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March 22, 2017


Reason for God


This week’s conversation begins this Sunday, March 26th at 4:30 PM.  The classes will be held at the Center Barnstead Christian Church located across from the Barnstead Town Hall.  Any questions, please call the church at 603-269-8831 or visit our website at



Nighthawk Hollow Seniors
Submitted By Beverly A. Goodrich, Secretary


The Nighthawk Hollow Seniors will meet at the home of the president, Christine Sanborn, 29 Main St., Alton, at 11:15 AM on Wednesday, April 5. We will then go to the Senior Center in Alton for the 11:30 lunch (cost $2), and following lunch, will return to the president’s home for the business meeting and entertainment. Please bring a roll of dimes with you. For more information, call 875-2676.



Avery, Happy Birthday


It’s so hard to believe that on March 16th you would have been 13 years old. To me you’ll always be my 8 year old little boy and Daddy’s little man.


I still miss you so much! Sometimes I regret that I didn’t spend more time with you. I remember the times I would sit outside watching you play. I got cold and wanted to go inside. You said, “Grammy, get a blanket.” I am so thankful that we did have a lot of good times. We played board games and card games. I like to watch you use your bow and arrow. You were very good. We used your BB gun again. You had good aim. I wasn’t as good.


I loved seeing you with your Daddy. You both loved the times you spent together. You loved going bottle digging or metal detecting. I remember that we went to  a yard sale and you said, “Grammy, can I have 25¢?” He bought his Daddy an old bottle. He was always a thoughtful little boy. You couldn’t wait to give it to Daddy. He was so proud that you were his little man.


It’s been five long years since you went away, but for Daddy, it’s felt like five minutes. Nothing can ever take his pain away. He misses you with all his heart.


We love and miss you. So, happy 13th birthday!


Much love,
Daddy (Martin Michaud)


Miss you,
Grammy (Pearl Michaud)













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