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April 19, 2017


Letter To The Editor
Edelblut’s Attempt to Weaken Science Standards is Stymied


Kudos to New Hampshire’s Board of Education for standing up to Frank Edelblut, Sununu’s controversial pick for Education Commissioner. The Board recently voted unanimously to refuse Edelblut’s request to review the state’s school science standards.


The Board adopted the Next Generation Science Standards last year after a 2-year-long review. Edelblut requested another review because NGSS had been given a grade of “C” by the Fordham Institute. However, Jack Hassard, a former high school science teacher and Professor Emeritus of Science Education at Georgia State University, describes Fordham as an “ultra-conservative” organization, whose criteria used to evaluate the NGSS are “low-level, mediocre at best.” According to Hassard, Fordham “appears to have had their eyes closed” during the past thirty years, when “many of the creative ideas… emerged in science teaching.” The Board of Education agreed. As Board member Bill Duncan stated, “Fordham’s view of the standards is from 1950 science teaching.”


Sununu’s choice of Edelblut was met with much criticism. He and his wife home-schooled their children and he has had no professional public education experience. According to state law, Education Commissioners “shall be qualified to hold their positions by reason of education and experience.” Because of Edelblut’s lack of experience and his conservative views on education, critics were fearful that his appointment was strictly political.  It appears that their fears were well founded.


If you are concerned about the current attack on science and gutting of the EPA by the Trump administration and Republican leaders, please join the worldwide March for Science on Earth Day, April 22, which includes satellite marches in Concord and Portsmouth.


For more information, search March for Science Concord NH or March for Science Portsmouth NH on Facebook.


Jane Westlake,
Center Barnstead



New Hampshire Community Rights Network To Co-Host Event in Barnstead


Community Rights activists of Barnstead recently viewed We The People 2.0 - The Second American Revolution. Now they invite you to join them for a Community Rights Awareness Workshop to learn more about the Community Rights Movement in New Hampshire. The workshop will take place at the Oscar Foss Memorial Library in Barnstead on Sunday, April 30th at 1:00 pm.


In this workshop, we take an in-depth look at how political and legal structures have been set up to protect the interests of an elite wealthy minority at the expense of the majority of people and community self-government. We’ll look at how corporations have received more rights and protections than real people living in communities, and we’ll look at how communities have pushed back against these oppressive structures to reclaim democratic self-government in their communities and at the state level with a proposed Community Rights Amendment.


The Community Rights Movement in the Granite State began in Barnstead, with the nearly unanimous adoption of a rights-based community ordinance in 2006, to protect the “Right to Water” by banning commercial water mining. The Movement has spread to other communities across the state seeking to legalize democratic local self-governance in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of both human and natural communities. Barnstead residents picked up the Community Rights torch again in 2016 by enacting the first-in-the-nation “Freedom From Religious ID Requirement” Community Bill of Rights.


All are welcomed to attend this free workshop. Please contact Diane: for any questions. If you are able to let us know in advance, you may register for the workshop at​.



Oscar Foss Memorial Library News
Record Player & Albums


The library now has a great collection of vinyl albums that you can check out! We also have a record player that we are circulating if you want to try some of the albums out, but don’t have one at home. You must be 16+ to borrow the record player. Go to our website ( to see our list of albums and the policy for borrowing the record player.


Library Trustees Meeting
The library trustees will be meeting at the library on the second Wednesday of each month at 6pm. The next meeting will be May 10th and meetings are always open to the public.


Please call the library (269-3900) or visit our website ( for more information about any of our programs or events. There is always something happening at the Oscar Foss Memorial Library! Library hours are; Tuesday and Wednesday: 10am-6pm, Thursday and Friday: 12pm-8pm, Saturday: 10am-1pm, Sunday and Monday: closed.



Barnstead Elementary School Second Trimester Honor Roll List


The following students in Grades 4-8 at the Barnstead Elementary School have earned HIGH HONORS or HONORS for the Second Trimester.  Students who have received A’s in all of their subjects qualify for HIGH HONORS.  Those students who have earned A’s and B’s in all of their subjects qualify for HONORS.  In addition, students qualifying for HIGH HONORS and HONORS must have received grades in effort and conduct that are average or above.


HIGH HONORS: Hannah Chmiel, Victoria Cowser, Rebecca Hopkins, Mary Hupper, Anne Killinger, Ashley Lyle, Samuel McGrath, Darien Milioto, Diondre Thoroughgood, Wyatt Varney, Juliette West, Alexis Wilson


HONORS: Gavin Barham-Elliott, Michael Barnes, Noah Biron, Luke Biscoe, Victoria Christie, Joseph Deane, Heath Dunn, Trey Everett, Kyle Gauvin, Avaiah Goldsmith, Anthony Hamilton, Leon Hill, Taylor Huse, Tristen Karmeris, Ava Lytle, Daniel Nourse, Ethan Ring, Canaan Stonner, Christopher Tedcastle, Avery Thoroughgood, Jonathan Whitten


HIGH HONORS: Grace Brooks, Serafine Cormier, Lani Demers, Lia Doyle, Abigaile Grillo-Moore, Derek Hopkins, Ethan Kenerson, Vera Littlefield, Kaela Marchildon, Dillon Miller, Erin Rawnsley, Reagan Webb, Sarah White


HONORS: Connor Bagnell, Kaidin Bergeron, Ethan Capsalis, Gwenivere Christie, Ren Connors, Cole Cote, Ariana Gilbert, Hannah Graffam, Joseph Howlett, Shannon Kelley, Eli Kriete, William Lagraize, Rylee Lounsbury, Aden McPhail, Cameron Nelson, Charlotte Nourse, Phillip Roberts, Anthony Sanborn, Trinity Shampney, Ella Smith, Jake Tash, Aijah Thoroughgood, Kaitlynn Vigue


HIGH HONORS:  Samuel Caldwell, Olivia Fanjoy, Cameron Gagnon, Jeremy Hayes, Owen Mahanes, Glidden Martin, Ella Misiaszek, Hailey Pitman, Bruce Rawnsley, Madilyn Ray, Jillian Simpson, Mallory Smith


HONORS: Jayden Booker, Luke Carter, Alexina Charity, Ashley Chmiel, Tyler Cote, Lauren Croft, Thomas Duquette,  Madelyn Kelley, Madilyn Neathery, Madelyn Penfield, Makayla Richard, Kaylee Riel, Savannah Russo, Ainsley Sabean, Willow Sanborn, Zachary Sullivan, Ricardo Vazquez, Michaela Vernazzaro, Ian West, Abigail Wittenberg


HIGH HONORS:  Megan Burnette, Hannah Capsalis, Spencer Grow, Cloe Hillsgrove,  Tazanna Roberts, Don Terrio, Jaren Unzen, Liam White


HONORS: Rachel Adkins, Colby Beauregard, Emalee Bunker, Jaden Burt, Kailee Cody, Sydney Cole, Rylee Duquette, Michaela Gates, Juliana Grillo-Moore, Emma Graffam, Kathryn Hamilton, Ethan Howe, Connor Lebrun, Steven Littlefield, Alexis Lyle, Lyndsay Lytle, Rylee Marchildon, Emily Sanschagrin, Sophie Sarno, Dennis Simpson, Deuce Smith, Melody Sylvester, Ryan Warr


HIGH HONORS: Audrey Jacques, Kassidy Kelley, Madeline Kriete, Fiona Wilson


HONORS: Lucas Bilodeau, Theodore Broska, Natalie Cates, Emma Doyle, Hannah Errington, Payton Everett, David Fossett, Taylor Kiley, David Parker, Skylar Presby, Adam Ross, Trevor Smith













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