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March 8, 2017


If you missed the CYA Baseball/Softball registration deadline on March 5th, registrations will be accepted from March 6th - 12th with a $10.00 late fee. Forms can be found online at

The Chichester School District Meeting will be held on Saturday, March 11, beginning at 9 a.m. In addition to the budget and other regular business the School District will be asked if they support changing our current half-day Kindergarten to a full day program.

Chicken Tetrazzini will be served at the Community Supper on March 8. Come to the Chichester United Methodist Parish Hall and enjoy a meal with your friends and neighbors at 6 p.m. The Community Suppers are free, although donations are welcomed and used toward the cost of future suppers.

Voting for Town and School District officials will take place on Tuesday, March 14, beginning at 10 a.m. at the Town Hall.

The Chichester Town Meeting will begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 18, in the multi-purpose room at Chichester Central School.


Chichester Grange will meet on Wednesday, March 15 at 7 p.m. upstairs in the Grange Hall.


Hope in Christ Church is hosting a free Community Supper on Saturday, March 18th.  We will be serving spaghetti with meatballs, garlic bread, salad, coffee and dessert.  Please drop by between the hours of 4:30pm and 6:30pm and visit with neighbors and friends. Hope in Christ church is located at 153 Main Street, Chichester, (next to the Town Library).  We hope to see you there!



Out Of Your Attic Thrift Shop News
Submitted By Carol Hendee


Does anyone use a punch bowl? If you would like one, free, just ask at the desk!


We have some nice china tea cups -perfect for the little ladies tea party-cups alone 50¢; with saucer 75¢ -ask at desk.


Check out our of inventory of briefcases, larger carry bags and suitcases -great prices.


Located at 345 Suncook Valley Hgwy, Chichester; Open Mon. 8-12; Tues. & Thurs. 8-4; Wed. 11-4; & Sat. 10-4; like us on facebook!  247-7191.



Chichester Town Library News


School vacation has been over and the library resumes a more normal schedule.  The Knitting Circle will be meeting this afternoon (Wednesday) at 3:30, and the Pre-School/Kindergarten Story and Craft “Hour” meets tomorrow morning at 10:30.


This evening, the Evening Book Club will be meeting at 7 p.m. to discuss The Ghost Map, by Steven Johnson.


The Teen Advisory Group will be meeting on Saturday, March 11th at 9:30 a.m.  There is an open invitation to teens to join the group and help determine projects and/or activities for the group.


Monday, March 13th, at 2:30 p.m., the Memory Café will be held at the library.  This group is a wonderful way for those with memory challenges to connect with each other and recover/relive some of those memories.


As a community reminder, the Chichester School Annual District Meeting will be held on Saturday, March 11th, at the Chichester Central School at 9 a.m.



Letter To The Editor


I am writing regarding the proposed Zoning Amendment # 1 on Chichester’s Town ballot.


Last year the town passed a zoning amendment that allowed an exception to the entire lighting ordinance for “the illumination of Federal, State, Local and Military Service Flags.”


The proposed amendment would broaden that exemption to “The illumination of Flags (except ones that serve as commercial advertising).”


I understand the primary reason for this zoning amendment is concern that the current language could be challenged as an unconstitutional impingement on free speech. But no challenge has been brought forth.


This proposed amendment would allow an unlimited number of illuminated “noncommercial” flags in the commercial district without any restrictions on:


Light trespass on adjoining properties;
Glare on the highway;
Skyglow from upward lighting;
Brightness of the lighting;
Number of illuminated flags per property
Size of each flag
Height of the flagpole


Lighting fixtures are available that provide downward lighting of flags. These would not create sky glow, thus not requiring even the existing exemption.


Businesses, by their very nature, want to attract attention to themselves.  Under the proposed amendment, businesses will be free to install and light as many flags as they chose (perhaps “Happy New Year” or “Have a Nice Day”). This type of flag would likely be determined “noncommercial”.


Multiplication of lit flags over time will effectively negate the Town’s outdoor lighting ordinance. Major cities are now able to effectively preserve their night sky because the technology is available to meet commercial lighting desires and also preserve the night sky.   We should be able to do this in Chichester.


