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October 29, 2014


Meet Samantha!

Chichester Samantha.png

Here is the Samantha doll from the American Girl doll collection.  This 18” beauty is being raffled by the Chichester Library just in time for the gift-giving season.   Donated by Faith DeBold, a member of the Lovers of the Chichester Library (LOCL), Samantha’s raffle includes seven books:  “Samantha’s Winter Party;”  “Samantha Saves the Day: A Summer Story;” “Samantha’s Surprise;” “Happy Birthday, Samantha;”  “Samantha Learns a Lesson;” “Meet Samantha;” and “Samantha’s Cooking Studio” (including accessories).  She also has a couple of additional outfits accompanying her.


As one of the original American Girl dolls issued, her production had been stopped.   However, her popularity has resulted in her reissuance.  This doll, however, is one of the original issue.  Samantha is based on a girl from 1904, and her stories reflect that.  However, books written since 1995 have expanded that focus to include a more current perspective.


With a motto of, “Today is my chance to help others,” Samantha seems to embody the spirit of the Library and those who support it.  Your purchase of raffle tickets will help the Library continue to support its investments in technology, and you just might win this beauty!


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