto Connemara
         Turn at cul-de-sac, Left onto Horse Corner
7:52  Staniels and Horse Corner
7:53  Left onto Bailey
8:00  Right to Dover Rd. E. To traffic circle


7:22  Webster Mills to S on Suncook Valley Rd.
7: 29 Right onto Deermeadow, Right onto Main St.
7:31  Left onto Rte. 28
7:33  Suncook Valley and Martel, turn at end of Martel.
7:35  Left onto Suncook Valley Rd.
7:37  Right onto Kelly Corner
7:39  Right onto Pleasant
7:47 Turns across from Del Lea, back to Kelly Corner, toward Suncook Valley
7:49  Right onto Suncook Valley South
7:51  Right onto Swiggey Brook
7:53  Turns R onto Hilliard, turns at end
8:00  Right onto Swiggey Brook
8:02 Right onto Suncook Valley, turns @ Holmes Carpet. Depot/Rte 28, left @ Country Store


6:04 Rte. 28 and Martel Rd.
6:07 Ring Road and Kelly Corner
6:07 Kelly Corner and Pleasant
6:08 Rte 28/Mayflower Dr.
6:09 Rte. 28 and Swiggey Brook (upper end)
6:15 Bear Hill and Center Rd.
6:21 Chichester Central School
6:24 Granny Howe/Main
6:24 Methodist Church
6:28 End Canterbury Rd (Loudon end)\
6:30 King and Harvest Rd.
6:31 King and Rte. 4
6:33 Abundant Life
6:35 Horse Corner/Higgins
6:36 Horse Corner and Connemara
6:37 Horse Corner and Staniels
6:38 Horse Corner and Bailey
6:39 Bailey and Rte 4
6:41 Atlantic Traders/Mason Rd
6:44 Z-1/Horse Corner Rd
6:45 Horse Corner and Lane
6:47 Lane and Hutchinson
6:48 Smith Sanborn and Burnt Hill
6:49 Smith Sanborn and Highland
7:15 at PA



Chichester Town Library News


For those who participated in the Summer Reading Program (SRP), don’t forget to turn in your booklets this week.


The Down Under Used Book Sale will be held on Saturday, August 26th, from 8 a.m.-1 p.m.  We’re approaching the new school year; so, as you might expect, “Back to School” is one of the highlights of the sale.  Make sure you look for the books you might need for additional resources for the kids, whether they be home-schooled or students at Chichester Central School/Pembroke Academy.  The other highlight of the sale will be “The Weapon of Choice,” since hunting season is near and we have quite a selection of books on guns, knives, bows and arrows, etc.


In addition, the library is also supporting a Farmer’s Market from 9-noon.  Local vendors of vegetables, eggs, herbs, flowers and other products are encouraged to participate.  Please call the library to make arrangements.  Share your bounty with your neighbors!  Those of us who didn’t plant gardens this year will certainly appreciate it and bring some extra money with us to the sale.


The Down Cellar Writers will be meeting on Monday, August 28th, at 7 p.m.


The library Trustees, staff and volunteers would like to recognize the efforts of all the friends of our beloved Lisa, who has gone too soon from our midst.  Your condolences and attendance at her funeral are appreciated.  Thanks, also, to the Teen Advisory Group who made a collage of pictures of Lisa for display at Old Home Day and had index cards available for people to write down their memories of her.












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