A straight forward solution to the problem with a hypothetical constitutional challenge would be to remove the exception for lighting of flags.  


I hope that you vote No on Amendment # 1 on the Zoning Ballot.


Kate Rafferty Hall



Letter To The Editor


My name is Stephen MacCleery and I am running for the one year term for Selectman. I have had the honor of holding this position in the past and would very much like to represent you, the citizens of Chichester, once again.


My wife, Holly, and I have very deep roots in town with our ancestors going back to the 1700s. We ourselves, along with our son and daughter, have continued their tradition of farming for the past 44 years.


Since the late 1980s, I have served my town as a past Selectman, former Chairman of the Planning Board as well as many school committees. I am currently on the BOA, Ag Commission, and Budget Committee.


I realize that we need to provide services to the town and its citizens, but we also need to watch the bottom line of the budget so we can continue to afford to live in the great town. I am willing to work with department heads as well as each citizen to help make that happen. Hopefully, one day, our great-great grandchildren will be able to say that their ancestors have lived in Chichester since 2017.


Along with Mr. Millette, I also volunteered to fill the vacated position of Selectman since I was on the ballot last March. I was told I wasn’t chosen because Mr. Millette stated he would not be running for the position and the current board didn’t want it to look like they were giving a leg up to a candidate.


Regardless, I feel I bring a wealth of knowledge to this position and I’m committed to serving the citizens of our great town. Thank you for considering me as your next Selectman on March 14th.


Stephen MacCleery



Chichester Library Presents Celtic Music
By Jeff Snow On St. Patrick’s Day


What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than enjoying a concert of Celtic music with renowned musician Jeff Snow?  The library will be hosting Jeff at the Grange on Main Street at 7 p.m. on Friday, March 17th.  He’ll be bringing a variety of his instruments, which include six and twelve-string guitars, an autoharp, a Celtic Bouzouki and Bodhran, along with percussion instruments.


The songs of “old” Ireland, Scotland and England reflect the histories of the countries and the stories of the people.  Some are fun, some are sad; but, all will educate us.  And, Jeff is just the right person to do so.  One of his reviews states, “He is a very talented musician and an engaging storyteller who held the audience in the palm of his hand.”


Come and join your friends and neighbors for “The Softer Side of Celtic.”



Poetry Society Returns To Chichester


The Poetry Society of New Hampshire, with the support of the Chichester Library, is sponsoring an outstanding program at the Chichester Town Hall, 161 Main Street in Chichester on Wednesday, March 22nd at 7 p.m.  Featured poets are Nancy Jean Hill and Tim Mayo, followed by an Open Mic.  Everyone is invited and newcomers are particularly encouraged to attend.


Nancy Jean Hill has authored the Beryllium Diary, as well as having her poems published in such literary publications as Calyx, Omphalos, Phoebe, Slipstream, The Café Review, Silver Birth Press and Tower Journal.  Ms. Hill received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Education from Plymouth State College and has worked extensively as a writing consultant. 


Tim Mayo is a highly-acclaimed poet and writer and has authored The Kingdom of Possibilities and Thesaurus of Separation.  Publications that have carried his work(s) include:  Barrow Street, Narrative Magazine, Poetry International, Poet Lore, the Writer’s Almanac and others.  Mr. Mayo graduated cum laude with an ALB from Harvard University and an MFA from The Bennington Writing Seminars.  He is also a founding member and organizer of the Brattleboro (VT) Literary Festival.


This is a not-to-be-missed event!  For further information, please contact Don Kimball at





Dear Chichester voters,
I respectfully ask that when you vote next Tuesday, you consider writing-in my name, Sally Kelly for School Moderator.  There are three reasons why I am running.


1. I found out recently that no one signed up to run.


2. I am completing my 6th (and final) year serving on the School Board which has increased my understanding about the budget, warrant articles, etc.


3. I have already served in the role of School Moderator for 3 years prior to running for school board.


Did I mention that no one else signed up to run?!?


Thanks for your consideration and regardless of WHO you decide to vote for, please remember to vote on Tuesday, March 14th!


Respectfully yours,
Sally Kelly













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