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March 8, 2017




Dear Barnstead voters,
Tuesday, March 14 is town voting day. And, though I try to always know the candidates I am choosing, sometimes I do not recognize some names. There have even been times when I felt I had to skip over a position because I just didn’t know.


This is no way to treat my voting privilege!  And so I would like to introduce you to two candidates that I do know, on the ballot for two library trustee positions.


Debra Lamontagne is running for a three year term and comes with a depth and breadth of experience that make her extremely suited to the role. In addition to her highly skilled professional positions, she has been active in libraries around the state for many years, including having served on previous trustee boards. When she and her husband came to Barnstead, she joined the Friends of the Library, and quickly became president of that group, guiding the Friends in providing programs, funds, and other support for the library.


Running for the one year term is Julie Skinner, another highly competent candidate. As she said at the Candidates’ night last week, the first two things she did when she moved to Barnstead were get a library card and register to vote. She has been a faithful volunteer at the library since then and is highly respected by the staff who work with her.


Both Debra and Julie will make great trustees. Now there are two names you know a little about. Please be sure to vote on March 14th and then come to Town Meeting on March 18 and School District Meeting March 25 to vote on budget items. This is your chance to have a say in how your town operates. Thank you.


Suzanne Allison



Barnstead-Alton-Gilmanton Republican Committee (BARC’G) To Meet Tuesday, March 14


The Barnstead-Alton-Gilmanton Republican Committee (BARC’G) has announced that their next monthly meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 14 at 6:30 pm at J.J. Goodwin’s Restaurant (upstairs dining room), 769 Suncook Valley Highway (Rt 28), in Center Barnstead.


This month the Committee will hear from your elected representatives in the NH State House and State Senate about current and pending legislation that they’ve been reviewing, studying, and voting on. 


You’ll be updated about the Belknap County budget that has been developed by the County Commissioners and is being reviewed and discussed by the County Delegation (a.k.a. your State Representatives).


And, the Committee will also discuss the activities in Washington, DC including legislation, Executive Orders by President Trump, and nominees to the President’s cabinet and the Supreme Court.


Although a guest speaker has not yet been confirmed, a separate announcement will be posted on the Committee’s website prior to the meeting.


BARC’G meetings are open to all Republicans and like-minded Independents from Alton, Barnstead, and Gilmanton, and any other towns in New Hampshire.  There is no charge to attend the meetings.


Per their usual meeting format, if you’re interested in having dinner (at your option) or wish to socialize before the meeting, plan to arrive as early as 5:30pm.


The Committee reminds you to bring non-perishable food items (cans of soup, tuna fish, etc) to the meeting for distribution to local food pantries.  


For more information, please check the Committee’s website or send an email to



Dan Carter Concert To Benefit Belknap House


An evening of music by local vocalist and pianist Dan Carter will be offered on Friday evening, March 10th,  at the Laconia Unitarian Church, 172 Pleasant St., Laconia.  Mr. Carter is generously donating all proceeds to Belknap House, the cold weather shelter for homeless families in Belknap County.  Drawing from the styles of Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Lionel Ritchie and Sam Cooke, he plays both original compositions and pop classics.  Dan performs throughout New Hampshire and the East Coast and is well-known for his heartfelt, entertaining, and witty shows.


Doors open at 7pm and the concert starts at 7:30pm.  Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door and are available from Greenlaw’s Music (633 N. Main St, Laconia), Belknap House (200 Court St, Laconia), or Belknap House board members. 


Belknap House opened in February as a cold weather shelter for families.  During the warmer months it will function as a hostel.  Volunteers are needed to work inside the shelter.  Shifts are flexible and schedules are adapted to match the availability of volunteers.  To learn more, volunteer, or donate, please visit  or



The Reason For God


Do Christians have the only way to God; what about Muslims, Hindus, Scientology, Moonies, Jews etc.?  Why aren’t all religions and belief systems valid?  Does religion have to be divisive, does it matter what you believe?


Come and join the conversation as we discuss the New York Times bestselling book “The Reason for God” by Timothy Keller.  Using literature, philosophy, reason, and real-life conversations we will try and answer these questions as well as discuss whether believing in God makes any rational sense at all.


