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July 26, 2017


Oscar Foss Memorial Library News
Fairy Houses!


Children and tweens are invited to come make fairy houses at the library on Saturday, August 5 at 11am. Jerissa and Christy will show everyone how to build a fairy house using natural and found items. You can take your house home or leave it for the library book fairies!


Playwrights & Performers!
Playwrights and Performers is a Teen/Tween collaboration. The group meets every other Thursday at 6:30pm. The group will write, produce and perform their own original show! There will also be an opportunity to design sets and costumes. On Saturday, August 26 at 6pm, the production will be put on for the community along with dinner as our summer reading finale event!


Please call the library (269-3900) or visit our website ( for more information about any of our programs or events. There is always something happening at the Oscar Foss Memorial Library! Library hours are; Tuesday and Wednesday: 10am-6pm, Thursday and Friday: 12pm-8pm, Saturday: 10am-1pm, Sunday and Monday: closed.



Year Rounders Bowling League Starts Sept. 7th


The Year Rounders are a group of men and women who for the last 28 years have been bowling once a week on Thursdays at 11:30 AM.


We bowl three strings of candlepin bowling at Boutwells Bowling Center in Concord starting on Sept. 8 and continuing until early May.


This is friendly non serious competition with people who enjoy bowling and sharing good times with friends. At the end of the bowling season a banquet is held with music provided.


If interested, please contact Peter Rothwell at 776-1483.


Come join our league and enjoy the friendships as much as the bowling!



Barnstead Christmas In July.jpg

John Wheeler pondering which Christmas Gift in the swap he will select.


“Christmas In July”


The Locke Lake Social Club held their annual “Christmas in July” roasted chicken luncheon on the 15th of July in the lodge.  The luncheon was sponsored by the club for it’s members and guests.  After a most delicious meal and high caloric desserts, the members had a Yankee Swap of Christmas Gifts.


Next Month’s event will be an “Ole Fashion Picnic” on Saturday August 19th at noon at the main beach gazebo & lodge.  Members are asked to have their own picnic luncheon and corn on the cob will be provided, and appetizers or dessert to share.  After lunch, outdoor games will be played with cash prizes for the winners.


On September 9th the annual “Monkey Golf” will be on the schedule.  This year a change.  Pot Luck Breakfast will be at 9:30 am in the Lodge and then the members and guests will attack the golf greens.  Members are asked to bring breakfast treats.  For those entering the golf tournament, a registration fee of $5.00 will be expected.  This will be returned in the form of prizes for the 1st and 2nd place team winners.  The coveted monkey statues will be awarded to the captains of the winning team.  No experience is necessary so get in your swing practice.



Barnstead Tore Down House (1).jpg

Barnstead TDH.jpg

Barnstead Parks And Recreation Summer Concert Series


On Saturday, July 29 please join Barnstead Parks and Recreation in welcoming Tore Down House to the concert stage.


This is the band’s fourth year appearing in the summer concert series.  Mainly a trio, and sometimes a quartet, this show will be a more intimate performance of the original two members, Mark Huzar, vocalist and guitarist, and John Michaud, drummer.


Mark and John have been performing all over New England for the last 11 years.  The two met in 1994 in a music store while posting an ad seeking musicians.  They soon started playing together and writing songs.  Both played in the Funk Band “Indelible Groove” in the late 90s.


In 2000, Mark and John recorded a CD under the band name “Amid the Ruins.”  Then, in 2006 Tore Down House was conceived and became a “back to roots” project focused on playing classic deep cuts from some of the greatest bands of our past, including The Allman Brothers Band, the Grateful Dead, CCR, and on and on.  Tore Down House also became the vehicle for many original songs such as “American Farmer” and “Crescent City”, as well as many others.


The show starts at 6:00 pm. The Barnstead Historical Society will be on hand offering concessions.  Remember to bring a lawn chair or blanket and a friend or three.  As always, smoking and alcohol are prohibited on the Parade Grounds.  Come enjoy this free event and show your support for local music!



Letter To The Editor


Respect has to be earned. We all want it for ourselves and our nation.  It seems we have lost the respect of the rest of the world.


Respect is defined as “being decent or correct in character or behavior.”  Are we displaying character by ignoring the healthcare needs of families, veterans, the elderly, and others?  Are we showing character or deserving respect by pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement? If we don’t respect our planet, why should we deserve respect as a nation?  It is obvious from recent events in Germany and elsewhere that the U.S. has lost the respect of the world. 


Our President, our government, and their actions speak for all of us.  The world is watching and listening.


Please, encourage our NH congressional delegation to show character and say, “We do care about the needs of our fellow citizens and our planet.”  Tell them that we, as citizens of the United States of America, will show character and that we still deserve the RESPECT we used to have.


Sandra Burt
Barnstead, NH



Local Democrat Meeting: Progressives And Young Democrats


The theme of next month’s meeting of the Tri-Town Democrats of Barnstead, Gilmanton, and Alton on Monday, August 7th is Progressives and Young Democrats! Our special guests will be Mo Baxley and a speaker from the New Hampshire Young Democrats.


Mo Baxley is a former NH state representative, former union organizer, and a longtime LGBT rights activist and leader.  She is best known in NH for leading the efforts to pass NH’s gay rights and marriage equality laws. She has been a powerful progressive voice in New Hampshire politics. Baxley was a member of Bernie Sanders’ NH Steering Committee and she is now the 2nd Vice-Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


The New Hampshire Young Democrats is a statewide organization with over 500 active members. The mission of NHYD is to engage and involve young people in New Hampshire’s political community, help young Democrats seeking office, advocate for progressive issues, and train the next generation of progressive leaders.


The guest speakers will be followed by action items and community organizing.


The meeting will be held at the Barnstead Town Hall at 108 South Barnstead Road in Barnstead. Come for socializing and potluck any time between 6:15 pm and 6:30 pm. The meeting runs from 6:30 pm to 8:00pm.


The meeting is open to any and all residents of Barnstead, Alton, and Gilmanton who consider themselves moderate, liberal, or progressive Democrats or like-minded Independents. Refreshments to share are encouraged but not required. For more information, email or visit the “Barnstead, Alton, and Gilmanton Democrats” Facebook page.













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