This week’s conversation begins on Sunday, March 12th at 4:30 PM.  The classes will be held at the Center Barnstead Christian Church located across from the Barnstead Town Hall.  Any questions please call the church at 603-269-8831 or visit our website at





To the Voters of Barnstead,
I would like to thank you for electing me to serve on the Barnstead Budget Committee three years ago, in March of 2014.   I’m reaching out to you now to let you know that I have found working on the Budget Committee to be a very rewarding experience.  I’ve also found that the leaders of our town really take to heart their responsibilities, trying to run their departments in a responsible and frugal manner. 


As a member of the Budget Committee I have the same goal, asking questions at Budget Committee meetings to have a better understanding of the goals of each department.  I want to make sure that the Town of Barnstead is providing the necessary services – Police, Fire, Roads, Schools, etc. - while at the same time keeping our taxes as low as possible. 


I’ve learned a lot during the past 3 years (actually 4 years due to having been appointed to fill a vacancy in January 2014) serving on the Committee.  We’ve been able to check explanations for budget requests for the coming year compared to what we had heard the previous year, or even the year before that.  Our school budget, being the largest part of our taxes, requires that we ask the tough questions of the representatives of the School Board.  We want the children of our town to grow to be productive, well-educated citizens.  But at the same time, recognizing that some requests may not be absolutely necessary, we reduce or cut a budget line item. 


It is this philosophy that I have followed while serving as a member of the Budget Committee, and which I, if you choose to re-elect me, will continue to follow while performing my duties.  I would appreciate your vote on March 14th.  Thank you.


Alan Glassman
Candidate for Re-Election to the Barnstead Budget Committee



Barnstead End 68.jpg

End 68 Hours Of Hunger


End 68 Hours Of Hunger is having a food drive at the Barnstead Town Meeting, March 18th 2017 starting at 9:00 am at the Barnstead Elementary School. Please bring your non-perishable food items to the Barnstead Elementary School. For more information about End 68 Hours Of Hunger, Please contact Barnstead Elementary School Coordinator: Meredith Jacques at 603-269-5161 ext. 582.


Suggested Donation Items to bring:
• Individual Snacks (All kind)
• Peanut Butter & Jelly (16 or 28 oz. plastic jars)
• Cereal (any kind, +/- 18 oz.)
• Granola/Nutrition Bars (any kind, high calorie, in boxes)
• Soup (any kind, meaty is best, 18.5 oz. cans or smaller)
• Canned pasta (any kind, 16 oz. cans or smaller)
• Cup of fruit or canned fruit (any kind, 15 oz. cans)
• Tortillas (non-refrigerated kind)
• Canned tuna or chicken (12 oz. cans)
• Dry Pasta, Tuna, Chicken, Hamburger Helper
• Mayonnaise (plastic squeeze bottles)



Letter To The Editor


I would like to thank everyone in Barnstead who voted for me last year! I once again am running for Barnstead  School  Board!


I worked as a janitor at BES for 5½ years, and  am very familiar with the school and what should be fixed and what doesn’t need fixing!


I was told that as a school board member your hands are tied! My personal belief is nothing is ever set in stone!    Even that which is impossible can be and should be fixed! Sometimes doing the impossible can lead to great things!


When I am on the school board I will do my best to keep costs down while making sure the kids get the education they deserve! Things like a short course in Chinese or Spanish are good for the kids!


I want to see the kids inspired to learn and not drop out when they get to high school! I rememberwhen I worked there at BES there was a special class of English, which students had to sign up for. At  the  time;  I thought it was a waste of money, but after talking to Mrs. Nelson, who taught the class, and others about the English class, I realized it was money well spent! If the kids benefited and increased  their knowledge of English and improved  their reading skills;  I am all for it!


I ask for your support and your vote on March 14th; and am ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work! You vote for me, and I work for and answer to you! If there are problems at your school, I will let you know; I don’t believe in sweeping things under the rug! Your school should be transparent!


Thank you for your support and your vote!       


Kevin  Genest













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